Video: Boring Company Breaks New Ground, Announces Medieval Castle Watchtower



The first tunnel at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorn, CA is nearing completion

The Boring Company (TBC) currently has several high-speed underground transportation projects in the works. Most are still in the preliminary planning stages. However, a 2-mile test tunnel located beneath SpaceX’s headquarters is now nearly finished.  The Boring Company CEO Elon Musk shared a video on Twitter today of the company’s first tunnel breaks “through the other side.”

The tunnel in Hawthorn will serve as a proof of concept and R&D testing site for the company’s future autonomous public transportation system. This new system is being referred to as Loop, due to it’s similarities with the Hyperloop concept. Loop will deploy “electric skates” that carry 8 or 16 passengers and will travel between 125-150 miles per hour.

According to TBC, this first tunnel is expected to be completed this year. “The first section of the Hawthorne tunnel, including O’Leary Station, will be completed by December 10, 2018.” To mark the occasion, Elon announced that free rides will be available to the public the next day. No word yet if prototypes of the Loop “electric skate” vehicles will be on hand, or if another vehicle will be taking its place.

Of course, far more important is what The Boring Company plans to do with the leftover dirt from this tunneling project. Predictably, the company will be building a watchtower in Los Angeles. In fact, if you are looking for a part time gig as a watchman, they are hiring. But who watches the watchman? 

With the flame throwers, underground tunnels, watchtowers… it sounds like Elon might be looking for a career change himself. He must not have the passion for being a Tony Stark-esque superhero any longer. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO seems to be transitioning into a far more lucrative line of work: super-villainy. You know what they say, you either die a hero or you live long enough to watch yourself become a villain.

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Where’s the white cat? You just gotta have a white cat to complete the evil genius role 🙂 🙂

Will you settle for a white lapdog?

Perhaps a certain number of these bricks can be used for the construction of the building of a new Gigafactory?

Good grief, I hope not! Compressed earth bricks can’t survive being rained on. They are useful for short-term structures only.

It isn’t quite the same thing, but rammed earth homes can last for generations. This sounds more similar to compressed earth block construction, but again, it can be used for permanent homes with the right finish techniques. Or so I believe.

Should be fine if you toast them with a flamethrower.

Elon was talking about housing projects… So surely he has not only short-term structure in mind.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They aren’t just compressed earth. They have concrete in them.

How long did it take now to dig the tunnel? Any comparison to standard tunnel digging?

They first started boring about 1 1/2 years ago — which would in fact be very slow, if that was continuous speed… However, they made the tunnel in several distinct phases — so we don’t know how fast they went while actually boring.

Either way, it was for experimenting, not for breaking speed records just yet 🙂

Not sure what is up, but I think I just got a whiff of elderberry…
Seriously, though, is part of the “revolution” in tunnel making the idea that a smaller diameter bore is not only faster and cheaper, but that the reduced profile “cars” would still be able to provide a reasonably good amount of passengers to the destination? Or are they going to increase the size of the bore in follow on borers? And how big are these tunnels? If this was done by the relatively conventional Godot, it is just 14′ tunnel with a finished diameter of 12′. I think the London Underground has a bunch of deep tube tunnels that are just 11’8″, like the Picadilly and Bakerloo Lines, so small diameter train cars can move a lot of people.
Is Line Storm going to be the same size? Prufrock too? Just faster and cheaper? I hope they turf the skates and use multiple electric buses on rails, instead.
I have to admit that a network of small tunnels, that could be built inexpensively and quickly, sounds like it has advantages over a much more limited amount of larger, more expensive tunnels.

They have revamped the concept several times already, and will probably keep doing so. The fundamental goal is to make tunnelling much cheaper — anything else is up for discussion as far as I can tell.

Making the tunnels narrow and thus cheap seems to be a major part of the plan though, so they can feasibly carry many smallish pods between many endpoints, for better convenience and travel times compared to traditional underground trains…

Zip said:
“. . . but that the reduced profile ‘cars’ would still be able to provide a reasonably good amount of passengers to the destination?”

In a word, no.

Tesla said that the tunnel Tesla is building to the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium will have a capacity to carry only 2,800 people TOTAL to the baseball game. Meanwhile each NYC subway train that goes to Yankee Stadium and the Mets CitiField can hold 2,500 people EACH and run one right after another. At the end of a game the trains are stacked up outside the station awaiting for the end if the game.

NYC subway trains can hold 2,500 people? I’d like to see that… Pretty sure those where I live take less than a fifth of that.

The “Dugout Loop” is a demonstration project. It’s not *supposed* to compete on capacity.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

The NY subway cars with larger capacity can hold 56 seated, plus 202 standing, so 258 per car.
They’re arranged as 5 cars, so 1,290 per train. If they run a pair together it’d be 2,580 passengers.