Bolloré To Launch Car Sharing In Rome & Turin

JAN 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

Bolloré Bluecars

Bolloré Bluecars

The next step for the Bolloré Bluecars-based car sharing program, after the Indianapolis (BlueIndy) experiment, could be Rome (BlueRoma) and Turin (BlueTorino) in Italy, with BlueCity in London already in the preparation stage.

BlueRoma’s launch is expected in the second quarter of 2016 with 150 cars, 70 charging stations and 280 charging spots. The two-year plan aims for 1,000 Bluecars and 2,000 charging spots.

In Turin, the project will be smaller – 400 cars and 200 stations by 2018.

Starting as soon as January 2016, Bluecars (in red?) should be available in London. BlueCity will get 1,000 cars eventually, beginning with 10-40 in the first two months.

The first all-electric car sharing from Bolloré – Autolib in France – is still growing and recently hit 3,500 cars with 5,800 charging spots.  In total there are 95,000 subscribers and 12.4 million rentals to date. In 2015, 4.7 million rentals were noted alone.

BlueCity in London

BlueCity in London

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The original Pininfarina design for that car actually looked pretty good … and what has become of it now …

It’s probably still used in France. The reason the BlueIndy car looks slightly different is that US laws require safety features like a stronger bumper, airbags, etc.

One of the key of their long term success is that people get rid of their cars as car sharing is growing.
Paris has now less than a single car for 2 families on average. Much less than 10 years ago.
Owning a car is expensive and you don’t have place to park it. Car sharing is a great solution if you have young children that can’t take easily public transportation or need to carry something heavy.

pssst, you forgot Phoenix Arizona. We need a great option like the BlueCar and we can desert HEAT test it for you too.