Bosch eMTB Video Candy: Upward Flow II Trailer


The eMTB fanatics over at Bosch eBike System have put a second Uphill Flow video together for you… ¬†and yes, we’d agree with what they say on their site: “The eMTB virus travels quickly…”

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This apparently is in the Dolomites in Italy. I guess they don’t mind motorized travel on their trails there.

But most mountain bike trails I know of in the US are “closed to motorized travel”. I personally don’t know of a single mountain bike/hiking/equestrian trail anywhere in my state that allows motorized travel. Motors include electric motors.

Here you would have to use the 4X4 trails if you wanted to “upward flow” on an MTB with an electric motor.

I believe that depends on the states definition of motorized vehicles. In California, electric assist bikes that are limited to 20 MPH do not qualify as a motorized vehicle and would probably be allowed on these trails.

Different states have different laws, but the default federal code allows for eBikes provided the motor is under a certain parameter, the top speed is set under 20 and so forth.

The Bosch system is very careful to follow this federal regulation. The presence of an electric motor does not, by itself, classify it as a motorized vehicle. It sure sounds like it would though!

E-bikes certainly have their place, but not on hiking trails. Motorized vehicles always end up doing more damage and generally make the trail experience less pleasant for other users.

That said, equestrians also do a great deal of trail damage as horses are heavy. Plus they leave piles of poop. Non-motorized mountain bikes aren’t perfect, but they’re more tolerable. Most hiking trails should be reserved for non-motorized, human-only use (and possibly leashed dogs).

Do peddle assist ebikes do more trail damage then conventional bikes?

In California, there are hundreds of miles of fire roads (wide dirt trails) and single track bike trails where you can ride electric bikes.

can you point to a source to support your comment.
I have a hard time to find a trail that is open to eMTBs here in the Bay Area…