Bombardier Tram Sets Electric Range Record

NOV 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

PRIMOVE battery for trams

PRIMOVE battery for trams

Bombardier announced a new record of 41.6 km (25.9 miles) of distance covered by a tram under battery power during a test run conducted in the German city of Mannheim on the Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (RNV) network.

The tram was equipped with a PRIMOVE lithium-ion battery, which enables the catenary-free operation. Earlier, Bombardier was also experimenting with SuperCaps, but only for short distances.

PRIMOVE tram battery is comprised of two battery packs, for a total of 49 kWh of energy.

Battery trams are already used in Nanjing, China where six trams operate 90% of the lines on battery power.

“In addition to application in Germany, the PRIMOVE battery and MITRAC propulsion equipment combination has been in successful revenue service on the Hexi line in Nanjing, China since August 2014. Six trams, built by CRRC Puzhen under Bombardier license, operate without overhead cables on 90 per cent of the lines. The batteries are charged seamlessly during passenger service via the pantograph, statically at tram stops, and dynamically during acceleration. On this demanding route, the CFO propulsion system has proven its suitability for almost any tram line worldwide.

The innovative PRIMOVE battery system builds upon Bombardier’s many years of experience with energy storage systems. The system combines high power capacity and exceptional battery life with high reliability and has been designed to maximize performance using the latest developments in nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) Li-Ion cells. The advanced PRIMOVE thermal conditioning unit maintains the battery’s ideal temperature and enables rapid charging and full braking energy recovery while extending their lifetime to up to ten years.”

Bombardier tram in operation with PRIMOVE battery

Bombardier tram in operation with PRIMOVE battery

Source: Bombardier via Green Car Congress

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I am actually incredibly impressed with this idea!

Doing away of setting up poles and high-voltage wires, along with substations should make line construction far simpler, cheaper and quicker to build. A complete Win-Win for construction in busy city centres and towns.

As said, if the batteries can be charged briefly at stops, or by catenary on tram-only sections that are not shared, it would seem flawless.

If only the Luas could use this. Shame that’s too late. It would probably spare us a year or two of construction in the city centre,


Reduce infrastructure costs and greater operational flexibility is … win-win.

Wow, cool!

It would be fantastic to have experienced the last of the ‘trolley’ rails in our community and my parents lamenting their loss to diesel busses at one end and the return of the ‘trolley’ at the other end.
‘quiet and smooth’ were the ‘trolley’ comments I heard most, growing up (and from Mr. Roberts, hehe), as opposed to ‘hang on Tight’ for the diesel replacement.

damn my memory – Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood..

Add a fuel cell with reformer, they don’t have to charge.

Or add a Diesel generator, those have to charge even less…

Sarcasm off.

Diesel is combustion, a reformer is oxidation.
Combustion produces NOX and particulates, a reformer using biofuels does not.

Don’t even …

Wow. Me likey!