Bosch’s Time-Lapse Video Shows Us How To Make An Autonomous Car


Bosch Mobility Solutions - Automated driving.

Bosch Mobility Solutions – Automated driving.

Bosch, as one of the largest automotive parts producers, is doing a lot to develop autonomous drive systems and simply stay in business if the market switches to autonomous cars. We already saw animation of Tesla Model S with Bosch systems and now  theGerman company presented video of making of the prototype. Tesla Model S as the test vehicle was converted into a fully-autonomous prototype vehicle in 1 minute and 29 seconds (at least in time-lapse). Frankly, they needed more time and:

  • 50 new components
  • 1.3 km (over 0.80 miles) of cabling
  • 400 cable ties
  • 1,400 man hours of labor

Is Bosch really engaged with the Tesla Motors’ project or are they just using the Model S as a test mule? We don’t know. <iframe width=”775″ height=”430″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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5 responses to "Bosch’s Time-Lapse Video Shows Us How To Make An Autonomous Car"
  1. Frank says:

    800 miles of cabling is a lot !

    1. 0.81 miles (~4300 feet)

    2. Mark Kane says:

      0.81 miles. Updated. 🙂

  2. Didn’t see the wheels rotate in this video, so hard to tell if this Model S can drive autonomously? Just because a bunch of hardware and sensors added, doesn’t mean the system will function.

    The magic to autonomous drive is in the software.

  3. dan says:

    You really need to include the other Bosch videos, which show off what the car can do (UI is an overlay tho).