Borgward Isabella Electric Concept Debuts In Frankfurt

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Borgward Isabella

The modern interpretation of this classic nameplate features a posh shape with an electric powertrain.

German automaker Borgward closed its doors in 1961, but returned to the scene in 2015 thanks to some elbow grease and healthy investments from Chinese manufacturers. The Stuttgart-based company launched the BX7 sport-utility vehicle in China last year, followed by the compact BX5 crossover earlier this year. With the reboot successful in Chinese markets, the automaker has plans to reenter the European arena and to help with that, Borgward has offered up the striking Isabella Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Borgward Isabella

“The Isabella Concept is a modern interpretation of the legendary and beautiful Borgward Isabella,” said Anders Warming, member of the board of management and chief design officer of Borgward Group AG. “The carefully coordinated body shape with its smooth transitions creates a perfect balance between rounded organic shapes and precise lines. Our aim was to create stylistic synergies between beauty and technology.”

Back in the 1950s, the Isabella was Borgward’s most popular model. The modern take on this classic nameplate is all electric, with an exterior shape that shows a bit of influence from the original Isabella 2+2 coupe.

The automaker calls this design “impression of flow,” but we’ll just call it interesting with its four-door coupe design featuring powered doors that slide forward and backward. The pointed nose foregoes a conventional grille due to its electric power, while the fastback rear clearly draws inspiration from its 1950’s counterpart.

Borgward Isabella

The interior takes a minimalist approach, with a glass cockpit featuring digital displays and touch screen controls for pretty much everything, save for steering, throttle, and brake. As for power, the automaker is shy on revealing information except to say this is a vehicle for the future, and the future is electric. Borgward is also shy on whether or not the Isabella Concept will eventually lead to a production version. We suspect that will depend on the brand’s success outside of Chinese markets.

We will say this – the Isabella Concept is something of a looker. Time will tell if the public responds.

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4 responses to "Borgward Isabella Electric Concept Debuts In Frankfurt"

  1. ffbj says:

    Seems kind of busy, it’s got a Frank Gehry thing going on. Cool roof. I would want to drive one just so people would read Borgward, as I blew by them.

  2. mo says:

    I wouldn’t have minded if the Model3 had more of a swooping front end like that, very cool.
    I like how more car concepts are coming out with the grill-less designs.

    1. Delta says:

      I think we are seeing a tipping point – where all the new exciting concepts and car designs related to the near future are electric. Where are the hydrogen, Mr Fusion, and gas turbines that once dominated the vision of future vehicles?

      That old future is now past. This one is electric. And it feels cleaner and silent and somehow so close.

  3. William L. says:

    Anyone great with Photoshop can call themselves a car company now…..

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