Brief Glimpse Into California’s Electric Car Market: Sales Approach 500,000


Improved infrastructure, increasing vehicle models and incentives are pushing California EV sales to new heights.

In almost every aspect, California is one of the most forward-thinking car market out there. Last August, general electric vehicle sales across the country and in California have skyrocketed. back in both May and June, Tesla Model 3 sales exceeded 6,000 units, but that’s tiny compared to the explosion of sales in July, when a whopping 14,250 Tesla Model 3s were sold. Now, according to Mary Nichols (who quoted VELOZ numbers), summer EV sales have smashed previous records helping California round the corner toward 500,000 ZEVs sold!

The total for California in August sat at a comfy 17,286 vehicles sold in a single month. The total for California in the last 8 months is a whopping 452,335 – almost half of all EV sales across the nation. For the United States, a total of 941,515 U.S sales for electric vehicles were recorded, a nice uptake over last year’s numbers in the same period. Additionally, some 17,327 California based charging plugs were brought online, making a significant impact towards the improvement of the charging network in the state.

For California, the nation’s most sprawling EV market, this marks yet another milestone in emission-free motoring. With over 44 electric vehicle models available in the United States, the effort in transitioning towards electric transportation is growing each day. California’s goal is to put 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030 and it perfectly aligns with where the world is headed – toward clean, zero-emission transportation. Upcoming models like the recently revealed Audi e-tron or the Jaguar I-PACE, alongside the upcoming Porsche Taycan or the BMW i4, will push the Golden State closer to their goal.

However, for California, Tesla is still the king in every imaginable area. But, if other carmakers join in on the fun with competitive & affordable models, the future will be emission free for this state.

Source: Veloz

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Presumably, the figures of 452’335 and 941’515 are the totals of EVs sold, not for the 8 months period.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Ugh, well, now there are 5 new TM3’s taking up the EVSE’s in our parking garage………lol
The more the merrier I guess.

Put in a request to the garage that they need more stalls. This is a good problem.

So… EVs means BEV’s, PHEV’s, and FFSEV’s?

Get their power upgraded too. M3 is 48 Amps versus the Under 30A most EVSE have been built to to date. If you’re in San Francisco has 50amp to 70amp chargers J1772 at its stations.

No. EV’s means you do not have an ICE.

Well, the original source says on page 16:
Plug-in Electric Vehicles. So, they talk about PEV’s and ZEV’s. However, they list a Chevrolet Volt and Ford Fusion Energi, which, as we all know, are not Zero Emission Vehicles, they are ULEVs which can be driven as ZEVs (we’ll call it the 80-20 rule).

“now there are 5 new TM3’s taking up the EVSE’s in our parking garage” I assume you mean work. That situation will improve for you. A lot of brand new Tesla owners charge because they have not yet installed a home charger. With a home charger, they won’t feel the need to charge at work, since the average commute would allow several days on a charge with an M3LR. Our parking lot had lots of Tesla’s of all kinds, rare to see them on a charger. For most people its not worth the effort.

Plug-ins are omnipresent where I live in California. I can’t leave my house without seeing many of them. Someone should can around to gasoline distributors and see if gasoline distribution is down because I suspect it must be. Maybe only by 1% or so but just a change in direction would be huge.

I wonder when you’ll start seeing improvements in smog and pollution?

Not soon enough…remember, the ice auto market is growing too (as individual numbers not %)..

In Minnesota, I know fuel economy is “hurting” gas stations. They are having to focus more on their stores and added services, and I missed my big chance to be a part owner of a gas station about seven or eight years ago, so I told my buddy to install some solar on his rooftop and make money that way.

I think it means 8 years….since the launch of the Leaf. The innumeracy that shows up in these articles is terrible. 17k in one month and 452k in 8 months (7 of them much smaller sales totals months). Please think, please edit.