Brammo Discusses Future Electric Car; Says It’s 85% Complete


Brammo Empulse

Brammo Empulse

Like Tesla Motors before it, Brammo is now eying an IPO.

Brammo’s Craig Bramscher told Sustainable Business Oregon that the electric motorcycle maker hopes to file its IPO in 2015 and is looking top raise some $150 million in funds from private investors before going public, where the company thinks it’ll raise $150 million more.

The IPO filing is notable, although some other details released by Bramscher are far more intriguing to us.

Bramscher says that Brammo has rather secretly been working on an electric sports car and that development of it is 85% complete.

Here’s what Bramscher told Sustainable Business Oregon:

“I thought, when I sold Dream Media on my very lucky day with the stock market, I thought I’d buy a ‘super-car.  It turned out my ‘petiteness’ wouldn’t fit into a Lambourgini or a Ferrari.”

Bramscher describes himself as a large, athletic man and the problem was that modern-day supercars aren’t made in his size.  Brammo set out to make a supercar that could satisfy Bramscher’s need-for-speed and that could fit a person of his size.  The budget was set at $200 million for development and apparently Brammo is well within that financial constraint.

As Bramscher says:

“We had all these tools for building a very fast car, but when we built this exotic one-person motorcycle and took it on the road, we thought, this is it.”

The electric supercar was put on hold as Brammo moved forward with two-wheelers.  Now, it seems that perhaps Brammo is ready to revisit the electric supercar once again.

First comes the private funding and IPO though.  Then, Brammo might just shock the world by releasing this near-complete electric supercar.  Consider us geeked as we now must anxiously await the day when this Brammo car launches.

Source: Sustainable Business Oregon

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Unlike others trying to bring a electric car to market, these folks have created actual products in the EV Space. Very respected products. I wish them the best of success.

They figured out what Nissan and other EV makers haven’t learned.. Put a bunch of really hot half-naked girls with your product and it will seem much cooler.

It’s Marketing 101…isn’t it?

No number of really hot half-naked girls is going to make a Leaf any cooler.

Depends on if they are included with the vehicle…..

I would like to challenge that idea. If you can cover up most of a LEAF’s surface area with scantily-clad women, you can make it cool.

Challenge accepted. It’ll have to wait till spring, though. College town, short short weather, Nissan Leaf, puppies in Leaf. I will photograph co-eds on a Leaf. For science!

Now we need a Zero electric car to compete.

Another overhyped, overvalued, tech IPO.

Dear Brammo, I like your motorcycles and I will probably like your car, but please ditch the sexist advertising.

Oh, wow, there IS a motorcycle in that photo…At first I didn’t notice!

Dear Brammo please keep improving your advertisement 🙂

Please turn in your “man card” immediately.

I don’t see anything sexist here.
The ladies is the picture are dressed in sports wear, of the type many sporty women use.

Unlike in other advertising, where women are shown in gratuitous poses, wearing stuff that one would only have on in the bedroom or at the beach, portrayed as useless eyecandy, the girls here look strong, slim and trim.

I hate lingerie; I love sportswear.
Nothing gets my pulse going more than athletic and powerful girl.

Motorcycles are entirely useless products but a car might be interesting. A little concerned with the size nonsense though. Are we going to get the Escalade of electric sports cars..

Quite a budget though.

Axiomatically he will do it wrong in several critical ways. Very expensive, heavy and poor aero are all good bets. Coming from motorcycles he will probably not make the mistake and make it slow though. Around roadster speed, 4 second acceleration maybe.
He’s going to do it wrong but should be mildly interesting nonetheless.

They are NOT useless!

They are the major contributor of donated organs….

Incidentally Mr. Bramscher currently drives a white model S.

@David, Eric and the other James ( who was offended ) – Companies who market products with a largely male consumer base insist on placing scantily-clad women in their product advertising – just look at any custom car or motorbike magazine, they’re chock-full of them. This, after decades-old ad research that concludes men overwhelmingly remember the women in the ad and not the actual product! Nissan and literally every other automaker also persist in hiring hot professional models as auto show girls to pose in high heels next to their latest cars and concepts, draped in skin tight dresses and loads of cleavage. All in the face of data that women truly buy more new cars each year than men. Does the fact that this continues in contrast to real data just act as a reflection of our sexist society as a whole? Why did Fox News, CNN and all sports TV networks decide to hire almost exclusively, leggy, slender modelesque commentators and news anchors to sit at acrylic desks and prance around in tight revealing attire? Do thier ratings rise like the take rate for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition? These are legitimate questions and I agree with the other… Read more »

I believe your information is incorrect. Youtube channels are an excellent example. I have 4 youtube channels with a small to moderate following. My videos are done very professionally using high-end cameras, sets, and microphones. I put a ton of work and research in them. But a hot girl with a webcam can produce a video on the same topic and she’ll have a million views in just a few weeks. Females are just easier on the eyes. I’ve considered hiring a hot girl to replace me in my videos. I’d still produce everything, just have her be the star. I suspect I’d recoup my investment pretty quickly if I did.

Personally, I’ve never noticed any models at any of the shows…but I really love whatever cars BYD brings for some reason.

Again – Hot girls sell Sports Illustrated magazines in much higher volume
than the typical issue – which is about sports. But cars and other expensive
products are not magazines.

YouTube video hits are free. They are not for sale. I don’t understand your
comparison. Porn is also ( by a large margin ) the number one usage on the
internet. Does this make porn good? – Or not sexist? HARDLY!

So David, you logic stymies me – free net vid hits do not retail sales make.

I think most product manufacturers do themselves harm if they get
labeled as a firm that uses sex to sell their products. If you’re not selling
Trojan sex toys and condoms or Adult movies – I think it’s proven that
a balanced, intelligent approach ( humor is golden ) is the way.

P.S. – If total web hits are your No. #1 priority beyond all else – Kittens,
puppies and cute animals for supercede scantily-clad women on
YouTube for hits. Why? Because grandmothers, moms, sisters and
those innumerable female coworkers also watch YouTube. When
nearly EVERYONE likes something, and not just a demographic
slice of testosterone-filled males below 60, it’s a winner.

* or AXE body odor products to frat boys LOL 🙂

*I have to say that I have never used to buy
a URL. I used to admire Danica Patrick until she succumbed to
the GoDaddy money – making numerous TV spots where you’re
told to “go to the website” for the dirtier version of their already
ridiculous TV spots. How does a naked, girl-on-girl scene
prompt me to buy a website name on their site?!!!!

I believe an intelligent male does not like to be or feel manipulated.
If I get the feeling someone or someone’s company feels they
can get me to spend money if they can get me sexually
excited – I, in turn – see that entity as some kind of marketing
pimp – basically not worth my time.

OK, one last OT comment on this subject and I’m done –

Primarily on my “free net vid hits do not retail sales make” comment – I am not referring to the extreme efforts large corporations are making to make “viral videos”. Those are valid and yes, they can lead to showroom traffic and increased sales – or they wouldn’t be doing it. Viral videos usually use humor or shock-and-awe to sell.

Again, if that company would decide to use sex to sell,
I believe the majority, like me, would feel manipulated and
the end result would be a decline in sales.

For eons – us men have had motor oil calenders in our garages replete with scantily-clad women holding an oil
can, etc… We joke and relate, since all men are susceptible
to by plied by machismo messages and images. Basically,
we’re all friggin’ insecure.

I can say I never – EVER went to buy a brand of motor oil
or a car part based upon the good feeling I got based upon
a girl in their promo material.

We all scratch ourselves and make manly comments, but
most of us know when attempts are being made to manipulate us into spending money.

Interesting thread – though mostly off-topic. As far as Brammo goes, they’re setting a pretty bad example for safety: if they ride like that, they’ll most likely have all sorts of gawkers, induce an accident, and without any protective clothing end up in road-rash hell with brain damage. Not very sexy.

Back on topic, I don’t think Brammo should bother with a car. Make a slightly more utilitarian motorcycle (or scooter) that is fun, safe, and economical. At $10k (or more), you’re not really going to induce a cheapskate (like me) to get on one of the current models, no matter how good the advertising is.

True. I remember a Motor Trend article that said Elon
would never succeed due to the meager amount of money
he had mined for R&D for Model S. Today they voted it 2012 COY!

Question is, can lightning strike twice? True, Tesla used the free buzz of a boutique performance roadster to ignite excitement for the brand,
but that formula needs a lot more dough and serendipity to get on track to profits today. The Fremont factory deal will go down in history – will Brammo get the old proposed Fisker plant?

An ultra long shot, I’d say – better stick to motorcycles
until the ability to duplicate a Honda success story becomes