It Does Exist – Check Out The Boring Company’s Flamethrower

The Boring Company


The Boring Company Flame Thrower is Real! ? ? ? ? by @dawallach

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For those who aren’t aware, Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company CEO Elon Musk is a huge fan of the movie Spaceballs. As you can see from the Tweet (below), Musk has learned about merchandising from the film … actually from Yogurt … “plain” to be precise.

Anyhow, the CEO started a business venture selling hats to raise money for The Boring Company. The hats ended up being wildly successful. Musk joked that after selling 50,000 hats, he would switch to selling The Boring Company flamethrower.

This was assumed to be a joke by most people, much like Musk’s Tweet about sending his personal Tesla Roadster on a rocket to Mars. While the CEO has been known to be a goofball at times, it’s now apparent that these social media comments were actually true.

Due to obvious issues with a flamethrower not being something one could safely sell to people, Musk claimed that the product would be safe. By the looks of investor/musician D.A. Wallach’s Instagram post (above), it doesn’t look like they’ve made the “safe” version yet. However, a fully-functional Boring Company flamethrower does exist.

We have no way of knowing for sure, but Wallace may be one of the winners that Musk promised a flamethrower and a chance to operate one of the two boring machines. Perhaps more information will appear on social media to clarify the situation.

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A flamethrower is one of those products that sells itself. Who hasn’t at some point wished he had a flamethrower handy?

” Who hasn’t at some point wished he had a flamethrower handy?”

Correction: “he” should be “she”. My wife just bought this. She is pretty cool:) But don’t give her any lip. She is the Mother of Dragons…

What an oxymoron; “boring flamethrower”

Its not an ev, it a tunnel company. It should be in the comtruction blog

You’re not from around here. Are ya’, boy?

Don’t call me boy, im not your boy. Yes its elon company but this have nothing to do tesla or cars

Yeah, I don’t think that one will work on Mars without the Oxygen tank. So here’s the REAL flamethrower:

So R U ready to buy SPACEX stock? It’s gonna b an outta-this-world IPO, ready to blast-off and climb like a ROCKET! ;^)

That’s what I expect anyway, if Falcon Heavy functions as planned. The PR value of the first private Mars mission will earn SPACEX $100B IPO on it’s IPO.

And that might be enough cash to fund production of the first 2 BFRs. “Elon of Mars” indeed.


Elon will never allow SpaceX to go public. He already hates the results of Tesla going public.

Hi Nix,

Yeah Elon is, let’s say pragmatic, but in 2015 he said SpaceX would go public when Mars flights begin:

Of course, it remains to be seen what actually happens. Plans change, but there’s a sh!t ton of $$ sitting on the sidelines right now. Mighty tempting for a growing boy… :^)


Is “Spaceballs” really that good a film?

Only if you place close attention to the dialog.

Yeah, Elon has a peculiar sense of humour. Like, he thinks ‘this’ is a flamethrower:

But he wants that **Big-F’en-Flamethower**. Wud else u gonna spend ur $13B personal fortune on? ;^)


Heck ya i dun gonna git me one u dose