Bollinger Shows Off Its All-Electric Truck’s Interior In Latest Teaser

MAY 11 2017 BY JAY COLE 16

Inside Bollinger’s Upcoming Electric Truck

Bollinger Motors continues to tease the upcoming reveal of its all electric truck by giving us a first look at the interior.

The company states the truck will make its debut at a media event in New York later this Summer, but little is still know of the vehicle.

The company says of the interior:

The interior is minimalist by design. The vehicle’s generous use of aluminum continues into the occupant cabin and is featured along the instrument panel (IP). The IP has four prominent circular gauges including a multi function LED display which signals various vehicle warnings as well as vehicle status and system information; a mechanical speedometer with an odometer inset; a unique mechanical tachometer which displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the drive motors; and a mechanical battery level indicator. All of the gauges have chrome bezels, black backgrounds and white numbering and lettering giving the IP a clean and classic look.

Obvious “virtual” competition, the Workhorse W-15’s interior – full details here

According to Robert Bollinger, CEO and founder of the company that bears his name, it was important to keep thing simple inside – not unlike the design we also saw inside the recently debuted Workhorse W-15 plug-in hybrid truck (with 80 miles of electric range).

“I wanted the interior to have an uncomplicated design that was in keeping with the exterior. With simple mechanical gauges and displays, flat dash panels, a tall roof and tons of glass, we want you to look out at nature and not at a huge computer screen in the middle of the dash.”

Check out further details via Bollinger Motors presser on the subject of the interior:

On the level below the gauges, a switch panel provides control of the lights, climate settings, wipers, winch, suspension height, and the all-wheel-drive system’s locking differentials.

Topped with a 3-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel, the steering column incorporates a traditional mechanical PRND lever and key insert as opposed to a touch screen or push button starter.

Earlier Bollinger gave us this look at the plug-in truck’s chassis – details

The HVAC system employs an industry-first, 3-section, rotating tubular vent system which sits atop the dashboard and runs the length of the windshield. In keeping with the B1’s overall hands-on design directive, occupants roll the tubes to direct airflow either toward themselves, toward the windshield or somewhere in-between, creating an infinitely adjustable climate tool.

110-volt power outlets have been placed throughout the truck so operators can use the onboard electricity to power handtools, lights, or other equipment, effectively eliminating the need for a backup generator.

The B1 has been designed and engineered from the inside-out to be a hardworking truck as well as a rugged off road machine, so to keep occupants protected the cab of the Bollinger B1 is constructed of high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel for added safety. The cab also has other unique features that will be unveiled this summer.

“Owners can configure this truck in a lot of different ways. It’s all part of our philosophy to make a multipurpose tool that you’re totally in control of,” says Robert.

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“With simple mechanical gauges and displays, flat dash panels, a tall roof and tons of glass, we want you to look out at nature and not at a huge computer screen in the middle of the dash.”

Ha ha… Clearly aimed at pre-Gen y’ers…

Got to say that I do like that interior. Minimalist without looking like an interior decorator’s living room like some prototype vehicle with a 3 in the name.


Ha ha. No, just one 3, and no other numbers 😉

Ha ha… Clearly aimed at pre-Gen y’ers…

I’m well beyond that category and I’d love a B1, and I’d use the heck out of it.

I’ve been shopping for an early IH Scout, and this design is quite reminiscent of the Scout’s simplicity and 2+2/2+bed configuration. To say nothing of the comparably simple dash clusters.

Luxurious – is not what comes to mind.

I have to think if you’re gonna spend this much $ you’re gonna want a bit more on the inside.

I don’t think they are really going to try to market these to consumers. Think government and corporate fleet sales. You’re right, the modern truck consumer has moved well past the pick up interior of the 1950s. Fleet buyers want functional and reliable.

Based on that interior shot, I assume you’ll be able to pick one of these trucks up for roughly 7k?


Nice! A truck flavored truck! Now, can we get it without carpeting? Seriously, if you actually want to use your truck, you don’t want to worry about getting mud on the carpet. Trucks started getting sissified about twenty years ago.

Interesting touch with the Bigfoot in the rear view mirror…

So it wasn’t just me…

Good, I was worried there for a moment.

Thought the same thing.
Layout reminds me of early Jeeps and Land Rovers, like it, simple and utilitarian.

Thanks VazzedUP!

Thanks for noticing! Thought it’d be a good touch. 😉

It looks like an old Jeep, dash, mirrors and flat glass windshield.

Well, Jeeps have changed very little over time and are still rather popular.

Yeah, finally a brick and mortar EV Truck! Aero is so overrated! Who needs efficiency, when you have to go toe to toe in the trenches with the “Coal Rollers”?

This should leave lots of options for customization which hopefully like with the Jeep will become a reason for an enduring life.
Gas cars have got so complex that customizing has become harder and less popular, think a simple ev may bring back a era of messing around with your car and learning some mechanics.