Bollinger Moving To Motor City


How you going to keep ’em down on the farm?

After a taste of city life, it can be difficult for the young to readjust to the slower rural pace. It’s a phenomenon we’ve seen over many generations, and now it appears the (Motor) city life is a siren song to the young electric vehicle startup Bollinger Motors also.

Born on a farm in upstate New York, the company behind the a mountain-climbing, sand-spewing, all-electric utility truck with production plans for 2019 has taken its prototype to the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. Apparently they like the city so much, they’ve decided to stay.

And why wouldn’t they? Being the home of America’s traditional automakers, it boasts a rich ecosystem of automotive suppliers and talent, not to mention reasonably priced real estate. According to Curbed Detroit, which had a little chat with founder and company namesake Robert Bollinger, the outfit is searching for a space — about 15,000 to 25,000 square-feet, ready to move in, if you have any leads or suggestions — to set up its new headquarters as a research and design facility.

This move makes the chances of its eventual assembly facility being located close by quite high. If it wants to have production in high gear by 2020, though, it had better get a move on. Last we heard, the company was sitting on 10,000 reservations and we would not be surprised to learn its climbed much higher. Since making that announcement, the company has presented its Bollinger B1 at SEMA, and now NAIAS,

Speaking of SEMA, the folks at 4X4 Australia stopped by the company’s booth at that show and produced an awesome video with spokesperson Jeff Holland taking them around the truck and pointing out its bountiful merits. If it’s been too long since you’ve had a good look at this vehicle, we recommend you check it out just below.

Source: HybridCars, Curbed Detroit

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I love it, good luck to them!!

‘A PHENOMENA’. A PHENOMENON is the singular. Why isn’t ignorance painful?

Love the aerodynamics, though.

Good catch.
Thanks, and fixed.

I really hope these guys do well. They seem really straight up. It’d be nice to see a small niche player really make it and be successful.

I have no use for the truck but that thing is so unique it’s pretty cool.

I wish they would’ve come to Central NY instead. Okay, I may be a bit biased on that one. 🙂

Its a cool SUT, but not for me. I think it would be great for farm (which I dont own) or for a carpenter who work out projects in the country. Little to Utilitarian for my tastes, meaning: a little to boxy for me, and the interior is too sparse.

One thing that Detroit has plenty of, unfortunately for the city but fortunately for Bollinger, is empty buildings just begging for someone to buy or rent them.

Great to see Bollinger expanding! Looks like this company has a real shot at success, and the best of luck to them!

Go Bollinger!

Detroit’s like, “Gentlemen, we can build them. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first electronic ATV. The B1 will be that vehicle….. hold my beer”

B1 is a shorter, wider, taller truck. For it’s width, it can seat 3 passengers in its only 1 row.

Length 150?/Width 76.5?/Height 73.5?

It has 1 door (left), 1 door (right) and 2 in rear of the vehicle. 1 opens downward and 1 opens upward. Heavy stuff can be loaded thru lower door, light stuff thru upper door and bigger stuff by opening both doors.

May be a good concept. Will be good if there is a partition panel between the passenger section and the cargo section with provision to open the roof on the cargo section , so that we can dump the soil, mulch like things and this way, it can be used as a pickup truck when needed.

Later they can add an elongated version (B2) with another row which will make it a 6 seater. And if all works, more elongated version (B3) with another row which will make it a 9 seater.

Oh, I take it back. Seems it’s a 4 seater and still it has some space in the trunk.
Very functional if it can take lengthy stuff that is 12 foot in length. They have used every possible space. And it has Frunk too like Tesla vehicles.
Nice design. Offroaders will love it.

My Leaf suits my urban life so well, this would be the perfect fit for the third world agencies.
I don’t need gasoline, but I can see that having a gas motor or an electric source energy could be perfect in somewhere more rugged than Seattle, or in disasters.
I also love it because it reminds me of an old Land Rover, (you know, “And now Jim will jump off the fender and wrestle this rhino to the ground”, while we film and laugh and panic all the wildlife.)

And the lumber pass through is so wrong AND so right.

Yeah, needs a tiny “widows rack” in the front for hard braking safety

I couldn’t find these guys at the NAIAS?