Bollore To Install Nationwide Network Of 16,000 Charging Points In France – Confirmed

FEB 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

It’s now February 2015 and the project of building 16,000 charging points in France was finally approved.

Bolloré Group will install those points in four years (by end of 2019) for some 150 million.

Charging points will be just 7.4 kW Type-2 to not blow away the gridto avoid destabilizing the grid by excessive power demand“.

Combined with the recent project of 200 DC fast chargers (three-heads to handle CHAdeMO, Combo and AC Type-2) on top of 10,000 points (including 200 DC fast chargers) already installed, France should be well positioned in terms of charging infrastructure compared to most other countries.

Bollore To Install Nationwide Network Of 16,000 Charging Points In France

Bollore To Install Nationwide Network Of 16,000 Charging Points In France

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Let me see … that works out to about $10,600 per charger. Less that half the price PG&E wants for their planned upgrade.

I guess California EV drivers and rate payers like myself would rather have Bollore than PG&E come and install new chargers!

Very true about the costs… maybe the PUC will weigh this in their decision about PG&E’s request. Cause you know as soon as they grant it… PGE will want to increase rates for some unrelated reason… and syphon all the profits off to the holding corporation before the next ask of the PUC.

I would sure love to see the west coast look like this map of La France!

Very false about the costs. European transmission is 3-phase to the curb, and each phase is already 240V. A curbside EVSE design at this voltage is thus trivial, power-wise. Reliability and weather testing are far bigger issues, and even those aren’t recurring.

Let me see you admit you posted prematurely.

Tesla affect again. Countries and car makers will never partner with Tesla but they do all they can not to let Tesla become standard.

Pareidolia Effect again. Unless you mean your affectation for Tesla.

Nice. This will allow me to cross the border from Germany to France with my EV. For instance there are only Type 2 chargers in Thionville within my range. More interesting for me would be the city of Metz however which unfortunately offers French proporiety Type 3 chargers so far only. Buying an extra 180$ cable for maybe 3 rides a year is just not worth it.

Gratz to France

7.4 kW charging points … sadly time will likely show that many of those 16,000 parking stalls will not be accessible when needed. Bad location, poor labeling and signage, plus high value of parking in urban areas are all ongoing issues.

Hopefully I’m wrong and the charge points will be placed in good accessable locations with consistent signage and are monitor for parking that doesn’t include active charging.

7.4KW !! Obviously going the wrong direction. Right direction with same budget would be less charging points but far more powerful (50Kwh for ex.) and well maintained. Charging points poor maintenance seems to a big issue in France. A recent survey ( showed that a large proportion of them were either not functioning or awfully impractical to use. This will just contribute to present reputation of ev’s (being city cars).