Bolloré’s Blue Solutions Doubled Revenues To Nearly €100 Million


Vincent Bolloré and Bolloré Bluecars

Vincent Bolloré and Bolloré Bluecars

Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, after a weaker 2013, doubled its revenues in 2014.

In its latest report covering the full 2014 year, Blue Solutions lists 97 million in revenues, driven by strong sales of batteries for Bluecars used in several car sharing rentals in France (Autolib, Bluecub and BlueLy).

Deliveries of “batteries” hit 2,396 against 1,056 in 2013. Net lose for the year dropped to 5.7 million.

In 2015, Bolloré can further expand sales if the launches of new car sharing rentals in Indianapolis and London go smoothly.

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This is not a good thing. Although the Bolloré batteries have good range, they need to be kept at high temperature. That causes a full battery to empty in two days even when the car is not driving. That is not friendly for our environment.

If a car is not moving, parked and empty, it should not consume energy. The Bluecar does and somebody in Indianapolis is paying the bill. And somebody will be paying it in L.A. soon. Please be rational and don’t accept this form of car sharing.