Bora Bora Gets 12 Rental Renault Twizy EVs

MAY 29 2015 BY STAFF 4

On “heavenly” Bora Bora Island, tourist can now rent a Renault Twizy.

The Twizy’s open-air cabin is perfect for places with ample sunshine and year-round temperatures that typically range from the upper 60s to mid 80s Fahrenheit.  Those are exactly the conditions you’ll find on Bora Bora.

Additionally, Twizy is perfect as a rental for tourists who wish to travel to and from sites near the hotel/resort.

Honestly, we think more Twizy EVs should be put to use in role similar to this.  With Tweizy sales largely on the decline, this would be an ideal way to spring some life back into sales.

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islands are perfect for these little cars.

it’s not a car. It’s a quadropod. I don’t get why it has to look so goofy.

Great idea… when is Nissan going to start selling them in the US? They would also do well in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.