Booming Plug-In Electric Car Sales In UK May Lead Government To Review Grant In 2017

MAR 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

What do you do when a plan really starts to work?  Apparently, you question it.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The UK Plug-In Car Grant, which recently was changed and extended to 2018, will now be reviewed in 2017.

Plug-ins sales in the UK are booming , and after a strong February, there are thousands of new orders placed, just waiting on delivery.

Some even speculate whether the £400 million alotted for  the Plug-In Car Grant will be enough by 2018 if the growth continues. Depending on the situation, the Department for Transport could modify the scheme again.

“The government may review its plug-in vehicle grant for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVS) due to the high uptake of cars that qualify for the scheme.”

It has been reported that more than 11,000 applications for grants were received in February alone, prompting speculation that the government could change its plug-in grant scheme.

While the government has already pledged to continue offering the grant until 2018, a review of the service is planned for next year. A Department for Transport spokesman told Autocar that the government was “constantly monitoring the market for changes. If the new tier system shows a large change in sales we may need to look at it to ensure the £400 million pot of taxpayer’s money is spent in the right way.”

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – February 2016

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – February 2016

UK  Plug-in Car Grant:

Category 1 – cars with zero emission range of 70 miles or more and CO2 emission below 50 g/km. (£4,500, no price cap)

Category 2 – cars with zero emission range 10-69 miles and CO2 emission below 50 g/km (£2,500, £60,000 price cap)

Category 3 – cars with zero emission range 20 or more miles and CO2 emission 50-75 g/km (£2,500, £60,000 price cap)

source: Autocar

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A light fillip towards BEVs is nothing bad as long as they keep high incentives for pure electrics.

Brits are buying those 15-mile “plug-in” cars only because of corp tax breaks and no London congestion charge. 80-90% probably will never even plug them in.

Oh well. They’ll eventually wind up on the used market and somebody who wants to plug it in will do so. I bought my 2013 Volt used and it had never been plugged in before until I brought it home. Now it gets plugged in every day.

I can’t see that happening, this is a nation where people will drive for 10 miles to find a petrol station with 1p a liter cheaper petrol and where the dcfc’s are clogged with outlanders. I could see the opposit happening where as the new crop of phevs hit the road everyone wants to plugin all the time completely clogging all the L2 infrastructure – especially in London where parking is pretty restricted.

Require at least 30 miles of real range. Problem solved.
20 miles is so Four Years Ago.

11k!? It wasn’t that long ago that they were only getting 4k a year. Fantastic news – keep up the good work.

The subsidy should end when it’s a Million a Year.
Let’s be real.