Number Of Charging Stalls At All 98 Tesla Supercharger Sites In US


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Here’s the Internet’s only comprehensive list (our thanks go out to Tesla Motors for providing us with this info) of the number of charging stalls at each and every one of the 98 Tesla Superchargers in the US.

Total # of charging stalls? 570

Share this…or better yet, use it as a reference to track the charging stall count as more Superchargers come online.

1 - 3839 - 7677 - 98

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How do you get an odd number like 7? Isn’t it 2 stations per panel?

Actually, several sites have an odd number of stalls. This is typically due to parking space constraints.

Given that almost every Chademo site has a single port, I’d like to see the number of US Chademo (or CCS haha) ports compared to the number of US SC ports.

Chademos are close. They have a web site that gives a count. But most are in the upper western states.

Since it looks like you already have it on a spreadsheet, what’s the average number of stalls?

The number of sites is actually 97. But maybe 98 in a few hours, Eric… 🙂

3 are double. (But we wait to celebrate 100…)
For the 3 double ones (North and South, all in Connecticut), Tesla’s website mentions the numbers given in the table, for each of the 2 sites. So, for example, in “Darien, CT (North)” 4 stalls are indicated. Same for “Darien, CT (South)”.
So, it would seem that in total, for each of these double locations, twice the number should be considered. If that is correct, than 4+4+2=10 should be added to the total from the table (which should be the 570 mentioned – I’ve checked it).
So, total should be 580. No?
In this case, considering the double locations as one, the average n. of stalls per location turns out to be 580/97=5.979.
If, for some reason, the total n. of stalls is actually 570, then the average is 570/97=5.876.
For the joy of it… 🙂

They really need to increase the number of stalls at Barstow.

there were no cars there when i went

About 570 individual SuperChargers in just the US…

How many Cha-de-Monster ? US Combo?

I can understand why BMW and Nissan have been in talks with Tesla…

Not to mention:

1) the strategic, (mostly) optimal locations;
2) the simplicity and elegance of the plug;
3) the available charging rates; and
4) the eventual inclusion of solar canopies.

The SC network shames all other attempts – everything else is pathetic by comparison.



Nice to have designed in reliability and accessability at each Supercharger station location … something that no other DC EVSE charging network provider has deployed. Reliability and accessability are the two thing that enable range confidence. 😉

FYI: 570 charging stalls at 98 stations is an average of 5.82 per station location. With a Tesla DCFC supplying two stalls, means 3-way redundancy per supercharger site. (ie: at least 3 faults per station to take all charging stalls offline).

This may change if reports of Blink using the Tesla Socket are true…

A failed high voltage transformer takes the whole site down. One wire from utility to transformer.