Bosch: In 2020, 3 Million PHEVs & 2.5 Million BEVs Will Be Sold Worldwide

DEC 1 2014 BY STAFF 5

Thanks to Bosch, we can present this nifty map of automotive powertrain market share in various countries around the globe.

According to Bosch:

“In Japan, nearly every fifth new car now features a hybrid powertrain. This makes the country the undisputed pioneer of electrification. In just a few years, registrations of hybrids will be significantly higher outside Japan as well.”

This is how Bosch sees the future in regards to automotive electrification:

“Bosch forecasts that of a predicted 113 million total vehicles sold worldwide in 2020, 6.5 million will be strong hybrids, 3 million will be plug-in hybrids, and 2.5 million will be all-electric (assuming a total of 113 million vehicles sold in 2020).”

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I have to give it to You guys, You have become undisputed market leader for electric cars news, other websites do not even have daily update,while You have entire page of actually interesting news. Well done to You.

Thanks, we put up 44 new articles over the Thanksgiving weekend (US)…a personal best for us on a holiday. We aren’t Monday to Friday, 9 to 5ers for sure, (=

Secret? …runaway dependency on amphetamines throughout the staff

Agreed – There is so much content I have to come check it every hour or two.

Can you link to the original Bosch report/release?


Here you’s just on their media site as far as I can tell: