Tesla Reveals AWD Model S P85D – 0 to 60 MPH 3.2 Seconds, Range Up By 20 Miles – Video


Even though the USA Today broke the embargo on the Tesla “D” and “something else” announcement by Elon Musk before he hit the stage Thursday night, the debut still went off without a hitch in a carnival like event at the Hawthorne Airport.

Update (below):  Full live blog and pictures from the event – official livestream can be found here.

Effective Now You Can Order A Tesla Model S P85D!

Effective Now You Can Order A Tesla Model S P85D!

Here’s how USA Today described the Model S P85D:

Tesla announced Thursday that the all-wheel-drive versions of its Model S electric car will manage a slight increase in range of about 10 miles on a charge vs. the rear-drive models — for a maximum of 275 miles — because of efficiencies designed into the new system.

CEO Elon Musk called his system “a huge improvement” that he claims is “taking the technology to the next level.”

Update (October 28th, 2014):  The 275 miles figure is with the higher end 21″ wheels equipped.  Buyers can now also opt for 19″ wheels range, which expands range even further – up to 285 miles.  (full details here)

From the release party we have learned that the new flagship Tesla can achieve 0-60 mph in only 3.2 seconds.  A time that makes the Model S P85D the quickest sedan ever produced.  So, throw away your Porsches and Ferraris gentlemen, and probably your current “old and busted” Model S too.

The P85D’s Quarter mile is down to 11.8 seconds – almost a full second quicker than the P85 of today.

New top speed  for the P85D is 155 miles per hour, trumping the existing 130 mph version.   The car puts out 691 hp, and 687 lb-ft of torque – thanks to a 221 hp motor up front.

Editor’s Note:  You can check out Tesla CEO Elon Musk taking then new Model S P85D for a trip down the tack here.  Musk also gives the nickel tour of what auto pilot can do.

Cutaway Of The Dual Motor System

Cutaway Of The Dual Motor System

Obviously, more motor = more weight and the P85D now comes in a little heavier (by about 291lbs) and gets the car very close to 5,000 net (4,936).  On the good side of that addition, the Model S in AWD now has a 50:50 weight distribution.

The AWD Model S will be available first as the P85D.

Cost? Officially it is a $14,600 upgrade to the P85 package, but you also have to have the car equipped with the Tech, Smart Air and 21″ wheel packages, which brings it up to a tidy $120,170.

We have to add that when you get this package you also get the long anticipated seat upgrade.  According to Tesla- “Model S Dual Motor Performance will receive Tesla’s next generation seat, reengineered for comfort and lateral support.”

Update (Oct 25th, 2014):  Additional options are no longer tethered to the P85D, pricing now starts from $105,670 (full details here)- which seems like a raging good deal for the specs.

Adding dual motor performance to the standard 85 kWh/60 kWh Model S costs a very reasonable (in our opinion) $4,000 option.

Demo video of the P85D’s acceleration and Auto Pilot features from Thursday’s event (hat tip to James):

Deliveries of that version will begin in December.  The P85D will be followed by the 85D and 60D in February.

When can you order?  Well, right now of course!

The lessor 85 kWh / 60 kWh D will get 376 hp and 362 lb-ft., but range also expands further to 295 and 225 miles.

Four System, Including Forward Looking Radar And Sonar Assist In Tesla's New "Auto Pilot"

Four System, Including Forward Looking Radar And Sonar Assist In Tesla’s New “Auto Pilot”

Tesla says that by adding AWD, the Model S will appeal more to buyers in snowy climates.  In addition to revealing the P85D, Tesla announced some driver’s assist features.   According to USA Today, Elon Musk says some of the assist features are unique to Tesla:

•The new system will move the car over a lane when the driver uses the turn signal.

•The car reads speed-limit signs and adjusts the car to the speed on the sign.

USA Today adds:

“Other features match the lane-departure warnings and other safety and driver-help features that are getting common.”

“Tesla says the cars it’s building now have 12 sensors each able to “see” 16 feet to enable the safety tech. Those can’t be retrofitted to older models, Tesla says.”

But vehicles with those sensors simply need to have them activated by Tesla to get the new features.

Full live blog of the Tesla Event from Thursday, October 9th, 2014

7:40 PDT (10:40 EDT) – waiting on Elon to take the stage for announcement

Waiting On The Show To Start (Via Zan Dubin Scott)

Waiting On The Show To Start (Via Zan Dubin Scott)

7:50 PDT (10:50 EDT) – Mr. Musk to take stage at 8:00

8:02 PDT (11:02 EDT) – Musk fashionably late.  Also of interest, you apparently don’t need an invitation to crash the event.  So if you are in the area…don’t come down, it is packed.

8:18 PDT (11:18 EDT) – Elon Musk has hit the stage!

Elon Musk Hits The Stage (via Zan Dubin Scott)

Elon Musk Hits The Stage (via Zan Dubin Scott)

Event recap of the Tesla CEO’s address to the crowd at Hawthorne Airport:

“As you probably learned from the internet, the D stands for Dual Motor…but the best thing to do is to show you the actual car.  So let’s release the titan!”  – enter the chassis, showing off front and rear motor

 “Can adjust front and rear drive by the millisecond.”

“The acceleration gets a little faster, the top speed is a little higher.  And the efficiency actually increases.”  The Tesla CEO points out that in a electric car the range actually increases with AWD as opposed to the opposite in a gas car.  “Literally everything improves with dual motor”

“This car is like having your own personal roller coaster…the car will have three setting: Normal, Sport and Insane” (crowd laughs)

Robotic Arm Lifts New Chasis For Crowd (via Zan Dubin Scott)

Robotic Arm Lifts New Chassis For Crowd (via Zan Dubin Scott)

On the something else – Auto Pilot (included in $4,250 Tech package…$500 more than the previous amout):

“All cars produced in the last two weeks have auto pilot already”

The car has 4 systems that make up the autopilot.  Forward looking radar, which is able to “penetrate fog”.  The next elimate is a front camera.  Third system is long range sonar, which gives a “protective cocoon around the car”.  Four system is integrating all that into the navigation.

“We are not at the stage where you can safely fall asleep” (crowd laughs) “We are basically where is, uh, allowed by regulations…active emergency braking, self park.  You will be able to step out of the car and have it park itself in your garage.”

8:35 PDT (11:35 EDT) “Have a great evening and enjoy the test drive!”  – event done

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Love the new Tesla will have one soon. Like the all wheel drive. The model X I want too! i Hope Tesla get in to the Pick up market! That would awesome thanks.

I’m pretty sure the Model S P85D is the solution to the high orders of Model Xes. Tesla was trying to convince Model X buyers to consider a Model S instead after all.

Tesla is the new iPhone for cars.
Lesson learned: buy the Tesla with a 1 Year Lease.

Well said.

Or find a new best friend who leases a new Model S every year 😉

Tesla offers a lease?

Well, I just picked my 2014, 85 two weeks ago, it is for sale as I want a “D” any takers, nice blue, air, stereo, sun and much more, having bra and windows done next week. Blue with gray 21″s

Faster and more range, a win win for Tesla!

3.2 seconds, wow

I want it

I’m trading in my model S

Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I have it, please? I’ll be ready to answer your every word and thwart all of your enemies!

Now we wait to see the up charge for the P85D. Any guesses? At least $5,000. More likely $7500. If it gets added to P85+ Tesla will have its first $100,000 base price vehicle.

I’d guess $20,000 more. That way I can be pleasantly surprised if it is less.

I think $7500 is right on the money. Anyone else going to toss up a guess?

There are some reports of the Dual Motor option only being $4k and available on all models. Wow, that will be very popular.

just checked out tesla motors site. Is 4,000 dollars in general, 14,600 with a P85. P85 price includes tech package, active air suspension, and 21 inch wheels.

Hmm! $4k for 10 miles of extra range? No thanks.

No. It’s $4k for AWD, slightly increased efficiency, extra range and slightly improved performance.

Ignore ST as he only has one agenda….. Bash Tesla.

S-buyers receive significant value. For $4k:
-all-wheel drive
-295, instead of 265mi range
-.2 second lower 0-60
-Autopilot hardware free with tech pkg
-Tech up $500, to $4,250
-$500 Parking sensors now rolled into tech (Hence, free AutoPilot hardware)

Astute observers may also notice the configurator dropped lacewood (shame) and the alcantara seat insert option.

The P85D starts at $120k, 35k! more than the 85D (and, for range hawks, you’re giving up 20 miles to spend that pile).

..all 10 days after I pulled the trigger. Doh!!

“all 10 days after I pulled the trigger”

If you placed your order just 10 days ago, can’t you change your order to new configs? Tesla sure will love to get extra money if you upgrade your order.

I took from inventory. So, decent discount, no wait, but final sale. Toward the end of Q3, and being on good terms with OA’s and the (local) sales manager, the opportunities became much better. Less unncessary options (4.5k wheels, etc).

The end of quarter was a massive push. Then, behind that is the reality that a substantial number of demonstrators, and service loaners, were probably cleared to make way for the new hardware cars. I was aware of the Mobileye fitment, but just missed the “D” pre-announce.

Bitter? Not really. I would have waited, had I known, but the discount was big, given S85, and having had multiple rear drive cars, I prefer the bigger rear motor. It’s winter/wife and AWD, that was the miss.

FYI, Tesla is sure to be rotating out of P85s this quarter, which considering federal/state credits still apply, could make for some great opportunities.

@pjwood what was the discount that they gave you? Did it have any miles on it?

Anywhere we can follow a live video stream of the event?!?

Watching #ElonsD on twitter is the best you will get for this event.

Why did they not stream this event? So sad, yet so happy. 🙂

Here’s hoping Model S and X sales swiftly usher in both the G Factory and Model III.

Speaking of X… it’s about time they showed it. Can’t wait!!!

Here’s something I ran into a while back. It’s a Green Overdrive interview with Elon Musk by Katie Fehrenbacher,

Uploaded to U-Tube on May 1, 2013. Musk talks about the all wheel drive of the Model X and explains how the gull wing doors work, pricing, etc.

Great find! Still wanna see the Beta / Production Version. It’s late 2014 now. 🙁

At this point Ferrari, Lamborghini are in trouble, just imagine a Ferrari been pass bya Tesla with 5 people, 2 kids and the dog inside. What is the justification of buying a 1 million dollar Bugatti ??.? Just for barely a second better than Tesla P85D. Wow Tesla is just impressive.

The same justification as always… because they can.

Don’t forget : Model S can speed up, but can’t keep up. Can’t complete any race track. Can only start a race with a bang, and end in limp mode.

No, but that hasn’t been the focus. My guess is though that the Model S 85D will do alot better with two motors in terms of temperatures, so it can manage better lap times than current model S. And it will still beat the crap out of most ICE cars on the drag strip.

Now that Formula E is active I am sure we will see steady progress in keeping down the temperatures to maintain a high speed in electric vehicles.

Model S is not a worthless wasteful fictitious lame track car

You shoud start a pessimisticts club!

See Through must be a modern-day example of what naysayers said in 1898 to “those nasty horseless carriages – they’ll never catch on!”

L 🙂 L!!!!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

True, but what other car offers Tesla’s level of real-world performance in a mixed city/highway cycle? Without having to hit ‘launch control’, rev-match, brake and throttle, etc., whilst making tons of noise and pollution? Just put foot down and go, no drama aside from the whiplash.

I wonder if Saleen will tweak the cooling and gearing on the D?

Hey genius, this is a 5 to 7 passenger sedan. You must have had a lot of trouble in school.

USA today pulled the article. Still waiting for event to start. Live tweet from the person the picture on the top of this article seems to be the most live coverage I can find.

If it’s more efficient to have AWD, I wonder if they will put AWD in the Model III.

Would that make it “3D”?


But of course.

The only real discussion centers on the premium.

Model 3 will be AWD only. It makes absolutely zero sense to produce non-AWD electric cars. As was shown, AWD is more efficient and therefore it is actually cheaper than RWD or FWD electric car.

..all 2wd half price, after tonight 😉

It’s a $4k premium on the Model S. The premium should be less on the Model 3 just because it will have a bit less power, but there will still be a premium simply because there are two motor-controllers.

I still think it’s absolutely fantastic that it’s finally available for order. AWD BEV is (nearly) here. Of course, we still need to see how well the AWD works.

1 front motor and 2 in-wheel motors for the rear : Up to 30% more efficient.


In-wheel motors seem like a good idea but the massive increase in unsprung weight destroys handling and ride.

I don’t recall the company’s name off the top of my head, but there was one who developed in-wheel motors w/very little increase in unsprung wight.

It’s a feature that’s not necessary, and therefore will be an profitable option.

You’ll have to wait 10 years before competition makes it worthwhile for it to be standard.

My guess,
The AWD system is more effiecent because at highway speeds it can run on only the 180-220hp front motor, possibly at a lower rpm similar to how the Ferarri FF AWD works, which increases the range. If we really wanted to see a “prius” style Model S tesla would just put the 220hp motor in the 60. Volvo has for years gotten away with 250hp in similarly heavy cars. Plus only having 220hp would mean less inverter weight. Then they would break the 300 EPA range barrier but the 0-60 time would be more normal 7-9 seconds.

Just take my money!

LOL i8. Your move BMW.


…takes 3 times as long, without the cheeky V8

To make a hydrogen car go that fast, you’d have to set it on fi..

Never mind.

This must be why Toyota is GIVING AWAY their first Hydrogan Car in the US…


Like a crack-dealer once said, “The first one’s, free kid.” 😉

With the same dual motor technology, a hydrogen car can accelerate faster, as it is much lighter than the P85. It can even sort-of fly.

Too bad, Toyota’s electric cars keep winning the Formula E races.

The formula-e cars are from Renault.

Toyota can’t keep up with electric cars. Their electric RAV4 has a Tesla Motor drive train and the dash has this on it as it powers up:”Powered by Tesla”. Toyota can only make disposible gas cars, so it sells more!

When did they win? Didn’t Audi win the first one in Beijeng?

Only if they put more battery in it.
They already have some exactly because the acceleration burst could not be handed by the sole FC.
FCV are very power limited by design.

They have to set it on fi… funny stuff!

At the event. Elon Musk is the closest entity we have to a higher power. There is hope for the future and humanity!

Musk coming on now!

Sorry, Saleen FourSixteen Elon just trumped ya!!

Wow, many cool features and vastly improved performance. Now they only need to touch up the interior design and materials and they would have a true luxury sedan!

there is nothing wrong with the interior, its clean and simple just like the exterior

Yes, the Model III was announced as AWD some time ago. The line retooling was probably where most this was done, adding in the sensors and at the same time responding to common criticism of the vehicle as being somewhat lacking in the expected high tech amenities.
Typical of Tesla in response: a marked effort to respond to such criticism, and usually in a big way.

I will get this car—-

Who? Anyone?? want to buy 13 month old P85

I’ll give you $50K for it. 🙂

And brakes greatly improved!
Even steering was mentioned and should be slightly better.

The robot lifting the Model S is pretty big, but I’ll have to post a pic of some Fanuc ones I recently saw. HUGE.

I believe it’s the newest/largest one Fanuc makes. I added the silhouette of the person for scale.

Wow, that does look like a monster. Is that the same brand Tesla uses in their production facility?

Based on the orange color they are probably ABB or Kuka robots.

Real news today.

Two interesting questions:

1). What are the main efficiency improvements (along with any compromises) that were specifically made?

2). At what price (base and options) is Tesla going to settle on for the various models for retail sale? There was some hint of pricing in the press release, but we’ll know the pricing for sure when it ends up on the tesla ‘design studio’ website pricing.

The design studio is back up but it is a little buggy right now. $4k for dual motor on the standard versions. Also looks like Tech Package went up $500.

Design studio is up but hammered by lots of people.

Did any frunk space disappear due to the front motor?

I haven’t seen a frunk photo yet. One outlet said they weren’t allowed to open the frunk. Maybe not finished interior on these demo cars?

The Model S Frunk probably lost the smaller cubbyhole that’s in the back, positioned over the axle of the front wheels– just like the Model X’s. No big. Still lots of usable cargo space.

Interesting. First I was surprised to see the huge price for dual motor – $14600 more. But, it turned out it was only for the Performance version – which included 21″ tyres. For the common P85 it is only $4000 more for dual motor. Plus, this is interesting, the range is 275 for the Performance version and 295! miles for the standard P85 dual motor version. There is however a big difference in 0-60 mph. 3.2 sec for Performance (dual motor) and 5.2 sec for the standard version with dual motor. Interesting..

It turns out they have the smaller motor in both front and rear for the lesser versions, hence the small price increase for them. The performance version is the only one that keeps the big motor in the rear.

Ok, i meant 21″ wheels instad of tyres and common 85 version (not common P85 which would be the Performance version)

The ranges given are “at 65mph”. They haven’t yet been rated on the EPA. Don’t expect the full benefit on the EPA, because the greatest gains from the dual motor system should be when cruising.

Regen should be better on front wheels, so stop and go traffic should have better range as well.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Very cool, though adjustable diffs that allow torque vectoring would be even cooler!

Just like the AMG SL electric drive had. 4-wheel instant vectoring.

Agree that is just so awesomely cool its out of this world.

So what’s new w/the braking? It’s electro-mechanical now, but does the Model S still apply the brakes any time you touch the brake pedal, or did they change so that it regens, then does blending, like the Volt does?

I took electro-mechanical to mean that it is now partially brake-by-wire, perhaps only mechanical for the emergency circuit.

For instance in our Volvo braking force is limited to ~40% when in radar cruise control. As that is the total amount of pressure the computer can apply, but going to a fully electrically actuated system would probably sacrifice pedal feel for having 100% braking force available to the safety systems.

Let’s hope not. Tesla approach is simpler, better, and smoother. Not that the Volt’s is bad.It’s fine but the S is better.

Wonder how much extra noise there will be…

You are hear a little more in the acceleration phase, but during cruising it seems like it isn’t more noisy than the standard P85. Watch this video and listen for yourself:

Is this a sensor?

No, its a GoPro on a mount. They are probably just getting some footage for a promo video.

Here’s probably a better video of sounds you’ll most likely hear whilst showing off what the D will do –

Eric, Statik – run this video:


Nice…I like that one James. I’ll add that into the story now, and put it into the “official video” story too.


155 miles on hour that is the same as a Corvette. I would have to say the gain in speed is fairly permissive. Not to mention think of what fun you could have out in Montana or the other Western States or the New Jersey Turnpike. I think these improvements along with the super cruise control sound cool. Not to mention 600 hoarse power and not making any smog.

I kind of wounder though what type of legal things will happen if say someone gets drunk. Gets into their Tesla and tells it to take them home they pass out but the Tesla takes them home safely and they pass out behind the wheel of the car and wake up the next morning. I kind of wounder would they be responsible if the car did 90% of the driving?

You realize that the 155mph limiter has been the industry standard since the 1990’s when there was a gentlemen’s agreement between the big three German automakers, MB, VW, & BMW. So for going on 20+ years most cars have been limited to this speed and tire manufactures have build speed rated tires around this top speed. Yes, sometimes the auto makers let you up the limiter but it’s purpose was and is to prevent some childish top speed arms race in who has the faster family sedan AND to help lower the cost of high speed car components like tires.

holy f***king sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this list

Now I no logner need my Lambo Gallardo!
(Just kidding. I don’t have one. 🙂

Green Overdrive interviews Musk on You Tube about the all wheel drive Model X. This video was uploaded on May 1,2013.

Now, that is fast!

Finally, the car is complete and crown the top sport luxury sedan in the world…

Need to see a complete qtr MI run. The D beats the off the shelf E63, and RS7 0-60, but the are quicker through the qtr mile by a good margin. This means, as usual, on a roll, these cars are walking away from the Tesla. I was hoping the Tesla would do better at Highway speeds. Hope to see a full instrumented run. I think the near 5000lb weight might be part of the reason.

Laughs. Fast quarters go by at 110-130mph. Unless you’re bowling for prison, the “D” puts all the fun where it belongs.

who gives a **** about fictitious driving, **** the track

acceleration is all that matters

tesla is the best

So we know that Model X powertrain is ready… They just have to finish the interior now. =)

3.2 seconds in near silence,
that is so going to upset a whole lot of tough guys driving loud noisy beasts.

God I love the thought of these even more!

I would be willing to bet a large part of efficiency with the dual motor set up has to do with Regen efficiency. You can only brake moderately with the rear brakes only (rear regen axle only), because of the likelihood of it skidding. In this 50/50 weight D model, the front weight bias will allow much more safe braking Regen. And of course the advantage of having two motors in the first place. One can be switched on/off as needed, tuned to better Highway cruising efficiency, etc.

awesome! They are awesome

btw the P85D comes with new sportier seats with lateral support etc.

And suddenly, we now know where Elon is going to get the supply of used S’s for the certified pre-owned program.

I imagine a lot of S owners, looking at their spouses, saying “But Honey…”.

Well it makes sense, make a good car that people want, it will sell. Then make a better car, and people will sell the previous one to get the new one.

Kind of cool to see a tsunami of used Norwegian Model S coming on the market soon since Norwegians are likely to desire the 4WD version to better handle their Nordic winter. In the same time it is also cool for Tesla to be able to expect a tsunami of new D Model S sales in Norway. Actually the real trouble will be choosing between a used Model S or a new Model III D version.

I’m irritated with Tesla’s Design Studio. Went to their site to configure a Tesla S60D.

but it doesn’t tell you what the PRICE of the dang car is. You can see what a lease payment or a financing payment would be, but not the dang price.

All I know is that it would cost “$1,095 /mo, Plus $242 /mo. in EV Savings”
whatever that means.

Then the fine print: Monthly payments are calculated assuming an annual percentage rate (APR) of 3.50% for a term of 72 months with a 10% down payment.

It is highly aggravating that Tesla doesn’t show the price of the car. Instead I have to reverse engineer the price, not knowing what “$242/mo in EV savings” means.


Hrm… click the “cash” tab should get you what you want.

On the right hand side you can switch tabs from finance, lease or cash.

So funny, duh!
For some reason the Tesla website scaled incorrectly on my computer this morning, so the entire right side of the screen was cut off so you couldn’t see the “cash” tag… only the Finance and Lease. And there was no scroll bar on the bottom.

So I didn’t think to do the “Ctrl-scroll wheel” function.

I’ve done it, can see how much it costs now, and thank you for helping me with my stupidity!

Haha, it happens. I am not sure I like the new flat look of the design studio.

If you hit the place order button, let us know 😉

I doubt I’ll get the AWD model S but it’s not out of the running.

To make my decision, I need compare prices on:
-the AWD S
-the Tesla X
-The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

I’ve been predicting the Outlander PHEV will run about $45k to $52k before incentives.

I initially predicted that an AWD S might only be available on the S85 and P85 version of the Tesla S. And I was wrong! Pretty bare bones S60D (AWD, Supercharger avail, Dual chargers, wall connector, Subzero weather package, 19 in winter tires, but NONE of the tech/luxury packages) comes in at $82,500 before incentives.

Now I need to see where the X is priced. I’ve been predicting that a base model X would start around $80k and go up rapidly from there. But I was wrong about Tesla offering an AWD S60, so perhaps the X won’t start out so expensive.

If the X, S and Outlander are anywhere near each other in price, I’d get the X.

If the Outlander is significantly cheaper (like I expect), I’ll get that.

“60” and “sub-zero”? I’d just be careful in maintaining how significant the PHEV/BEV decision may be, on range. While all the other BEVs can only dream of having 60kwh, it may surprise you that few, especially in cold climates, go for Tesla’s 60.

This site puts it at 7% of Model S sales:

$7k (if you like MXM4’s and supercharging) is attractive for those extra 25kwhs. Take how much you’ll also get back in resale, and its even more compelling. To each, his own.

Thanks, I agree with all of your points but the 85 is probably not right for me. I’d rarely/never use the extra range. I buy my cars in cash and usually keep them for 8-10 years so residual value will probably be lowish regardless of which model I bought My commute is 12.3 miles, and I rarely drive more than 40 miles in a day. I take 1-2 trips per year with a 1-way distance of exactly 155 miles, and it does happen in winter… but we’d probably take our other car anyway because where we go it gets a TON of snow (often 12-24+ inches at a time), so much that even AWD cars with winter tires have issues. We never take long car trips. We fly instead. (we even fly from Mpls to Madison) but the biggest issue really is that I’m not a $85k car kind of guy For instance, I’ve washed my car twice in the 8 years I’ve owned it. The dealer washes it 1-2 times a year when they change the oil. It would be blasphemy to buy the Tesla and never wash it! So I’m really mainly pricing the Model S60D so that… Read more »

It does sound like the Outlander PHEV will be a good fit for you. It will probably be 2016 before you can get one in your location though. They will surely go to the CARB states first.

If you make that Madison trip often, you might want to consider the S. Free SuperCharging and AutoPilot might make the trip easier than dealing with the airport and a rental.

The inventory vehicles, like pjwood did, are a great way to knock a little money off and still get the incentives. There should be D inventory vehicles available by late summer/ early fall 2015.

We never drive to Madison anymore. When we go, we fly. I haven’t driven more than 155 miles in a day in years. I just don’t have the time to drive, and I don’t like long car drives. 3 hour drive is my max.

“It will probably be 2016 before you can get one in your location though.”

I will be highly irritated if this happens (although I know it’s possible). The Outlander is custom made for our climate. Mitsubishi would have to be as dumb as a… uh… I don’t know. As dumb as I was when I couldn’t find the “cash” button on tesla’s website earlier!

If I start hearing that they’re pushing the Outlander to 2016 then I’ll probably bite the bullet and get the S.


I make short trips for work all the time, but if it is Austin or Dallas, I prefer to drive. Dealing with the airport, security, delays, etc., it is faster for me to drive than fly and I can set my own schedule. 4 – 5 hours is my cutoff, after that it is faster (and cheaper for the client) for me to fly.

I don’t want to dash your hopes on the Outlander PHEV, but most automakers deliver to the CARB states because the credits increase the margins. Once they start to satisfy that initial demand, they start pushing to other markets.

I would recommend getting in touch with a Mitsubishi dealer now and let them know you want one, and check in with them regularly. I started about 18 months early to get one of the first batches of LEAFs in Houston.

“I just don’t have the time to drive, and I don’t like long car drives. 3 hour drive is my max.”

What’s funny, is lately, I’ve noticed flying takes much longer than driving. The last few trips I took, I could have driven to my destination faster than flying due to all the time at airports/delays/etc. Granted, I would be driving for 8-10 hours, but I still would have got there quicker by a large margin.

Yeah. Flying has become a pain in the bottom.

We did the TSA Pre Check program. The Pre Check line is always super fast because only experienced travelers take it. No scanning, no shoes off, no laptop out of bag. No idiot in front of you walking into the scanner with 5 lbs of jewelry and a gun.

Basically walk in/walk out. It is easy to qualify too. Highly recommend it even if you hate govt intrusiveness.

Since Mpls is a major Hub we can go most places direct, and our airport is super convenient (15 min from downtown MSP/SP without traffic, 20-30 with traffic).

I’ve already contacted Mitsubishi corporate and the Mitsubishi dealer pleading my case.

We’ll see.

I reaaalllllyyyy want it.

It’s gonna be irritating (but funny) if I end up being forced to buy a Tesla. Even worse if I get the S85D. But I guess there are worse things in life than a forced Tesla purchase. I’m such a victim. heehehe

Calling doctor JRMW, your dream car has arrived. Vanity plate reads: Doctor “D”


Interesting that they are gaining about 3 or 4 percent range improvement. My guess is the front wheels are geared higher than the rear wheels, allowing for more efficient RPM range. I believe the Volt gets a similar efficiency improvement from their 2-motor drive mode.

Actually the efficiency boost is from 265 miles to 295 miles or 11 % improvement in efficiency, for standard Tesla S 85 to Tesla S 85D.

That performance version version is only 3 to 4 % more efficient, but it is significantly heavier because it has 200 kW more powerful and hence heavier electric motor than with old Tesla P85.

11 % efficiency boost is just HUGE. And people still have mostly not realized how big thing it is to have AWD that is 11 % more efficient than RWD. Bye bye internal combustion engine!

The new model hasn’t been recertified by the EPA yet, so the exact increase remains to be seen. They have definitely improved the highway efficiency though.

Does the city component of the EPA rating really matter for a 200+ mile EV? The EPA needs to get their act together and breakout the city and highway ratings for EV’s. If under similar highway driving circumstances (65mph) the S85 goes 265 miles and the S85D goes 290 then it is 11% for practical purposes. The EPA rating will be just window dressing at best or misleading at worst.

Should make the P60D pretty appealing for those that want AWD and watch their dollars a little.

Not sure where you’re getting that the range is going from 265 to 295? The range is going up 10 miles for the 60kWh and 85kWh, and I believe the P85kWh version is going to actually lose a little range.

Actually they are right, if the numbers presented are accurate. D versions of the standard MS went up 11%. The P85D went up about 4%. I personally would want the S85D. Much better chance of skipping a SC while traveling cross country.

I finally saw the numbers as well; I guess what I originally read the other day was not the entire picture.

Indeed, a Model S 85D would be very hard to resist.

The new cars are not EPA rated yet, so we can’t directly compare there. However, if you look at this article:


The test conditions should be the same. Therefore, the range of the Model S 85 kWh @ 65 mph is about 260 miles. The new 85D is now 295 miles @ 65 mph, or a 13.4% increase in range.

I would rather suspect less intense rubber twisting when the drive is spread on four wheels instead of two wheels. Less rubber twisting for a same drive force to the car is less energy loss, which translate into more range.
Standard thermal cars have that too but in that case it is completely cancelled by the extra friction that comes from the more complex mechanical connection system needed to bring the movement to all four wheels through a central rod along the length of the car. As proof of this it only takes to compare millage of front wheel drive vehicle, which don’t have the longitudinal transmission rod, with the one of rear wheel drives which have.

One thing. … I wonder if this D announcement is foreshadowing of a Model X delay.

It’s not wondering if you have already decided that that is the case. Also it’s neither foreshadowing which is a literary/visual devise for introducing a future event that will happen.

$40k more expensive and slower than a 2015 Z06 Corvette I’ll pass.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Good luck getting 4 or 5 adults and 2 kids into that ‘Vette!

That is a strange comparison. I guess, if the only thing you are interested in is 0-60 it makes sense. I have to wonder when people only think about 0-60 if they are really serious buyers or just people that like to talk about car stats. Even a non-Z06 Corvette will run circles around the P85D at the track because it will handle and brake so much better. The Tesla will obviously outperform in terms of efficiency and utility. Might as well throw in a motorcycle for comparison if we are including vehicles that have different purposes and strengths.

no one gives a **** about the stupid track

we have jobs daily, were driving in the real world, we want efficiency and the tesla is better than a fuggin z06 in every way

Wow! That was totally exciting, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation and once the actual announcement was made I was just thrilled! Finally the mighty Tesla Model S has almost all of the safety and convenience technology that I have had on my i3 for 6 months. And at only 3 times the price, outstanding. Once they add a feature as advanced as i3 Range Assistant then they will really have something.

Don’t be hatin’. I took BMW a self-admitted 40 years to produce the i3. They should be rather proud of it :p

You are correct, I should not be hatin’, I guess it was just a latent response to Elon’s very public chuckling about the i3 when it was released. He apprantly didn’t know at the time how much tech was stuffed into the little $45k wonder.

The chuckle was with a reporter at the idea the i3 is competition for the Model S, not at the i3’s engineering or amenities.

shhh, don’t bring up conflicting facts at this point. Yiiiikes already has his panties nicely bunched up.

uhh.. Model S has three times the range and three times the charging speed of that i3.. plus the i3 looks like a brick on wheels. Peace.

An extremely SAFE brick that can read speed limit signs and actively follow the car ahead of it and do all of the other advanced active safety stuff that Model S can finally do.


OK, I drove the i3 on Thursday and the Kia Soul EV this morning. Of the two I prefer the Kia. More comfortable and a better range. If I had the money S85D all the way. The I3 is ok but I still can’t get a handle on the appearance. The Kia looks better and the interior is more comfortable for me, YMMV. But neither one of them can take me to my daughters home in Sacramento from San Jose.

So when are we going to see a Model S P85D vs. a Rimac Concept One?

3.2 seconds vs. 2.8 seconds, but depends on the driver too.

That would be an interesting sounding drag race.

With all of these camera’s, and connectivity w/the car, I wonder if Google would be interested in a data-sharing partnership to keep Google street view & traffic data up to date. Also the radar & sonar might be useful for 3D modeling. (all of this with the owners consent of course)

And can the data (or is the data) recorded in a black box so in the case of an accident, it can be used to prove your innocence, or maybe even used to help catch criminals?

I am pretty sure Larry Page drives a Model S, so there could be a chance Google starts using them as street view cars.

But wouldn’t they use their own self driving cars with the LIDARs for this data instead. The LIDAR will give a much better 3D model than the sonar system will, and at longer ranges for the purposes of street view.

I was thinking the Model S data could augment Google’s data since you would have a legion of drivers collecting radar/sonar/camera data every second, vs. sending out the Google Van once a year.

I know what you mean, but I don’t see Tesla doing that. Musk’s previous statements on privacy lead me to believe that he wouldn’t want to provide any info from his customers.

I was thinking Google would just have some that self drove around collecting data constantly. I am sure there would be some people unhappy about that though.

street legal spaceship


Did u guys see this btw?

Other Product Updates

Our commitment to continuous improvement extends to other features of Model S, and we have recently made several updates to the car. The following features are either in production or will be delivered with Dual Motor Model S (as indicated).

Seat comfort improvements and taller headrests for whiplash protection
Improvements for a quieter cabin
Wider rear door opening
Electrically opening, self-closing charge port door on Dual Motor Model S (delivered with Dual Motor Model S)
Increased visor size and larger vanity mirror
Parcel shelf and front trunk cargo net now standard
Air ionizer and carbon filter for cabin air purity
Updated steering column control module
Updates to Alcantara interior trim, such as wrapped roof bow and top pad

“Electrically opening, self-closing charge port door on Dual Motor Model S”

No, no, no. KISS. This is just one more thing to fail mechanically. There was a reason why Chevy got rid of this for the 2014 Volt. It’s not necessary, and it doesn’t work w/cold & snowy weather.

Got a ride in a Tesla S… very nice.

I’m a Chevy Volt owner for two years.

I Can say my Volt still fits my needs better than the Tesla.

The Tesla road very well… is roomier … and is faster. But my Volt rides the same has no range anxiety and is more than fast enough.
Most of all I paid $22,900 for my Volt before GM lowered the price $5,000 and I have not had a single problem in two years.

The owner of the Tesla said that “when he has a problem” a flat bed comes to his house to get his Tesla .. they take to a shop somewhere to be fixed?
This in not for me.

sounds better than having to drive it to a shop, and they bring you a loaner. cant beat that.

The Volt isn’t a Tesla

Hmmmm . . . .some fundamentals seem to be being overlooked here.

I’m gonna guess that it doesn’t take too many 3.2 second jump starts to 60 mph before that 10% increased range falls to something less than 100% of what 2WD variant is capable of.
I also don’t believe you can turn two motors and satisfy the incremental energy necessary to achieve the greater horsepower AND get greater range from the same battery. Any changes in software/motor or controller design – IF INCORPORATED into the 2WD design SHOULD extend ITS range far more than those same design enhancements incorporated into the 4WD variant.

It’s simple math – – the 4wd version is delivering greater energy to the wheel contact patch – it will also consume more of the battery for a given run time – all other aspects being the same. Bottom line – – the vehicle will produce less range than it’s two wheel counterpart for a given driving (and programming) condition.

Anything else is smoke and mirrors.



Very fast acceleration dramatically reduces range in any vehicle. This vehicle is no different in that respect.

TESLA’s patent doesn’t do anything to change the fact that 4 wheels driven by two motors will consume greater energy than 2 wheels driven by a single motor.

That TESLA has reported a 10% improvement in range is simply a rejiggering of the controller programming. If that same programming were applied to the 2-wheel drive variant – it would realize a greater than 10% range improvement.

Anything else is smoke and mirrors.

Tesla – and most other modern EVs regenerates braking energy by using the engine in reverse when braking. On a heavy vehicle like the Tesla S having a second motor greatly reduces the need to use the disk brakes – and returns up to 50% of the braking energy back to the battery for later use. This is a big part of the extra range estimate.

Accelerating any car in that speed is wasting energy, but you waste less energy in an EV than in a fuel car.