In Boulder, Colorado ICE Can Now Be Ticketed For Parking at EV Charging Stations

MAR 21 2014 BY STAFF 18

Don't ICE an Electric Vehicle...Just Don't Do It

Don’t ICE an Electric Vehicle…Just Don’t Do It

The city council of Boulder, Colorado has voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that EV owners will surely enjoy.

EV Parking Only Fellas

EV Parking Only Fellas

It’s now officially a ticketable offense for ICE vehicles to park at EV charging stations in Boulder.  This applies to public chargers (say curbside units or those located at city offices) and private (for example, at a local convenient store) chargers provided that there’s proper signage indicating EV charging only and that violators will be fined.

The fine is a modest $50, but that’s definitely enough to convince ICE drivers to no longer block charging stations.

Even more importantly, Boulder will enforce this law, meaning that the city’s police force will seek out and fine the lawbreakers.

Source: Daily Camera

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“Parking for Electric Vehicles WHILE CHARGING” is what is needed, but this is better than what most of us have currently.

Totally agree. Having been blocked out of a charge spot when three out of four EVs parked in the four spots hadn’t even bothered to plug in their vehicle to make it look like they were charging…

As I’ve said before, it’s worse than getting ICEd; it’s like getting stabbed in the back by your own kin.

Wow! I’ve never seen that. I have seen ICE cars parked at the charging station, and I assume I’ve seen cars that were done charging, but never a plug-in that wasn’t.

There are plug-in spaces that realistically will always have some non-charging vehicles. For instance, Logan Airport has some dedicated plug-in parking. I’m going to guess that many of those drivers are away in some other city when their cars finishes charging. And I’m grateful the airport offers this service, which allows me to drive there and back all on battery power.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Pranksters and other EVers who jump your charge make that unworkable.

We need this in Michigan. Too much Icing going on here (and I’m not talking about the weather).

I think it might be better just to enforce towing. People seem to be more likely to avoid getting their vehicle towed.

Montgomery County Maryland, just north of Washington DC, has just passed a similar ordinance, which was signed 3/12/14:

which was signed 3/12/14

It becomes effective June 11.

EV drivers just need to have a gas station “sit-in” with our EVs, blocking the gas pumps. We’ll see how they like being EV’ed.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about that. Unfortunately, you’d probably wind up inconveniencing the wrong people. Its possible none of the people trying to use the gas station at that time are even the jerkwads that have or would block your charging stations.

Dear God please forgive the posters here who pray for retaliation and do not understand your ‘Law of
“What goes
around, comes around, from somewhere, sometime!”
Forgive them for retaliation and do not bring harm nor frustration on these who know not what they do.
In Jesus name we ask this.

Not retalliation, you silly man. Just a protest to get ICE drivers to pay attention.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the fine is $20, not $50, and it does apply to those EV’s not charging.

To quote their article, “The code change would make it a ticketable offense with a $20 fine to park a non-electric vehicle at an electric vehicle charging station. It also would require that electric vehicles parked at the spots actually be charging”

EDIT: it was raised to $50, my mistake. I believe it still applies to non-charging vehicles.

EDIT 2- not my day! The provision for ticketing non-charging vehiclescwas removed at final passage …

The requirement to actually be charging has always seemed to me to be a gray area, since not all cars have flashing lights that show if they are charging or not. The enforcement officer can look on the EVSE, but do they all know that? They’ll have to be trained.

And it’s hard to know exactly how long your vehicle will be charging. It seems to me that a flat time limit (don’t stay here more than X hours) and a requirement the vehicle be plugged in makes much more sense.

agree! It would be really hard to reach your vehicle exactly at the time it stops charging. Especially since charging stations are still rather sparse and you sometimes have to park quite a distance from your destination to be able to charge.

Non-EVs need to be towed if they are in an EV spot.

However, installers of EVSEs could make their spots less likely to be ICEd if they put them a bit out of the way. Most Walgreens spots are near the back of the store and well away from the entrance, and I’ve never seen one ICEd. I realize that often the nearby spots are most convenient for running electrical circuits, but if you are going to pay the expense to install EVSEs then not enforce the rules when non-EVs hog the spots you’re just wasting your investment.