Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Gets 6,000 Hand-Raisers In Two Weeks


Bollinger B1 Front 3/4

A lot of people think a boxy, all-electric truck/Jeep-type vehicle would be a good car to drive.

Bollinger B1 Front Winch

Bollinger B1 Front Winch

According to new numbers released by Bollinger Motors and first reported by Green Car Reports, over 6,000 people have told the company that they’re interested in making a reservation for the new EV.

These “reservations” are no obligation for now, and don’t require any money just yet, only an email address and some other contact information. It wouldn’t make sense to actually send Bollinger any money just yet, since they automaker hasn’t even said how much the B1 electric truck will cost. That number should be coming later this year, and that’s when Bollinger will start collecting $1,000 deposits.

We asked Jeff Holland, the chief communications officer for Bollinger Motors, about the reservation/deposit process and if Bollinger had any good ideas about how those 6,000 people found out about the B1. He told InsideEVs that the livestream of the event got a lot of attention, claiming that it and the company’s press release announcing the B1, “had more than 12,000 media and public views and downloads on line with an audience reach of more than 88 million people.”

In addition:

In the first few days following the reveal we had more than 150,000 unique/new visitors to our website and more than 60,000 hits from our Facebook page. Most, if not all, came from the strategic PR and social media efforts we conducted inclusive of the media outreach and the corresponding articles which were written as a result that drove traffic to the site allowing people to place their pre-orders.

The exposure gained from both press and social media have contributed to create interest and awareness and help create 6,000 new reservation holders, which in terms of potential revenue from vehicle sales would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

We have yet to set up any promotional advertising or even a Google AdWords account and we haven’t attended any conferences or events yet so everything has come as a direct result of our social and public relations efforts so far.

As Bollinger representatives said at the reveal event a few weeks ago, the B1 will have two battery sizes – 60 or 100 kWh – that will give ranges of either 120 or 200 miles. It will offer 360 horsepower and 472 foot-pounds of torque and 6,100 pounds or towing capacity.

You can learn more about the truck in our interview with CEO Robert Bollinger here.

Gallery (below): Bollinger B1 Electric Truck

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I’ll take mine in black!


You can place a $0 pre reservation at 🙂


Love this thing. I also love that when I wrote the company to say, “PLEASE MAKE THIS,” that Robert Bollinger himself answered the email!

I’ve been toying with the idea for years to find a Range Rover Defender w/ a bad engine and convert it to electric, but this creation of Bollinger’s is light years ahead of what I had in mind. I’ve wanted an FJ40 or Rover for about 30 years now, and I think this vehicle would make the wait more than worthwhile.


Thanks for the compliments!! Robert loves to answer and talk w interested folks — although he’s had some trouble keeping up of late :-))


Oh, now they publish “interest in a future reservation”? This is even worse than Tesla.

Come on folks – nothing but a binding, non-refundable committed contract is actually a viable business metric. Everything else is a soft number.


Given the decontented interior, you have to think that Ford or Fiat Chrysler could make it for $20k less. The 200-mile unit here is roughly 100 kWh and $60-65k.

Rob Stark

You would think Detroit coulda made a 2012 Model S60 for $45k and with one third of their American Ad Budget made a fast charging network as good as the current Tesla Supercharger Network.


Yeah – coulda, woulda, shoulda – problem is they haven’t and don’t have a clue. Too bad for them – the “Big 3” will get left behind.

Alonso Perez

It’s not like it’s on an IPO prospectus. It’s just a data points. Not worth a lot but not worth zero.

I like it a lot. I think the windshield could have a bit more rake to make it just slightly less unaerodynamic. Like take the .CD from 0.8 to 0.65 or whatever, with minimal effort. Other than that, it’s a beautiful design for a utility truck.


It isn’t that much different than Nissan’s $99 Leaf reservation they had.

Well, about $99 different….

It helps them build a list of sales leads, and helps them show potential investors the degree of interest. I’m sure the investors are smart enough to understand the potential conversion rate. I’m sure they are big boys and big girls that can handle themselves.


I am a hand raiser. Put in my “reservation” today. Maybe they will figure out a way to lower the price by production time.

Martin Winlow

I fear ‘higher’ is the more likely direction.

James P Heartney

Creating a motor vehicle production line is far harder than just designing a prototype. So unless they’re planning to invest billions, these will be bespoke vehicles, for all practical purposes.

Given that they’ll be making each one practically by hand, I expect the purchase price to be pretty high.

Get Real

Why don’t you ask yourself Bonaire, why haven’t the legacy OEMs made an electric truck (and yes I know Ford made some electric Rangers for a short while)?

Philip Reeve

Thanks, Get Real. I agree. There are plenty of things legacy auto manufacturers could do every bit as well as) and more cheaply than) Tesla, Bollinger, etc.

The problem, of course, is that the morally bankrupt cretins in charge, are incapable of planning anything that may adversely affect the size of their annual bonus.

If they had any concern for their victims (customers) we wouldn’t need Tesla to force them to develop EVs of their own.


I wonder if this could be soft-launched as a Land Rover replica under the new “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015”. That would allow up to 500 of them to be built each year until they could get into higher production volumes before they have to do crash testing. It really wouldn’t take much to make it look even more like a Defender or Series Land Rover or some old Eastern Block 4X4 in order to call it a replica.

Or maybe even as a kit car, where buyers would have to provide their own “substantially user or rebuilt” motor/transmission/t-case/axles? Maybe a pair of used Leaf motors?

Rob Stark

The B1, as a Class 3 Commercial vehicle, does not need air bags, crash testing, or an EPA MPGe rating.

The B1 has a GVWR of 10,001 lbs.

3900 lbs for the car and 6101 lbs as payload.

It can also tow 6101 lbs.

Mike I.

Taking advantage of that “loophole” is a brilliant strategy for this vehicle. Of course, it would be better if it had air bags and other safety equipment, but doing crash testing, etc. is VERY expensive.

Rob Stark

There is an outfit in North Carolina that is trying to sell small commercial pickup(The Condor”). For local deliveries and such. GVWR of 4600 lbs.

They say to get their Monroney sticker would cost $5M. All their testing and EPA certification. They are exporting for now to countries that don’t have such strict regulations.

They also penned an open letter to Trump asking for an exemption.


Wow! I remember reading about the airbags not being required, but I didn’t realize the GVWR covered all that other stuff too! Thanks for the info. Good stuff.


I love the utility of it. I like boxy vehicles…but this is a bit too boxy.
All in all it looks like a solid vehicle, but I’m not their market.


Here is another vote that Bollinger can bring this to market. There is no question that Ford or Chevy could do this a lot cheaper but I don’t see either of them ever attempting it. And while Tesla has talked about an electric truck my fear is that it will look a lot like The Condor electric truck or an El Camino. Neither will appeal to truck people.


Good luck to Bollinger! I hope they can succeed at making and selling this “Class 3” truck.

Obviously this utility-truck-on-steroids is aimed at a small niche market, but still it’s another way the EV revolution is advancing!

* * * * *

“…over 6,000 people have told the company that they’re interested in making a reservation for the new EV.”

Not the way I read it. “Put me on your mailing list” isn’t equal to “I want to pay to make a reservation.”

I signed up for Rivian Automotives’ e-mail mailing list just a few days ago, but that doesn’t mean I plan to buy a Rivian EV! It just means I’m interested in news about their progress.


This is how marketing is done. Look at ELIO with their large number of both non refundable and refundable deposits. I wonder which company actually produces what they say. I put in my name today and they confirmed me as having a “reservation”. Price comes out some time in 2018. They need to do it right or fall into the ELIO and FF situation.

Martin Winlow

I worry that a Tesla ‘Y’ will kill this idea stone dead.


The Model Y will appeal only to granola munching Kalifornians, so no worry there.


Agree. The B1 and Tesla Y will appeal to very different groups of people. Autonomous driving, while great on the road is not going to work off road or have any appeal to people who like the B1. And sometimes simple is better and the lack of bells and whistles on the B1 will be appealing to many.


I think that is just about as likely as the Ford F-150 killing the Jeep Wrangler. Two different beasts.


The Tesla Model Y is aimed at the passenger vehicle market.

Contrariwise, this B1 truck is aimed at companies which need a tough truck for work sites, with no interior luxuries at all; one that can haul a heavy load.

Those are very different markets, and there will be almost no cross-shopping.


File that one under “Military Ugly”.

Still, I kinda like it. I suspect it would be popular down under!

And looks quite hackable too.


Did anyone notice this car is 350 kg lighter than a Model S P100D? You’d think these kind of robust off-road vehicles would be heavier.

Nevertheless, this is a special purpose vehicle and I wish Bollinger all the luck.


Strip things like the A/C, the stereo, the headliner, and interior padding out of the Model S, and downsize the battery pack, and it would be a lot lighter, too.

One reason why this truck is so light is that it’s “de-contented” as compared to a typical passenger car.

Rob Stark

86 all the airbags and sensors.

Power this and power that.


For me this is the first all electric truck-like vehicle that can haul a loaded horse trailer (my whole need for a truck). Which means if they can get this to market for reasonable price, I would very much entertain purchasing one … but that IS a big “IF”. I wish them luck!


I love this thing. No AC would be a deal breaker. AC is needed in all seasons as it’s used to remove humidity from the cabin.


Their information officer needs some help. Bragging about 88 million audience and converting that to 6,000 interest emails isn’t something to brag about. I’m one of those 6,000 and I’d love to have this for my short commute and weekend farming. I think this covers a very nice niche of Defender lovers and green hipsters with a few bucks plus rednecks with paychecks. I hope it makes it to market soon but it’s window is the next 12-18 months if it’s going to make it through. I’m all about a waiver for airbags and such, as I’d at least only use this for around town uses instead of family cross state trips.