Brammo Shakes The Earth By Introducing Rare End-Of-Summer Promotion!

AUG 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

If you ever considered buying Brammo electric motorcycle, this is the right time as Brammo has just introduced its End-Of-Summer Promotion.

In the US, prices were slashed by $5,000 on 2014 models and $7,000 on 2013 models of Empulse family. Additionally, the 2013 Enertia Plus is available for $4,000 cheaper.

You better hurry up before Brammo changes its mind.

Brammo - End-Of-Summer Promotion

Brammo – End-Of-Summer Promotion

2013 Empuse is also available for $159/month with $1,500 down payment (or $185 without) and 2014 Empulse from $195/month with $1,500 down payment (or $222 without) – both with 60 monthly payments.

And there is something similar for those who live in some other countries too – Brammo Intro Offer.

Brammo - Intro Offer Promotion

Brammo – Intro Offer Promotion

2014 Empulse and Empulse R are 4,705 off.

Well, we could assume that something is going on at Brammo, as we are not accustomed to such high discounts (and why are 2013 models still available?).

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Troubled waters for Brammo?

Interesting link.

So they are making battery packs and drive trains for Polaris and have moved all production to the US.

Good update. I hope they succeed.

Let’s be honest here, how do motorcycle sales (of any drivetrain) typically look at the end of summer? Low, and falling fast. It’s very different from car sales, and looks more like boat sales. So they are clearing inventory (especially those old 2013 models) in preparation of their upcoming 2015 models. Who knows, maybe they’ll introduce a price cut on next year’s MSRP. That’s pretty much what Nissan/GM/Ford did on their outgoing electrics prior to introducing the new lower-priced models.

What is so surprising is that they even have any 2013 models still laying around. Does this mean trouble ahead? Low sales?

Or have they decided to simply take a no-profit hit to empty out supplies before a 2015 model year update?

It’s not at all unusual for motorcycle dealers to have a leftover or two (or more) from the prior model year. Occasionally there are bikes two or three model years old, sitting new and never registered. Even the local Harley dealer occasionally has some.

When the brand was new and just getting established, it was common for Victory dealers to have bikes in stock from one or two years prior to the main floor stock models.

Also,the margins are probably better than you think. At least they are on gas bikes. I doubt Brammo is giving up all profit on the sale bikes.

I hope Zero follows suit. The issue with the Brammo is that it still has a traditional gearbox. While that makes it ride like a typical motorcycle, it’s a mechanical thing to break.