Both Nissan & BMW Show Interest In Joining Formula E


Formula E racer

Formula E racer

Reports confirm that both Nissan and BMW are having discussions about joining Formula E global all-electric open wheel racing series. The word is that both companies are talking with teams about getting involved as soon as the third season, which begins in Hong Kong on October 9th, through July 30th in New York.

Formula E Pre-season testing at Donington Park - Nico Prost (Renault e.dams team)

Formula E Pre-season testing at Donington Park – Nico Prost (Renault e.dams team)

BMW has been a provider of safety and medical cars since the beginning of Formula E, but has not entered the series due to the requirement of swapping cars mid-race (due to battery capacity). However, Formula E will be moving to a single-car race by the fifth season.

Nissan has also been involved in the series in another capacity. The company has supplied electric powertrains to ally Renault.

Formula E has had involvement from international companies such as Renault, Citroën, Mahindra, and McLaren. Jaguar will be joining in season three.

Formula E CEO, Alejandro Agag, didn’t confirm the official involvement of these companies, but said:

The series is being “seriously considered by a number of manufacturers.”

Manufacturers were allowed to join the series starting in the second season after each of the 10 teams were required to run a spec car in the inaugural season. The auto companies were given permission to work with teams to develop drivetrain components for the cars.

BMW and Nissan won’t have time to develop cars by the third season, as other teams are already in the process. In order to participate, the companies will most likely have to join current teams.

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Don’t get why the Renault-Nissan alliance should not make one team. Cheaper and also both can bring in their best features. Its an partnership, not for competition.

They like internal competition.

Don’t some F1 teams have more then one car/driver in the same race?

What? Each F1 team has two cars and drivers.

The Montreal event has been confirmed as two races in July 2017.

For me Formula E would be more interesting if the race teams were only allowed a single car for each driver like at Indy. There would be a battery swapping pit stop during the race instead of drivers switching cars.

You just get one car like at Indy, live, die, sink or swim. For me, it would be more exciting that way.

Plan is to remove the car swap for the 2018/2019 season. (Season 5).

Plan is for me to start caring for the 2018/2019 season. (Season 5).

Oh let’s hope. I couldn’t stop laughing during the first race of the first season. The format only seemed to highlight all of the reasons that batteries are not ready for prime time which defeats the whole purpose of the series.

Don’t laugh too much when the effects of global warming hit your community.

The racing is top notch without any artificial F1 bullshit rules like DRS and forced tire changes to make races “exciting”.

Conceptually the car switch is no different than the refueling pit stops F1 had some years ago.

I don’t know how Citroen would be joining the next season given that it’s represented by its DS Automobiles relation.