Bolloré Bluecar Now On Sale In France, Priced Below Renault Zoé at € 12,000

FEB 25 2013 BY JAY COLE 6

Bluecar Now Available To Buy

Bluecar Now Available To Buy

In 2012, Bolloré’s Bluecar was the best selling electric vehicle in France for  2012, provided you are OK with considering a car that was lease/rent only and booked 1,700 of its 2,000 sales to date exclusively to car sharing service Autolib to the EV sales leaderboard.

However, from this point on, we will see the real world sales level of Bolloré’s four-seat, three-door EV, as the company has announced it will be offering the car for sale.

...debateable point

… debatable point

The 2013 Bolloré Bluecar will cost € 12,000 ($15,900 USD), after a € 7,000 green rebate is applied in France.   This amount puts the Italian EV just below its French counterpart, the upcoming Renault Zoé at € 13,700 (18,100 USD), which launches to the public next month.

Both vehicle prices do not include battery leases, which for the Bluecar is €80/month, and €79 for the Zoe.  Of note, the Renault Zoe has a maximum km threshold of 12,500 km (7,700 miles), the Bluecar has no such restrictions.


Bolloré Bluecar From Behind

Bolloré Bluecar From Behind

Some specs on the 2013 Bolloré Bluecar:

  • 30 kWh lithium polymer battery
  • theoretical range of 250 km (160 mi) in the city, 150 km (93 miles) on the highway
  • top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph)
  • acceleration: 0-60 km/h (37 mph) in 6.3 seconds

The Bluecar will continue to be available through Autolib at a rate of €500/month (US$663), and carries a very flexible minimum 3 month contract (up to a maximum of 20 months). This lease/rent pricing also includes insurance and charging at Autolib stations.

Uh Oh, Starting To Get A Little Dicey Inside Now

Uh Oh, Starting To Get A Little Dicey Inside Now

As part of the battery lease with purchase of the car, Bolloré says battery is changed, without charge, from 400,000 km.  The EV also comes with a 12 month comprehensive warranty.

More details on the Bolloré Bluecar and the new selling structure can be found here (en français)


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Love the interior – very high tech, similar to circa 1990s Atari joysticks sans red buttons… I guess it could be good proof that SOME drivers are more concerned with fuel economy/electric mobility than with creature comforts.

big battery should guarantee 100 miles of range

Small companies like Bolloré will keep EVs alive and set the big ones under pressure, even if they would like to abandon the electric car. If there where a battery-purchase option, I would consider buying one.

Um.. I guess all I can say is, you get what you pay for.

Finally a low cost car with a decent battery size

my 22 KwH battery in the flunce gives me 130 KM of real world driving – that is before i get anxious about reaching a batt-swap station. a 30 KwH urban car should easily double that distance, owing to lower speeds and lower weight.
I wonder, what is the weight of the Bollore batt?