Boring Company Issued Permit To Dig In Washington D.C.

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Boring Company

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Despite a lack of confirmation surrounding The Boring Company’s “verbal govt approval” to build an East Coast hyperloop, a second set of permits point to its reality.

As we previously reported, Tesla and ‘The Boring Company’ CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that he had secured verbal government approval to dig a tunnel and build a Hyperloop of sorts on the East Coast. This new project would aim to connect New York City with Washington D.C., along with multiple stops in other locations such as Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Some challenged Musk as to what exactly “verbal govt approval” meant. He was unable to officialize who or where such approval came from, except to say that it was at the Federal level. His reply Tweet continued:

“Still a lot of work before formal, written approval, but this opens the door for state & city discussions.”

However, not long after that, digging related to the project began in Maryland, followed by local approval in the area. Now, it appears that we have something much more set in stone from D.C. as well.

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According to The Washington Post, officials in Washington D.C. have approved a permit for preliminary digging. The digging will be isolated to an enclosed, abandoned parking lot at 53 New York Avenue, next door to a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant. Though the permit was approved, few details have been worked out. Instead, this will be used as a preliminary step as more information makes its way to officials. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s chief of staff, John Falcicchio shared:

“We’re just beginning, in the mayor’s office, our conversation to get an understanding of what the general vision is for Hyperloop.”

Source: The Washington Post

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I bet Trump gave him the nod

Yep. He gave them permission to tunnel under Interstate 95. See my comment below.

It might just be a permit to take soil samples. These kind of projects take years, if not decades. You have to develop Environmental Impact Statements, then you have to go through a public comment period, then have to get approvals from the federal, state and local governments, then you have pay for the design, and then you have to pay for land, all of that is before you can even start construction.

There is no way Musk got a verbal approval to build a hyperloop.

EM “Would you be OK if we built a Hyperloop?”
GO “Sure … any details?”
EM “Not at this point.”

EM “Got verbal approval”

Cool story bro


Yeah building a tunnel needs a boatloads of approval.

Quite a few years back, there was a PBS documentary series called simply “Skyscraper”, which was about a project to build a major skyscraper on Manhattan Island in New York. The entire first episode of the series was all about the difficulties the developer had in getting the proper permits. Various city departments kept giving them the runaround, and as I recall, it took about six months of persistent attempts before they finally got all the permits they needed for groundbreaking.

Of course, Washington D.C. isn’t as densely populated as Manhattan Isle, so likely there won’t be quite so much red tape involved. But unless the Boring Co. gets the government to grant imminent domain rights to proceed, this project is going to progress with excruciating slowness. If Musk has to negotiate separate contracts for digging a tunnel under each individual property, it will be impossible. Eventually someone is going to refuse, and of those who don’t, many will jack up the price to sky-high levels.

Face palm. Hey self-proclaimed grammar Nazi, it’s eminent domain, not imminent domain.

You’re wrong again Pu-Pu. The Boring Company wouldn’t need eminent domain to proceed building the tunnel from Washington to NYC. The federal government already has a right-of-way for that route, which it acquired many years ago through eminent domain: Interstate 95. (If Amtrak owns all the train tracks on the Northeast Corridor between NYC and Washington, then the federal government has a second right-of-way.) The “verbal government approval” was President Trump, who control the Department of Tranportation, agreeing to allow The Boring Company to dig tunnels for the Hyperloop under Interstate 95 in the future. In fact, for years a Japanese consortium had been lobbying to build an uber expensive maglev rail line from Washington to NYC under Interstate 95. They even sought to build a test tunnel near Washington about year ago, and had big meeting and presentation about the project a week before The Boring Company made its announcement. There are plenty of news stories about the Japanese maglev group’s efforts to win support for their proposed project. I’m surprised that the Green Tech media hasn’t picked up the story about how the competing Hyperloop and maglev proponents will be duking it out to win the right to… Read more »

“…it’s eminent domain, not imminent domain.”

Thank you for the correction. 🙂 (But what if eminent domain is imminent?)

Regarding your other assertions… Dude, can I get some of what you’re smokin’?

Looks like you are making the same mistake the Orange Wannabe Dictator is making: Believing all levels of government are under his direct authority, and that he has the power of fiat governance.