Borgward BX7 PHEV Wins SUV Of The Year Award?


Borgward BX7

Borgward BX7

Borgward BX7

Borgward BX7

“Borgward BX7 plug-in hybrid SUV wins Plus X Awards”

That’s the headline that made us wonder how a vehicle that’s only available in China can manage to capture what appears to be a global award.

Well, that’s how some awards work. Someone dreams up an award that only one automobile can qualify for and then announces that vehicle the winner. Sounds legit, right?

Green Car Congress covered the award announcement as follows:

German automaker Borgward received Plus X Awards for its BX7 plug-in hybrid series SUV in the categories of Design, High Quality, Ergonomics, and Functionality. The BX7 was also issued a seal of quality as SUV of the Year 2016/2017.”

“The Plus X Award for innovation was presented for the 13th time in 2016. The award honors manufacturers of products that are exceptionally innovative and forward-looking in terms of technology, sportiness, and lifestyle aspects. The products that receive the award must display a specific “Plus X Factor” for added value as defined by a panel of independent trade journalists and high-ranking representatives from 26 economic sectors.”

Who knows what a “Plus X Factor” really is?

So, the SUV that only exists on the auto show stage and perhaps in a few dozen garages in China won an award that’s in its 13th year, yet only a handful of individuals have ever driven the SUV and even fewer of us believe it to be anything more than a gussied up Foton Motors (China-only brand), low-level SUV.

Via Car News China, here’s the real story behind the Borgworg BX7:

Borgward is 100% owned by China’s Foton Motor, a subsidiary of the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC).

Foton makes the Borgward cars in a new factory in Beijing. There will be no Borgward cars manufactured in Germany. This fact is omitted from Borgward’s website…

BAIC …makes cars under the Beijing Auto name, under the Senova name, and under separate joint ventures with other Chinese car makers.

The Borgward BX7 is based on the Beijing Auto Senova X65.

So, if we flip back to what the award is for…”The award honors manufacturers of products that are exceptionally innovative and forward-looking in terms of technology, sportiness, and lifestyle aspects” and realize the Borgworg BX7 is simply a borrowed design from Beijing Auto, then where’s the innovation? Borgworg isn’t even a manufacturer.

Here’s the SUV that launched in early 2015 from which Borgworg based its entire design:

 Beijing Auto Senova X65

Beijing Auto Senova X65

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You didn’t get it!

The X65 looks like a Chevy, especially in that ugly orange and the BX7 looks like a Porsche. At least in the photoshopped picture above.

There you have it, they have done something very innovative, to make a Chevy look like a German car. Has Cadillac already gotten their award, or do they need to rename their brand to Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Kadillak AG ?

I don’t know anything about this vehicle. But considering how fast sales plug-in vehicle sales are growing in China, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Chinese car companies started winning lots of top global awards.