Brammo “Investor Clip”, Side-by-Side Utility Vehicle (Video)


On a YouTube channel with only this one upload, with the simple explanation “Found online. Sharing here.”, we find this video titled “Investor Clip”.  And at the 2:50 mark, we find the Brammo Side by Side Utility Vehicle.  What with all the drama with Brammo and all, this seems like it’s a tease that links Polaris tightly. Of course, it could just be a fake, or a school project.  Like the Tesla Motorcycle video, we tend to see what we want to see.  See for yourself:

In case the video gets pulled in the future, here are a few shots from the clip.

Side by Side in the sun

Side by Side in the sun

More Side by Side solar flare

More Side by Side solar flare

Front view

Front view

Here, just for giggles, is the Polaris Ranger ETX:

205 Polqaris Ranger ETX

2015 Polaris Ranger ETX

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One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is farm tractors. I think these would be a great fit for electric drive.

First of all, they don’t have to move very fast but they do need a lot of torque, exactly what an electric motor gives you.

Additionally, they need to be quite heavy to balance the different attachments so loading it up with a ton or two of batteries should be no problem.

An electric farm tractor would be a great tool if you want “eco” credentials.

I’ve googled it but I’ve only found a few EV conversions, no original designs.

You would be surprised how fast a modern side-by-side runs these days. I ride ATVs (old man motorcycles) I prefer a straight axle because, even though I am old, I still like to get the adrenalin pumping by going fast. My knees just can’t take a two wheeler anymore.

35-40 mph in the woods is fast. If you remember the little furry creatures in Return of the Jedi, that is what 40 mph looks like in the woods. If you don’t know the trail, you are going to have difficulty responding quick enough.

The first time I saw a side-by-side doing 40 mph in the woods I was blown away.

This ground is ripe for EVs and I can’t wait.

Even if you know the trail blindfolded, you will have difficulty responding quickly enough to conditions. As a mountain biker myself, I have had too many close calls with ATV riders who probably knew the trail like the back of their hand. Didn’t help them know that a biker would be riding it that day.

There’s this 160hp version from Evdrive that’s petty quick…

The Polaris Ranger EV has been available since 2010. These are easily converted to Li-Ion battery packs by companies like Voltronix, USA. It seems completely possible that Brammo (I understand Polaris is invested in Brammo) could produce a side-by-side based on the Polaris Ranger EV. Hopefully, Brammo would use Li-Ion and a more capable motor/controller than the stock Ranger EV.