In Brazil, Renault Kangoo Z.E. Delivers Coca-Cola

SEP 27 2015 BY STAFF 9

Why not use the Renault Kangoo Z.E. to deliver to world’s finest soda (sorry Pepsi fans).

In Brazil, some Coca-Cola deliveries are now being done by a fleet of properly marked electric Kangoo Z.E.s.

The only reason we point this out is because fleet operation is really the ideal application for all-electric vehicles like the Kangoo and we think that more fleets around the globe will soon realize that electric is the way to go.

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If any large company wants to buy me a Tesla and wrap it in whatever product they want I will be happy to drive it around for them! Heck, I will even park it near the end of my driveway so people see it going down my street.

Yes for the short trips, these vehicles are very ideal and they can be charged during the lunch time to go another 100 miles (160 km).

In China, they are many cars using lead batteries and they have Electric cars with just 50 km range and they are becoming very popular.

Time for Nissan to mass sell all EVs instead of just the Leaf.

How can the Kangoo Z.E. charge 160km in one hour? Are you confusing it with the Citroen Berlingo Electric EV which has a CHAdeMO option? AFAIK the Kangoo just has 3,7kW charging (about 20km per hour).

“fleet operation is really the ideal application for all-electric vehicles” Amen

My family has a fleet of 2 vehicles, 1 is electric.

Except for Tesla, most people would not be happy if an EV is their only option.

The current limit to EV adoption is ignorance, people just do not realize how good/cheap/useful/fun EV life is.

I wish I knew what is the best approach to spread the word.

Fleets are a no-brainer for evs, especially anywhere were congestion/carbon pricing taxes are applied. where their marked advantages increase.

Bump up the battery to 30KWH and make sure it has a DC-fast-charge port and these are local delivery vehicles that can be used by everyone.

These work vans are starting to sell in Europe. So far in 2015…

Peugeot Partner EV – 201.
Renault Kangoo ZE – 2186.
Nissan eNV200 Evalia – 2060

Goupil electric trucks – 269

Piaggio (Vespa motor scooter) also makes an electric van called the Porter. A car dealer in England claims over 5,000 Porter vans, and other electric vehicles have been sold.



The Piaggio is good looking, if it serves the need without gasoline then fine.

In the city of Bonn, Germany postal service (Deutsche Post) is now nearly completely EV’s. It’s really nice to have those small delivery trucks around here. They are quite silent, and obviously Deutsche Post is commited to going EV as they already bought StreetScooter… I would not be surprised if they soon have a even larger EV fleet and add further cities to their EV fleet program.

For the public it is good to see those vehicles in daily operation. More people will hopefully start to see the benefits and not only the drawbacks. IMO silent operation and local emission-free driving will help a lot in increasing life quality in the cities.