Book Review: “Tesla Model S Best Car Ever!” is the Book All Model S Owners Should Own


If you’re a Tesla Model S owner (or perhaps you know someone who is and you’re seeking the ultimate Christmas gift) then this book is for you.

For those who follow Tesla Motors, the Tesla Model S and every move made by the automaker, this comprehensive, illustrated book basically sums up all that’s known in the world of Tesla and does so in only 224 pages.

It’s the images that will stun you though.

“Tesla Model S The Best Car Ever!” will wow you with its imagery.

If the photos don’t shock you, then perhaps the up-to-date info will.  There’s info in this book that we’ve covered at InsideEVs just a few shorts weeks ago.  How in the world can a book be so timely?  That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself as you peruse the pages of this gem.

Released November 20, 2013 (and in my hands within days thanks to author Frank van Gilluwe who kindly sent me a free copy with no guarantee from me that I’d even so much as glance at it) this book features the following specs:

  • 200 plus photos
  • Curb weight 1.2 pounds
  • Zero emissions
  • Made in the U.S.A

(*Specs appear to be similar to the Model S, but thankfully the book is significantly lighter)

Authors Frank van Gilluwe and Kim Rogers collectively provide this abstract that goes along with the book:

“Explore the revolutionary Tesla Model S with this comprehensive, illustrated book. Discover how the Model S was created from conception through production and how to get the most out of your Model S. We reveal it all with stunning photos, informative technical details, unusual cool facts, handy tips, photo timelines and much more. And of course, we’ll show you why it’s the Best Car Ever!”

Though its MSRP is $24.99 (paperback only), you can pick one up on Amazon for $22.99 by clicking here. (And no, nobody can tell me to include a link or pricing, not even the author of the book.  I choose to do so simply because it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I’m sure that most of our readers will feel the exact same way).

For more info on the book (including additional sample pages and information on how to order is you reside outside of the US) visit the Tesla Tap website here.

I’ll add that author Frank van Gilluwe describes himself as a long-term Tesla Model S owner, so this isn’t a book written by someone who’s never been inside a Model S.  It’s clear to me that Frank knows his Tesla stuff.

Some sample pages are shown below:

sample page 1sample page 2sample page 3 sample page 4

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” How in the world can a book be so timely? That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself as you peruse the pages of this gem.”
Because in 2032, Elon finally builds his time machine and uses it to deliver this book to us.

greatest car ever made

Is this available in Google Play?

I see the definition of kWh is wrong: watts per hour, instead of watt-hours.

I hate to see this nonsense in print.


I find that it is difficult for some lay-people understand that the concept of a “watt-hour” has nothing to do with an actual hour of time elapsing.

I don’t think its that big of a problem with how it is worded. Probably the best choice for people who don’t know anything about it anyway. If a battery is rated 24 kWh then it can push 24 kW for 1 hour. Or 48 kW for 30 minutes. So in a way it makes sense to say 24 kW per hour. Of course it only runs for 1 hour. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Yeah, or push 1 watt for 24000 hours. But, people can’t even get their minds around the basic algebra to understand the various equivalencies, let alone the concept of a watt-hour representing a unit of energy. For example, I’ve had people ask me, upon hearing about the 23 kWh capacity battery pack in my Focus electric, “Wow, so you can only drive for 23 hours?!”