Boston Dynamics Introduces Spot, Kicks Spot, Angers Robot Overlord (w/video)

FEB 11 2015 BY TDILLARD 12

The same folks who brought you Big Dog, Wildcat, Atlas and other robotic (and mainly gas-powered) marvels just released a video of Spot.  And then kicked Spot.  And it’s all fun and games until Spot goes and gets some friends, which he does in this video.

Of course, they were only trying to demonstrate how stable and self-righting the mechanism is.  Yeah right.  Tell that to the Robot Overlord when he sits you down and asks, “…so, what about Spot?”

Kidding aside, the way the bot recovers its balance is remarkably reminiscent of watching a leggy dog, or deer trying to regain its balance.  This is the latest from the DARPA-funded (as well as other agencies) company that is developing several approaches to legged robotics, as well as some fairly cute little wheeled jumpy devices as well.

This is one of the first large bots that’s not powered by a gas motor, and interestingly, at about 1:54 Spot kicks Big Dog’s gas-powered butt in a hill-climbing race.

If you like this video, you’ll love the Boston Dynamics channel, here.

As for what Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks of Spot, he asks/wonders, via Tweet, “What are the civilian applications?”

Musk Tweet

Musk Tweet

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I like the quieter, non-gas-generator, version better. The prancing w/the jingle bells made me grin.

I wonder what Google’s plans are for B.D. now they they own them.

My guess: Spot is going to start wearing some OLED screens showing advertising and start chasing people around on the streets.

Or maybe new walking directions for Google maps…have Spot lead you there.

My money is on the former…

Why I want much better batteries: they’re our chance to keep the world somewhat less dystopian for our children. Why I don’t want better batteries: They make life easier for skynet and its drone army.

That scares me, i dont like it so much.
I can see the potential but i also see a threat…
Am i alone?

No you are not alone. You should see the bigger models which throw concrete blocks at people.

For the first time I totally agree with Musk.

BD is an evil company.

Remember what ‘we’ did in Falujah. The women there are advised by doctors not to have babies, since all the organs end up in a sac on the back of torso and what ever it is, it certainly is not any Baby I’ve ever seen, dies in a few weeks.

DU is called ‘delayed Kill’ because our troops will also get sick, but later on. Ingesting DU aerosols is not conducive to health.

So Boston Dynamics, is an Evil Company. Its people the larger devices will be used against, and they’d have to be brain-dead not to be able to figure that out themselves.

Frightening isn’t it!

I find it both cool and freaky at the same time. It also sounded a bit like a trotting horse rather than a dog. Towards the end, I wanted to ride it and shout “ride ’em robot boy!”

I can see applications in rescue crews or taking supplies to people stranded in inaccessible locations. Not sure of the practical value in everyday civilian life. (Props to Elon for keeping it real).

After thinking about it further, I realized that this could be more of a testing platform on how to test robotic balancing.

Oh, another application, extraterrestrial exploration! This thing could go where wheeled robots can’t go, making exploration of asteroids and other planetary bodies with little or no smooth features easier.

The civillian application is– hunting down humans who do not embrace The Wisdom of the Central AI. 😉

“RoboSpot will now commence 2 hour killing spree. Kill! Kill! Kill!” 😉

I thought that was the job of the “angel” robots?