BP Trying To Partner With Automakers To Bring Charging To Gas Stations

DEC 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley has revealed that his company is in talks with electric car manufacturers to equip its fuel stations with chargers.

Opel Ampera-e fast charging

We should note that the company didn’t say which manufacturers were most interested in building the network with BP, and what kind of chargers we could expect…but considering the number of OEMs currently interested in building out the charging infrastructure for the greater good (~1)…its probably Renault-Nissan.

Currently, Europe is preparing to move towards 150 kW and 350 kW power levels for its charging stations.

BP is also interested in charging stations, as a kind of insurance policy for its business in case diesel and petrol fade in the future…which given that countries such as Netherlands, Norway and the UK now have sunset dates planned for new sales of gas and diesel vehicle, seems like a good idea to explore.

“”We have discussions going on with a lot of the EV manufacturers to have a tie-up with our retail network for charging,” Dudley said in an interview.”

For its part, rival Shell has decided to take it upon itself to be “EV-ready” as the company recently purchased NewMotion – one of Europe’s largest charging networks, has already began pilot projects of its own in Europe, including the installation of its first chargers at Shell stations, and has joined the CharIN group, which develops higher-power CCS Combo standard.

source: Reuters

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Fitting since, after all, wasn’t BP supposed to mean “Beyond Petroleum”?

Why would I want to charge at a gas station? 90% of the time I charge at home and wake up every morning with a full tank.

When traveling I much prefer to charge some place nicer. Tesla chargers (Super & Destination) are usually located on a nice mainstreet or other similar place that is much cleaner and much more appealing than a gas station and has numerous options for food, coffee, shopping or entertainment.

Agree totally. We can place chargers in beautiful places where no sane person would put a filthy, leaking gas station.

Here in BC we have a DCFC in E.C. Manning Provincial Park. What a fantastic place to charge your EV, stretch your legs and take in the scenic beauty of Supernatural BC.

The issue: locations. For example in all of Ohio there are a few Superchargers, one per major city. Having more locations allows for convenience keeping in mind a lot of people do not have private homes to charge plus traveling in an EV requires stations for charging. Thanks

I believe it’s ESSO that has highway way stops in Ontario… the other ones that have had signs up for about 6 years, is Canadian Tire, and they’ve done nothing.

I could deal with stopping at a Service Station that was paired with a fast {or slow) food partner onsite where they had a few DCFC (both Chademo & CCS) and perhaps a few 50A Level 2 charging stations available.

It would make trip planning in my Bolt easy.