$8,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tax Credit Expires


Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

The $8,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle tax credit has officially expired (well, on December 31st it will).

With Congress now on holiday vacation, this expiring tax credit won’t get renewed this year, but could possibly return when Congress reconvenes.

Here are the details of the soon-to-be-expired credit:


Fuel Cell Vehicle Credit

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18 responses to "$8,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tax Credit Expires"
  1. e-lectric says:

    I’ve been wanting an FCX for a while, how can I get one?

    1. Surya says:

      By joining a waiting list and living in the right location. And by not buying but leasing it.

    2. offib says:

      Sorry, man. Surya said it all. These vehicles are still in their field research until 2017.

      It would be awesome if there was an EV conversion of the FCX Clarity, but that’s just me wishin’. Hey, it’s that time of year.

  2. CSS says:

    Thank goodness! The less this red herring is promoted the better.

    1. Mike says:

      And it shows that for just a little Federal Credit the Auto Industry is willing to bend over backwards to build the Rube Goldberg of cars, with No Benefit to Society.

  3. Spec9 says:

    Great timing on picking 2015 to be the year of fuel cell cars there, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai.

    1. liberty says:

      Honda pushed theirs until 2016. Hyundai is leasing 60 this year and gets the credit. The credits were there for the clarity, but no volume of cars, just handfulls from mercedes and honda. Let it die until these cars look a little closer to sellable. Hyundai can probably push some leases to go through before the end of the year, but really $8K is not much for hyundai or honda to eat on a low volume compliance car.

  4. Lou Grinzo says:

    Prediction (that will never be proved or disproved): The federal tax credit would do virtually nothing to help sell HFCVs. So few fueling stations, no great break on fueling costs, etc.

    Right now, a BEV or PHEV makes vastly more sense, and I suspect consumers have pretty well figured that out, even if someone was dangling an $8,000 carrot in front of them.

  5. Mike says:

    Besides, it’s a rolling bomb, what were they thinking!!!

    1. See Through says:

      Pure FUD! It is actually a life saver in emergency:
      1. Acts as emergency power to power your house for a week.
      2. At the same time, creates pure water as emergency drinking water.

      What other car gives you that?

      1. mustang_sallad says:

        Ugh… that’s like saying you should buy a new Tesla cause they have nice seats that you can sit in when you’re tired. There are much cheaper ways to get backup power and drinking water in emergency situations, and ones that don’t rely on sourcing hydrogen.

      2. Jesse Gurr says:

        You would have to be pretty desperate to drink that water. It would be like drinking the condensate water from your cars A/C compressor. Let me know how that works out for you.

      3. Fool Cells says:

        Toyota says not to drink it. So it is obviously not just water. How can you power your house in the event of a power outage? where are you going to get more hydrogen?

      4. pete g says:

        @See Through

        They all do since I can always drive one to the local hardware & grocery store to pick up a generator & a few gallons of drinking water.

  6. Jesse Gurr says:

    Let’s not forget that California gives $5,000 for FCVs sold in the state.


  7. Dave86 says:

    The Republicians will have control of both houses of the 114th Congress (2015-2017). It will be interesting to see what today’s Republician party’s position is on FCVs, and whether or not they’re willing to continue to subsidize them.

  8. Murrysville EV says:

    Doesn’t matter much. There will only be a few hundred FCVs produced, anyway, and the Mirai is $57k.

  9. pete g says:

    Maybe Toyota can sell some Mirai in Russia since ever other car company quit selling cars there, and like the Mirai the Rubble is now worthless.