Bollore To Install Nationwide Network Of 16,000 Charging Points In France

DEC 25 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

Renault Zoe and Bollore Bluecar in France

Renault Zoe and Bollore Bluecar in France

French company Bolloré is still working on the idea of building a nationwide charging network for electric cars.

16,000 points have been on the table for sometime, which are supposed to be built in four years for 150 million investment. We are not sure what is incorporated in the investment, but at 16,000 points, the average price would stand at 9,375 per point.

According to the news, points would be 7 kW AC units (single phase) and deployed with density of no more than 40 km between each site. It’s strange that power level isn’t set at 3-phase 22 kW (to enable Renault ZOE and others to charge faster).

Bolloré is looking for tax reliefs or exemption from rent for occupying public domain.  The French government should decide on this topic before the end of January.

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7kW? It’s a joke, right?

Fast enough for car sharing service.

This would be good if you had a neighborhood with EV owners who couldn’t charge in their homes. But in terms of drying in a EV on the highway it wouldn’t be that great.

A system of DC fast chargers along with this would have been better.

7 kW is great for residental or workplace charging.

22 kW (three-phase in Europe) is much more appropriate for shopping and destination charging.

DC fast charging (or 44 kW AC) is needed for highway stops. 100-200 kW is what is needed here, but only Kia and Tesla can charge at these speeds today.


Meanwhile the state of California sinks $220 million in the construction of just 100 hydrogen stations. That money would have bought 23500 charging points instead, albeit low output ones.

no wonder tesla decided to skip this nonsense and introduce a new standard of 120/135 kw chargers.