Boulder, Colorado Attempting to Make It Illegal For ICE to Park in EV Charging Spots


Don't ICE an Electric Vehicle...Just Don't Do It

Don’t ICE an Electric Vehicle…Just Don’t Do It

Over in Boulder, Colorado, there’s a push underway to make it illegal for ICE to park in EV charging spots.

EV Parking Only Fellas

EV Parking Only Fellas

This may seem like it should be law everywhere, but the truth of the matter is that most cities/states still don’t have legislation saying it’s illegal for ICE to block EV charging spots.

The problem that if it’s not law, then some ICE drivers will continue to do as they please, despite signage saying those spots are reserved for electric vehicles.

As 9 News writes:

“The Boulder Daily Camera reports the Boulder City Council is considering an ordinance that would make it a violation with a $20 fine to ignore those signs.”

“It also would require that electric vehicles parked at the spots actually be charging.”

$20 is minimal, but it should be enough to get the point across.

Our hope is that soon as cities/states will have similar laws on the books.

Source: 9 News

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Cities will love this and therefore adopt it, as it is another easy way for them to make money.
Plus it is good for ev drivers, undoubtedly.

I’m glad they put in the part about non-charging EV’s, but I think it should have been worded “not plugged in”. Otherwise, you will have to run out to your car and move it, IF you know it’s done charging, and then attempt to find another spot, and possibly pay more $.

Agreed.. Fortunately, there is no way the typical street cop is going to know whether or not a car is done charging. There are too many different types with too many different indicators (or lack of). As such, despite the wording, I imagine “plugged in” will be good enough in most cases to be considered charging.

most every public charger I’ve ever used has had a “ready” and “charging” light on it…I’m sure even the meter readers could be taught to look at which light is on 🙂

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Until pranksters or other drivers unplug you.


This also makes EVSE sharing impossible.

Parking next to a car which is done charging and moving the plug to your car exposes them to the risk of a parking ticket.

Hmm, good point. 🙁

Plus, you’re leaving it up to the enforcement officer to judge if a car is charging or not.

It’s also illegal to smoke inside your personal car when parked in some areas of Boulder. They must have a police force with not much to do…

They are very eco-conscious. CU, Colorado University is there, plus gateway to skiing.
Thing of of Tuskaloosa AL. in reverse.

I thought Boulder had made it illegal to make things illegal?

It’s $50 to $100 in Hawaii I think….


On a bit of a tangent but to make a point on how the world see this market. Note both signs read “Electric Vehicle (EV) not Plug-in. The public as seen by their parking habits hardly acknowledge vehicles that require a charge let alone PHEV, PHV, EREV, BEV. The term that is sticking is “EV”. Google plug-in signs and EV signs and notice the difference.

Arizona has had a law since the 90’s (ARS28-876) stating “Only vehicles fueled exclusively by electricity may park in charging station spots”. This law was written before the Volt so its unfortunatly excluded. It’s a $350 fine ($100 more than a handicapped spot) and potentially a tow.