The Boring Company Releases New Images Of Multi-Passenger Concept

The Boring Company


The Boring Company

The Boring Company multi-passenger electric skate concept.

Now we get a closer look at Tesla’s electric multi-passenger skate concept that may be used in The Boring Company tunnels and/or the hyperloop.

If you watched Elon Musk’s original computer-generated teaser of The Boring Company concept, you probably caught a quick glimpse of a multi-passenger transport vehicle, aside from the Tesla Model S and X. Some people didn’t catch it the first time through, and many people’s initial comments surrounded the fact that the system may not be very efficient if it’s transporting large, heavy vehicles with a single passenger. Not to mention … where do all these vehicles park?

However, Musk had already thought that through. He never gave it much attention, but in the video, there was an unexplained, mostly glass, space-age looking pod filled with people, sitting on an elevator. But the elevator was unseen, as it was below the vehicle’s permanent skate-like frame.

The Boring Company multi-passenger electric skate concept.

The Boring Company

Note the similarities between the skate beneath the Tesla Model S, and the bottom frame of the multi-passenger vehicle.

If you take a closer look, the skate portion that the Model S and X parked on to transport into the tunnel is the same structure that appears to be permanently attached to this multi-passenger concept. So, it’s as if it’s almost a permanent passenger skate that stays on a street for public use. But, you can see from these new pictures, the skate itself has wheels …

We aren’t really quite sure exactly what all this means. Perhaps Musk is attempting to generate more dialogue, and will eventually answer questions, or reveal further information.

Does the glass enclosure come off of the skate with its wheels, so that it can be moved, or something else can go in its place? Is it an electric autonomous vehicle that can move independent of the skate (there’s obviously no place for a drivetrain, but why the wheels)? Will it replace the previously planned Tesla minibus? Is there a connection to the hyperloop?

It will surely be interesting when we are able to secure some additional details.

The Boring Company

The Boring Company multi-passenger electric skate concept.

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Those people look bored.

Yes, but this is just prior to King Kong smashing a hole in the ground to grab the car and shake it like it was a martini shaker.
They don’t look bored then.

The lack of windows on the Boring Company electric skate concept looks like a design flaw. As a lifelong subway rider, I can tell you that few things in life suck as much getting stuck between stations in a crowded subway car with no power for AC. It gets stifling hot in pretty quickly, so the first thing you do (assuming there is no smoke condition) is crack open the doors between cars and crack open the windows (only half of them open) to get some ventilation. But on some subway lines with longer cars the doors between cars are locked. Without air conditioning and ventilation, a crowded subway car quickly becomes a stifling steam bath with the windows fogging up and the commuters looking a Walking Dead casting call for zombies.

There is no lack of windows on the multi-passenger electric skate concept. The whole body of the vehicle is indeed one big window. The problem is that you can’t roll it down as doing so would result in instantaneous death to the passengers.

Passengers won’t die if a window is open.
They’ll be very uncomfortable, but nobody will be harmed.

High speed trains also don’t have openable windows to avoid wind gusts, noise and pressure waves when entering/exiting tunnels. It also helps slow the atmospheric pressur changes when the vehicle climbs of descends a steep hill at high speed (gives more time to your ears to adjust to the new air pressure).

They use air conditioning instead of windows.
An ambitious choice in the 1960s and 1970s… but a very standard feature in the 21st century.

K-lein said:

“Passengers won’t die if a window is open.”

My guess is that AtlantaCourier has confused the Boring Co. concept with Hyperloop, the latter of which uses tunnels with a high degree of vacuum. Smashing open a Hyperloop capsule window would expose the passengers to vacuum. That wouldn’t result in instant death*, but death would come fairly quickly if there were not safety systems to allow air to rapidly fill the tunnel. Of course, the Hyperloop concept does include such safety systems.

*Unlike what is shown in bad sci-fi movies, your body doesn’t explode in a hard vacuum. But you won’t be happy about it, even if you do survive; your eardrums will likely explode, and after several seconds of exposure, it’s said that burst capillaries under the skin will give you a permanent “birthmark” in many places all over your body.

I believe the Boring Company solely exists to make use of recovered Falcon 9 first stages as tunnel boring machines.


LOL! But that makes too much sense to be incorporated into the concept. 😉

Notice no seat belts at 120 mph, a bike in there flying around in case of emergency stop.

Emergency stop for what?

A confused groundhog?

Stuff happens, the platform is no longer being driven but the one right behind it is.

The article asks: “Does the glass enclosure come off of the skate with its wheels, so that it can be moved, or something else can go in its place?” Obviously what this article is calling the “multi-passenger concept” (hereafter MPC) is something placed on top of the standard Boring Co. slot-car “skateboard”. Also obviously since it’s added, it can be removed, altho there’s no way to tell if it’s designed to be easily taken off and put back on. Does the concept include storage spaces in the tunnel system for MPCs, and automatic mechanisms to put one on a skateboard when there is sufficient demand for a people-mover? Who knows? I’m very far from convinced that there has been much attempt to work out this concept in detail. As has been pointed out by many, including myself, there are many aspects of the concept that simply don’t make sense. (Two examples: The tunnels are too small for much throughput of traffic, and the needed large number of elevators would replace far too many existing parking places in crowded city centers.) “Is it an electric autonomous vehicle that can move independent of the skate (there’s obviously no place for a drivetrain,… Read more »

Consider the possibility this IS the design for the Tesla minibus. In this case it has rolled onto a Skate, but it has its own wheels, they’re just concealed by the Skates wheel enclosures. The Skateboard wouldn’t need a large battery pack, just enough for emergencies and traveling short distances without access to a power strip. The Pod would have a normal large battery pack. In fact the Pod would be a body on Skate design (like all Tesla vehicles). It’s skate, like the skate the Model S body is on are just somewhat smaller and not intended to operate on their own without a body.

I don’t think there is any difference in the Skates shown with the Model S or the Glass Pod. That implies that the Glass Pod is also a vehicle that rolls on an off the Skate. There is room for wheels and a drive train, the wheels would behind the wheel enclosures on the skate. In the front view you can see that while it’s designed to closely fit the Skate, there’s space on the sides and the suggestion of wheel wells on the Pod.

This vehicle would be an urban transport much like the Olli by Local Motors. It would normal operate on surface streets but is shown using the tunnel Skates like any other car footprint size vehicle.

If this isn’t a separate vehicle on a Skate, the system would need a separate operating mode to handle it. It’s possible but inefficient and unclear how it would work. If it’s a Pod like an Olli, it’s simply another vehicle using the Skate, just one designed to fit perfectly.

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