Bosch’s Time-Lapse Video Shows Us How To Make An Autonomous Car


Bosch Mobility Solutions - Automated driving.

Bosch Mobility Solutions – Automated driving.

Bosch, as one of the largest automotive parts producers, is doing a lot to develop autonomous drive systems and simply stay in business if the market switches to autonomous cars. We already saw animation of Tesla Model S with Bosch systems and now  theGerman company presented video of making of the prototype. Tesla Model S as the test vehicle was converted into a fully-autonomous prototype vehicle in 1 minute and 29 seconds (at least in time-lapse). Frankly, they needed more time and:

  • 50 new components
  • 1.3 km (over 0.80 miles) of cabling
  • 400 cable ties
  • 1,400 man hours of labor

Is Bosch really engaged with the Tesla Motors’ project or are they just using the Model S as a test mule? We don’t know. <iframe width=”775″ height=”430″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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800 miles of cabling is a lot !


0.81 miles (~4300 feet)


Didn’t see the wheels rotate in this video, so hard to tell if this Model S can drive autonomously? Just because a bunch of hardware and sensors added, doesn’t mean the system will function.

The magic to autonomous drive is in the software.


You really need to include the other Bosch videos, which show off what the car can do (UI is an overlay tho).