BP Follows Shell By Joining CharIN – Combined Charging System Association

MAY 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

BP becomes the latest high-profile member of the CharIN e.V., an association whose aim is to develop and establish Combined Charging System (CCS) DC fast and ultra-fast charging.

Audi e-tron prototype: Charging

CharIN was previously strengthened by Shell, which means that big oil companies are turning towards electrification and seeking a role in the emerging business.

Electric car charging becomes more attractive to Shell and BP mainly because fast and ultra-fast charging becomes possible and those are closest to the business model of refueling stations.

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Roy Williamson, VP Advanced Mobility, BP said:

“The opportunity provided by CharIN to collaborate with other industry leaders on the development of Ultra Fast Charge and premium customer experience for electric vehicles, provides BP with a fantastic platform on which we can offer our expertise to help shape the development of charging technologies that will meet consumer requirements into the future,”.

“Consumers want a charging solution that matches the time and effort it takes to refuel a vehicle today. The Combined Charging System is a solution that enables full flexibility. Consumers can charge their vehicles over a time period of several hours at home (e.g. at night) or can connect them to public fast charging stations. The DC fast charging process enables vehicles to be fully charged within 15 to 20 minutes in a near future. We believe that through CharIN, we will pave the foundations to enable more customers to come to the electrification market through the development of a standardised and fast solution.”

One of the most recent BP investments is FreeWire Technologies (developer of mobile electric vehicle charging systems):

“BP is already investing in new technologies and business models, and partnering with industry leaders and start-ups in order to better understand the shape of the future of mobility. For example, BP recently invested in FreeWire Technologies Inc. (FreeWire), a US-based manufacturer of mobile electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging systems, and plans to roll out FreeWire’s Mobi Charger units for use at selected BP retail sites in the UK and Europe during 2018.”

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Late to the party but hopefully they catch up and put them on the interstates

One more step in the right direction. Big energy collaborating on charging solutions is much better than fragmented car manufacturer sponsored solutions.

I’m definitely looking forward to the day when gas stations of their own choice and initiative will install a couple ultra fast chargers on their own island under the filling station roof.

It has already happened.

It’s not like I could read the numbers on the number plates that were intentionally blurred {please don’t take that as derogatory}, but the shape of the plate says it is not in the United States. I’ve read of progress in the UK with the Major Oil Companies getting onboard with charging solutions. I read a while back of a convenience store chain beginning to install DCFC’s in Canada, but I’ve not read anything of the sort in the US.

It certainly isn’t a speedy process.

Cool. Thanks Magnus. Although not in the U.S., that’s great! Can you provide more info, like where it is located etc.?
I’d be surprised if that’s an ultra fast station too. Only a few have just been installed in Europe starting this Spring mostly. Remember, we’re talking 150 kW+.

The name CharIN has negative connotations.
No one wants a charred car.

Loves is adding EV charging and also hydrogen starting at their west coast

Has FreeWire featured on IEVs yet? If not it is quite an interesting idea … https://freewiretech.com/ev-charging.

Basically a big dollop of battery storage with a built-in rapid DC EV-charging facility, permanently plugged into the mains – acts like a header tank/reservoir. I hope they bolt them down!