Bollore Expands Autolib By Adding Utilib Variant

DEC 26 2014 BY MARK KANE 1

Utilib Bluecar

Utilib Bluecar

Utilib Bluecar

Utilib Bluecar

Bollore recently expanded its car-sharing service offered in Paris by adding new red Bluecars.

One would think that red is some performance version of the ordinary grey used by Autolib, but  that’s not the case. Those are delivery versions with two seats instead of four and have their own model designation: Utilib.

Reds can take over 500 lbs (230 kg) of payload or 900 liters. The advertised maximum range with 30 kWh battery pack remains at 250 km.

In the next few months, 100 of those cars will supplement the 2,900 passenger Bluecars that are available in the Paris area at some 900 stations. Through the the end of February, Utilib will be in beta phase.

By that time, a dedicated website will be setup alongside the current Autolib service.

Prices for using Utilib Bluecars will be €72 excl. VAT annually (€6 a month on average), plus €6 excl. VAT per hour. In the case of the passenger Autolib, it is €120 a year and €5.50 per half hour (including VAT).

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When will they get to Arizona? So far only a rental system in Indianapolis Indiana. But 160 mile range is a big issue and they are the only ones in that area with Tesla above and the LEAF and all others below.