Bolt Goes IndiGoGo With The M-1


Much as we love to support IndieGoGo and Kickstarter projects on the grounds of supporting and advancing EV technology, this one we couldn’t resist to support because, well, awesome butt shot (above).

This is the Bolt M-1 we covered a month or so ago, and they’re within a few weeks of wrapping up their IndiGoGo campaign here (80% of $200,000 filled at time of press).

Want to chip in and buy us one?  Or for yourself?  You can do that for a mere $5K for the starter package, and the price goes up from there, along with the features.  Of course, the usual swag is available too, for considerably less.

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People really seem to like the Bolt name. There’s also an electric skateboard on IndieGoGo with that name.

I also wonder about that center of gravity. Interesting vehicle for sure!

Yes, the Bolt name is very popular, all over the world:

Sorry but too pricey. If it costs them $2k they need to find another business.
Also the aero from the seating position needs to go feet forward and lower to lower air drag, more comfortable too.
But for $2k one can buy the parts to convert a small MC and very easy to do wit large E bike hub, etc motor/s, battery pack made from Leaf EV modules.

Another electric motorcycle

TU/e student team presents first electric touring motorcycle

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) student team, STORM Eindhoven, today presented its electric touring motorcycle. ‘STORM Pulse’ is the world’s first long-distance electric motorcycle, up to 380 kilometers on a single charge.

The team will be riding this motorcycle around the world in 80 days in 2016 during its ‘STORM World Tour’ to demonstrate the potential of sustainable transport.

Read more at:

There are tons of electric bikes being sold right now from competent shops that get good bike from companies backing a tested and refined product at competitive prices.
I don’t understand the mass appeal of funding a campaign for acting like they invented the electric bike. If you like the looks, cool, go for it. But these inflated videos really tan my hide.