Takes Tesla P85D on Day Trip to Mt Washington, Whines Incessantly

JUN 15 2015 BY TDILLARD 39

People from Boston are special.  If you don’t believe it, just ask us.  Or better yet, take a look at the story, This Tesla (barely) climbed Mt. Washington, to see just how special we are:

… And while that is certainly an impressive show of how the Supercharger network supports the car during long one way trips, here in New England, we make day trips. Day trips outside of the current Supercharger network. Day trips for bumper sticker badges of honor. So we put the Tesla P85D to the ultimate New England day-trip road test, for any car: climbing Mt. Washington.

Greg Murphy gets anxious about range

Greg Murphy gets anxious about range

Fair enough, sounds like fun.  As you know, we have a soft spot in our hearts for ‘ol Mount Washington, (not to mention the 40th anniversary of the ALT Energy Summit is coming up on the 25th of July!), so we’re in for a nice road trip.  But what follows is more instances of the term “range anxiety” being used gratuitously in one story than anything else we’ve ever read on the interwebs.  Really, guys?

…complete with an anxiety meter…Uh oh. Not quite enough for a round trip. +1 to range anxiety…Front desk confirms. -10 to range anxiety.…maxes out at approximately 26 miles of range per hour.+3 to range anxiety…we turn around. +25 to range anxiety…won’t get us where we need to be for this to be our last stop. +100 to range anxiety. We’re off the chart, people

You get the idea.  Whine, whine, whine…  Oh, but we’re reading, that’s right, isn’t it?  Just for a little context, for a True New Englander, a story of a day-trip in a Tesla for a “badge of honor” bumper sticker  would read:  “Got in the cah.  Drove to Mt Washington.  Came home.  Traffic sucked. It was wikked pissah.” 

Mt Washington Valley charging stations (ca 2014)

Mt Washington Valley charging stations (ca 2014)

Never mind that there are charging stations everywhere in the Mt Washington Valley (we know, we keep a map), never mind that they disparagingly called the Clipper Creek station at the Base Lodge of the Auto Road “…a Level 2 station that usually charges the center’s Smart Car” (hey, that’s our “Clippy” you’re talkin’ bout) never mind that they covered around 320+ miles and climbed the Northeast’s highest peak (the home of the “worst weather in the world“) on a glorious day (rare in New England, especially if one has decided to embark on a “day trip”) in one of the coolest cars on the road with essentially no incident other than their own self-induced “anxiety”, never mind that only a short few years ago a trip like this would be unthinkable…

Ah, well.  It is what it is.  The Boston Globe and have been striving desperately to be, uh, relevant, and their strategy has been to try to be younger, “edgy”, and even more snarky, hipster and nonplussed by almost anything, than a lot of the denizens of Boston come off as naturally…  gotta love ’em.  Our buddy Greg Murphy (Content Director – Boston Globe Media) knows how to get links (he got ours, right?) and he concludes, at the end of the story: “Next time we’ll take the mini-van.”

Be our guest.  We’ll be sure to wave when we pass.

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And the New England Patriots are a bunch of cheaters too!


Who puts a bumper sticker on a $100k car, except a nut with no taste?


See this disclaimer at the end of the story: “No bumper stickers were actually slapped on any Tesla Model S P85Ds in the making of this story. We aren’t monsters.”

OK, I admit I read the story….


Doh! you beat me too it.




*d’oh 🙂


d’oh is a variant of doh.

Now I have that song, “doe, a deer, a female deer” stuck in my head.


“(No bumper stickers were actually slapped on any Tesla Model S P85Ds in the making of this story. We aren’t monsters.)”


Dumbass’s have a hard time with EV’s. Shock.


Yeah, because running an article dissing EVs in general and Tesla in particular is so….. original 😉

Ted and readers, do send our “buddy” Murphy a link to this article. I will certainly do the same. Can you put up his email in the article or in a comment here?


Read the whole thing and this struck me as hilarious:
“… every drop of power counts.”


An 8hr 7min (with no stops or traffic) round trip day trip???? What kind of masochists are these people? Add four hours for an 8am-8pm mini-vacation, subtract time for meals, potty breaks, traffic, etc and they maybe end up with 2 hours of sightseeing… GROSS! Sounds like a “we want to write an article bashing Tesla” day trip fairy land.


Actually read the story (and indeed, a waste of time).
So, as you said, it’s a silly story, not representative of anything but people who didn’t try and do any planning (and rather badly written as well).

Why is it worth publishing, spending your readers’ time and giving clicks?


Tempting to signup/login to respond to some of the comments, like the hydrogen comment by vpreggie.


I thought the same thing.. then decided it’s Monday and I don’t have the time/energy to responding to all the wrongness in the comments.


You’ve got to be more like this guy. 😀


My wife emailed me that, so I had to stay up an hour composing an email explaining why she was wrong for sending me that cartoon…



While Tesla does not need to advertise to sell cars, they may eventually have to buy advertising just to get newspapers and media companies to stop writing negative stories about imaginary problems. (wouldn’t this normally be called extortion?) Boston Globe is owned by NY Times, both of these companies have managed to write Tesla stories that did not hold up well under close examination.


Boston Drah Mah… 😉


Another example of a pre-storyboarded “review” where they planned the results long ahead of the actual driving.

This story-board is so boring and has been done so many times already that it is shocking that any editor wouldn’t fire their writer for even suggesting such a bland, repetitive story.

They must be really desperate for troll-bait for their online edition to generate page hits.


Too bad the article didn’t have a comments section. It’s deserving of a few hundred.


Comments section can be found by clicking one of the little boxes on the left side of the article. They have one for facebook, one for twits, and one for regular comments.

no comment

btw, ted: how long does it take to recharge a model S at a level 2 EVSE? then try to imagine that you were not an EV enthusiast and consider what you would think of it when you could refill a gas tank in 5 minutes.


That a trip like this is even possible is nothing short of a technological miracle. This is the first since the invention of the internal combustion engine that a trip like this can be made and this guy is complaining about it. Amazing!

no comment

i don’t think that “technological miracle” is the most important attribute that most car buyers seek. that was why i emphasized the need to imagine that you weren’t an EV enthusiast.


If EVs want to take the role of a standard vehicle, then this article shows exactly how far EVs have to go before they’ll meet the expectations of the average customer.

The state of the art, most advanced EV on the market still incurs issues of range anxiety, not being able to make it home (NO ONE ever wants to walk home), and generally not being able to relax on what should be a pretty cool, if relatively tame adventure. PHEVs would be able to do this without too much stress, while a normal ICE car could do this under most conditions.

EVs still have a ways to go. ICE cars are still superior in many ways, and this article highlights where the typical consumer’s expectations still lie.


You are comparing the FIRST generation EVs with gas cars. Wait until at least the 2nd or third generation of EVs comes out before you make the comparison.


Please. The possibility of “not making it home” is pretty remote when you’ve got chargers on the ground as thick as they are in this region.

There’s a vast difference between “not making it home without charging” and “not making it home without a tow truck”.


ICE cars were shiet, the road and fuelling infrastructure shiet, and public ability to care for the finicky vehicles shiet for the first three decades (or longer) of their existence. Why do people expect that five years in the BEV isn’t able to do everything at once.
The progress to date has been staggering and will likely take only half as long as the ICE running on dino juice.

mike w

Well they could just give me that P85D and I will NOT whine about anything (car wise).


I read the article.

Can be summarized as “Dumba$$es take Model S up Mt. Washington; somehow manage to make it back without incident”

Brian F

I did this trip in early August 2013 with the family before any superchargers were installed in New England. In true Mt. Washington weather might I add…cold, wet with visibility at 15 feet.

“This Tesla (barely) climbed Mt. Washington” No you are a barely a functioning human simply based on the fact that you let the navigation system do all the thinking.

btw you past lots of campgrounds in you travels. Why not charge at one of them. Directly next to Storyland is a camp ground where you could get a 40amp charge. I did! Drove up from outside of Boston, parked the car at the campground, took the kids to storyland then drove the mt. and back home all in a day. No range issues at all.

Brian F

How do you add photos?

Jay Cole

Hey Brian,

Do you mean how do you add photos into the comments section?

If so, all you have to do is drop the link address into the comment and I will magically convert to pictures (provided they aren’t more than 1000pcx wide) as the site is crawled. (usually takes upwards of 30 mins)

Brian F

Ok, Let see if i can post photos.

My car at the base and summit. The weather change is dramatic and the road is crazy narrow.

***mod edit (staff)*** the photos are permission-based, so they can’t show/be embed, if you have a direct link, that is all you need and they will appear as photos in the comments ‘not too much’ later ***mod edit***

Jeff Songster

I guess it is progress that the mooks even bothered to write about it.