Bolloré to Start Autolib Clones in Asia

DEC 24 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

Bolloré BlueCar Leafs Electric Vehicle Sales in France

Bolloré BlueCar

After two years of operation, French electric car sharing service Autolib is regarded as a success in Paris, so Vincent Bolloré decided to clone it in other cities in France, the U.S. and now  in Asia. We believe that expansion into London is part of the plan too because of Bollore’s recent deal to manage and develop the Source London charging network.

Autolib has approximately 2,035 Bluecars and 855 stations (345 outside of Paris) with 4,334 terminals. The long term goal is 3,000 cars.  Roughly 40,000 Parisians currently subscribe to Autolib.

The first Autolib clone, Bluely, is already working in Lyon, France. 130 Bluecars and 51 stations with a total of 254 charging terminals are there. 520 subscribers already signed up. In the near future, it will rise to 250 cars, 100 stations and 500 charging points.

Next month, the second clone will go live in Bordeaux, France. This one is called Bluecub and will initially offer 90 Bluecars, 40 stations and 200 terminals. Those numbers should  all double by June 2015.

In Indianapolis, the U.S.’ Autolib clone should start within a year. The plan is to have 500 cars, 200 stations and 1,200 charging points in June 2015.

Bolloré is in talks with Cambodia, South Korea and Singapore to have electric car sharing there. Asia could be a huge market for EV sharing and its seems Autolib is trying to corner the market everywhere.

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I LOVE this site, as a follower of EV’s and their development for as long as I can remember, I can’t imagine not reading this site multiple times per day.


The ads…the ones that talk and scream and annoy…they’re about to make me install ad blocking software for my browser…which is a no-win for everyone.

Please consider something else.



There should not be any adverts on the site that ‘make noise’, that is unless you interact with them first. If you happen to come across such an ad, and if you wouldn’t mind, take a screen shot and email to us…we will make sure it goes away forever, as you say, that is a bad scene for everyone – both reading the site and the author writing! We do our best to have nothing intrusive on the site…at all, (=

Thanks for bringing that to our attention…and Happy holidays!

If anything, I’m surprised China isn’t showing any interest or notice to Bolloré. It seems much better than the very limited 50 mph “Kandi” Smart rip offs in its cities. Hell, they’d be better off with the Reva e2O.