Borgward BXi7 Electric SUV Gets Full Reveal


Will be made at a new assembly plant in Germany.

Reborn German marque Borgward wants a slice of the EV pie with this — the BXi7. It’s an all-electric version of the BX7 SUV introduced back in 2015 as the firm’s first new car following a 50-year hiatus. The exterior design has remained pretty much the same, although the front grille now has a different pattern as the vertical slats have been replaced by a bounty of rhombs.

Borgward BXi7

Both bumpers have received a nip and tuck, while the blue accents come to further distinguish the EV version from the regular model. While the fuel cap to fill up the BX7’s gasoline tank sits on the right side of the car, this electric version has the charging port on the left side.

Borgward BXi7

The blue theme continues inside the cabin, which unsurprisingly has been essentially carried over from the standard BX7. One change that we do notice is the all-digital instrument cluster replacing the analog dials as well as a new two-tone leather upholstery.

Borgward BXi7

Oddly enough despite a mid April debut, the technical specifications are not available at this point, but we do know the batteries are going to be supplied by LG Electronics (naturally).

Backed by state-owned Chinese truckmaker Beiqi Foton, Borgward wants to assemble the BXi7 at a shiny new factory beginning with 2018. Work on the assembly plant will kick off this year and the plan is to make 10,000 units annually once the facility will be up and running. Last time we heard, the revived automaker was analyzing the prospects of setting up the factory in Bremen.

We should point out the regular BX7 is already in production in Miyun near Beijing in China and also the fact the company has already shown two additional crossovers. The first one would have to be the BX5 already on sale in the People’s Republic while the other is the BX6 due to be launched later this year.

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Sounds like something straight outta Harry Potter.

Micke Larsson

Hogwa…sh! 😉


This seems like a desperation move to quickly get out an EV SUV after realizing that they’ve screwed up with the i3 weirdmobile and lack anything else.

Quickly take an old design, modify a little, and stuff it filled with batteries.


Are you mistaking Borgward for BMW, or did i miss something somewhere?

Hans Wurst

I don’t think it’s you who is missing something somewhere…


This vehicle has nothing to do with BMW, including being of German origin. This a Chinese vehicle pretending to be German with a German heritage. You cannot buy a history and a heritage even though there are those that are willing to try to sell you that.


“You cannot buy a history blah, blah…”
Then there’s Jaguar, Rover, Saab, Volvo, Mini, even the crappy Skoda and plenty of others that have done exactly that. Successfully.
Wise up, Dav8or!

DJ- Harry Potter- WTF??


So many good informative comments on this site… normally. THEN we see the first three ‘croutons’ in this series!
Please, if you have nothing to contribute, don’t bother.


Is it me or does it look like an Audi Q5?

Will it come to US?


At least someone is going to build an EV SUV. More power to them.


Is it just me, or does it have a CHAdeMO port next to the Mennekes as shown on the picture above?


Nevermind, that is a GB/T port, makes sense considering the manufacturer is from China.