Bollinger Releases New B1 Electric Truck Video


More off-roading footage of the Bollinger B1 reminds us that the B1 would be our apocalypse vehicle of choice.

Bollinger Motors has, recently, put out a number of videos showing off its unique all-electric sports utility truck (SUT). There was the footage of the truck’s launch event, and a couple clips from the track, along with a cool technical drawing animation. More recently we watched the B1, as this first model is called, strolling through the autumn leaves.

Now, another video from that same traipse through the woods has emerged, but isn’t this really too much of a good thing? “No,” we are forced to reply, “no, it is not.” This additional montage, featuring the B1 running through fields of tall grass, crawling through tight spaces, and generally rocking out to a high-octane soundtrack, serves to rejuvenate our infatuation with this 360 horsepower (with 473 pound-feet of torque!) boxy beast. It reminds us that the B1 should be scribbled onto the top of our list of must-haves for the apocalypse. It fills our hearts with joy to  know it is still possible for a small company with a great idea to innovate, and bring their vision to market.

So, yeah, this little video is not too much of a good thing. In fact. Bollinger has a few other videos from around the time of its launch that we’ve yet to share with you. If, like us, you can always find a couple minutes to for a quick clip or two featuring more details about this awesome vehicle, scroll down for a look at the bare chassis and talk of designing the “brains,” as well as footage showing off the utilitarian versatility of this all-electric truck.


Source: YouTube via Bollinger

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they need to take out the music and stop with the black and white bs -_-

The design that looks like a toolbox…kind of divisive…I think some guys might dig it as it looks kind of tough, like a solid block of billet…

To me, even a bit more styling could increase It’s market appeal.

Interesting machine, no doubt.

Seems to be aimed at those who prefer practicality over style, or the “form follows function” school of design.

If you don’t like it… well, no vehicle can possibly appeal to everyone.

Personally, I love the design.

Me too: I always look at utility rather than looks. But in some ways buying a vehicle this homely makes a statement: “I don’t give a rat’s ass about looks. For my next EV I would gladly buy something super simple, ugly and affordable.

I’m sure there are lots of people who, like me, are far more likely to choose a car or truck based on functionality and practical needs, rather than style or appearance.

My guess is that sales will be limited more by high cost than lack of style. This will almost certainly be a low-volume production vehicle, and therefore will have a comparatively high cost. It’s interesting to see so many here at InsideEVs express an interest in buying one for their daily driver, but I suspect the overwhelming majority of buyers will be those running construction companies.

And that’s not even getting into the issue of whether or not a vehicle classed as a heavy truck requires a commercial driver’s license to operate.

But still, I congratulate Bollinger on finding a way to appeal to a market segment which isn’t being served. It may be a niche market, but it looks like Bollinger will be the first to enter it.

Go Bollinger!

Thanks for the post and the good comments!

Is this vehicle road legal? If so, doesn’t that mean it needs airbags and a padded interior? Or is that just for cars? The best vehicle I ever had was a 72. GMC half ton. Nothing ever broke. Hope this type of utilitarian vehicle becomes available from a number of sources including mainstream automakers.

It’s a niche market vehicle, I just hope their market has pockets deep enough for for it.

But truly, I wish them the best of luck, and hope they can’t keep up with the demand.

Reminds me of my old “CJ5 With The Four Wheel Drive, Wha, Wha, And Smokey On My Tail” WC McCall.

Love the 120V AC (220V?) V2G, Exportable Power, big tool box in the Frunk! (Video 3)

Bring it!


Thomas J. Thias

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