Boring Company Flamethrower Available To Order – Musk Shows It Off In Video

The Boring Company


It turns out The Boring Company flamethrower really does exist and there’s even an ordering page connected to the company’s official website.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has a few other interesting side ventures; one of which is The Boring Company. If you’re not aware of Musk’s latest project, we’ll tell you that although it’s pretty boring right now, if the popular CEO has his way, it will be far from boring when finished. Basically, the company is digging tunnels beneath cities for travel in electric pods and/or on electric car sleds.

The Boring Company

Merchandising: This is a whole new level when compared to The Boring Company hat

Anyway, to raise money for the project, Musk has been selling hats. He promised that after selling 50,000 hats, the company would switch to flamethrowers. This is a joke related to a scene from one of his favorite movies, Spaceballs. In the movie, there’s a scene about the importance of merchandising, and a flamethrower is mentioned. You can watch it by clicking here.

Like Musk’s joke about sending his Roadster to space, as well as his lofty visions and statements that may or may not ever come true, people thought this was just silly fun. However, as we recently pointed out, Teslarati reported that D.A. Wallach visited the company’s tunnel and posted an Instagram video with the fully functional flamethrower in hand. Still, it could have been a hoax, right?

Well, now we have proof. As originally reported by The Verge, people were talking on Reddit about a URL: It took users to an actual existing page, however, it required a password. Someone figured out that the password “flame” worked, and it took them to a page just like The Boring Company hat page. It was complete with a $600 flamethrower that specified, “Prototype pictured above. Final production flamethrower will be better.”

Sadly, the password was changed, so access to the page was denied for a time. However, now it seems to be working without a password, and the flamethrower is actually $500.00.

Elon Musk also sent out a more recent Tweet about his “little friend,” with an Instagram link to a picture of the gun. Then, he Tweeted another with a link to him with the flamethrower in action! It surely doesn’t look very safe to us. Perhaps that’s why you can also purchase the Boring Company fire extinguisher.

Say hello to my little friend …

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Don’t do this

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But what happened to sustainablity? What‘s that thing running on, rose water?

musk’s ego which is obviously in endless supply.


So, does some website like Cafe Press just print their logo on a stock generic flame thrower template?

Also, why would anyone need a flame thrower? Hunting? Self defense? 😛

burning things to help offset carbon emissions offset by teslas.

I thought SpaceX rockets already do that.

oh they do but apologists would argue they’re necessary. I’d argue WhyTF reach for the stars when there’s so much left here that needs work.

one of my biggest issues with Obama was he paid mind to space exploration.

*with even more particulate matter than vehicle exhaust!

Preparing dozens of creme brulee at once? I just hope no one gets hurt…

You mean Burnt…lol

Prep for the zombie apocalypse!

Well, God only knows what’s down in those holes he’s boring under the city!

If the Elon fan club and investors can’t see that their messiah is loosing it by now…


Self defense against mutant marshmallows of course!

Mutant Marshmallows seems like the most likely scenario.

Zombie Apocolypse and giant creme brulee torching is just ridiculous! 😉

The kids love this one.

Yea, The kids love this one, Especially if they accidentley get their Faces scarred for Life! What a Fun Toy)(&^%$!@#$%^&*(((NUTS!!!! ..Elon , “GET A GRIP”

Another Euro point of view


So THIS is the “cash incineration engine” where all of Tesla’s money is burned to a crisp.

I think this is what Bob Lutz is referring to when he Flaps his Gums About Tesla Burning Through money….. lmao

Just another distraction from the Model 3 delays etc. (remember the wild “100-200k Model3 shipped by H2 2017”? I do. Musk was off by 99% in his ramp projection).

CEO Musk still is his own worst enemy. He has no focus – at a critical point in time when Tesla has…

1) trouble with both the Model3 ramp and QA on the first cars

2) cash-flow still deep in the red each quarter – Tesla therefore in need of constant fresh cash and/or more debt (increasing the risks on balance sheet over and over).

3) all major car companies releasing dozens of competing long-range EV models from 2018-2025.
Same for high-speed charging networks companies coming at 150-350kW.

PS: Fanboys can label me a Tesla troll all day long. I’m not. I’m simply stating facts. The flamethrower is just the latest “look, over there…” distraction by Tesla. This company will be in deep trouble ~2020, mark my words.

You have the wrong company. This isn’t Tesla.

“You have the wrong company. This isn’t Tesla.”

I’m well aware that this is a Boring Co. gadget.

But it’s the very same Elon Musk wasting his limited time and resources.

And it’s not as if he had better things to do:

Did Musk successfully deliver on “100-200k Model3 cars in H2 2017”?

Is $TSLA now CF-positive and doesn’t ever need fresh outside financing (as Musk once insisted back in 2012, a projection broken every few months since then)?

ADHD at work: Tunnels and car portals, Mars, AI, Hyperloops, moon round trips, Tesla networks, trucks, pickups, a new Roadster, Model Y…

tftf continued his anti-Tesla FUD:

“But it’s the very same Elon Musk wasting his limited time and resources.

“And it’s not as if he had better things to do:”

I think it’s great to see that Elon doesn’t take himself too seriously! Too bad about you.

“Is $TSLA now CF-positive”

Nope, dude, stocks are never “cash-flow positive”. Only businesses can be. But I can see that it may be easy for someone as obsessed as you are — with the price of TSLA stock — to lose sight of that.

What a loser! 🙄

Or “What a looser!”, as Dav8or might say it.

I doubt Tesla makes it past 2020

I think Not…But if they do go tits Up ., So be it…

It’ll be a spectacular flame-out if they do (lol).

And imho, it won’t even matter, as they have already accomplished their original mission… and are a success.

tftf continued his years-long anti-Tesla FUD campaign:

“Fanboys can label me a Tesla troll all day long. I’m not.”

You’re certainly one of the hardcore, long-term Tesla Hater cultists. I’m sure that the other serial Tesla bashers will agree you’re “not a troll”.

“I’m simply stating facts.”

No, you’re simply stating lies and half-truths.

“This company will be in deep trouble ~2020, mark my words.”

You’ve been predicting Tesla’s imminent demise for years. How is that working for you, dude? And how much money have you lost over those years, shorting TSLA?
😆 😆 😆

Go Tesla!

He’s lost it for good now.

Now? Anyone that takes a breakup to a 20 something at 40 yo like it’s the end of the world is already running on empty. Especially when you’re spending all your time working and taking ambient and talking about mars and….

It’s boring alright.

at only 15 years older than her Musk is closer in age but easily just as eccentric as Johnny Depp who she’d just gotten divorced from.

You are right. They are both messed up!

Seriously what normal extremely attractive, successful, and financially well off woman would marry that crazy old guy!?!?!?

Save yourself a lot of bucks and customize your own.
Start with this…
I know, saving your money isn’t the point here.

It’s for fighting off the giant ants you release when you break into their next with the boring machine.


Clever way to get free PR and money without making an IPO offering.

Fact: Elon & his Think Tank, Have Brains To Burn (no pun intended)

This is soooooo the company I want drilling tunnels under LA….


Why? You had better criteria when you went and “Voted” for President of the USA?

Sorry. This isn’t the Boring Company you deserve– this is the Boring Company we WANT.

God, some people are so joyless. It’s a bit of fun. It has nothing to do with Tesla, the Model 3, or Elon’s love life. Get a grip people.

And if some dumbass gets one and allows his kid to play with it, that’s on them. As the website notes, flamethrowers like that are not illegal so they aren’t supplying anything that couldn’t be purchased or assembled by anyone interested.