Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Rendered Without Doors

SEP 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

Bollinger B1 without doors?

Bollinger intends to offer (at first) a four-door version of its B1 off-road vehicle (two-door version will come later).

But guess what? Bollinger will sell you one without doors too. A zero-door truck? Now that’s a new concept there. And it’s sort of like a convertible too. How outrageous can it get?

It would look like the render above – quite crude, but cool. It could be the Hummer of EVs, just far improved due to its electric abilities.

“Rendering of the new 4-door B1 with doors off. All glass (minus the windshield) will be removable leaving the roll-cage structure. Reserve your B1 here:

Bollinger B1 basic specs:

  • 125 kWh battery for 200 miles (320 km) of range
  • 360hp
  • dual motor all-wheel drive
  • DC fast charging capability
  • 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) payload

And here are the 4- and 2-door versions:

Bollinger B1

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What’s not to adore?

With this B1, Bollinger will be a resounding success!

I like it a lot as it is, but I wish it could charge at 350KW like the Taycan.

There’s that little detail of price… I doubt the 125kWh version will come in below $100K. This won’t be a high-volume seller.

I admit I don’t get it. The B1 is supposed to be a rugged work truck with superior off-roading capability. Who wants a door-less work truck, as open as a dune buggy? Is there a market for that?

I’m sure they can get sales from people who like Jeep Wranglers. I see them without doors every day where I live.

I like it,I’m sure you can order doors, why don’t they list the towing capacity, surely that is important?

Jeep Wranglers have a max tow rating of 3500 lbs. So no, I don’t think that crowd cares.

Their website says “Towing Capacity (lbs) 7,500”.

People who use it as a work truck will want doors.

The same people who drive around in doorless Jeep Wranglers will also want a doorless B1.

The B1 will fill more than 1 purpose or niche. There will also be upper class Soccer moms driving B1s eg.

The market might be all the guys that you see in costal city’s in the summer hanging around in their door less wranglers

Simple yet fantastic design. See the roof frame.
A long center bar for strength with side bars splitting into 3 sections.
1. Front row seat
2. Rear row seat
3. Cargo area.
I think they will give an option to remove the roof on all 3 sections like in Jeep Wrangler.

So its both an
SUV (when roof is covered)
SUT (when roof is opened): SUT stands for Sport Utility Truck.
You can call it convertible as well.

Roof can have a choice of 3 materials.
1. Metal for maximum passenger security.
2. Plastic that could be removable and light weight.
3. Canvas/Tarpaulin cloth that could be removable and light weight and lower cost.

Offering 4 door version 1st makes perfect sense because 80% of Wranglers sold are 4 door version with 2 door taking up only 20%.

If it has 125 KWh of battery, then the range will be above 200 miles because this is only a small vehicle and may be lighter too.

AWD standard will be mouth watering for the current generation who go with the Crossovers.

Interesting product, worth watching.

Go check their website – an animation shows their roof configuration plans

The Wrangler is a moderate-cost leisure vehicle (starts around US$30K). This thing will cost 3-4 times as much with less range and is much heavier-duty… Not a good comparison.

Any news on if Bollinger has talked with Tesla about using the SC or was it just a tweet. I am sure Tesla would bring them on board if they can handle the cost of their owners using the SC network and help pay for its continued expansion and maintenance. Of course a small company like Bollinger might not be able to handle the cost.

Shouldn’t the charging fees collected from Bollinger drivers cover all those costs? That is how all the other charging networks work after all.

With few clients, I’d assume they would only be expected to cover a tiny fraction of the Supercharger network costs…

125kWh for 200 miles. Compared to Bolt EV’s 60kWh for 238 miles. MPGe fail, but of course it has a ton more hauling capability than what the Bolt or many other EVs have

Labeling this as an MPGe fail is not fair.
Its like calling a Model 3, Bolt or Leaf an off-roading fail.
Different purposes and there is no one vehicle that comes close to succeeding in all.

Right. A comment above said soccer moms are gonna drive this truck. I’d say… not so much, unless they enjoy driving a WW II army jeep! Interior comforts are not merely minimal, they’re nonexistent. I’m not even sure the truck is going to have air bags, and if it does, then likely front seat only.

comment image

It will have air conditioning and heating. What else does a soccer mom really need?

I understand a truck of that gross weight (10,001 lb) isn’t required to have air bags in the USA.

It will have no air bags. It is being sold as a 10,000 lb work truck class. It is the same set of regulations that don’t require airbags for dump trucks and school buses, etc.

WWII Jeep is manual stick shift transmission, noisy, slow, and vibrates like a MFer.

B1 will b none of those things. And it will have very comfortable seats with optional leather.

And it will be as safe as a WWII tank, even without airbags.

If you put 33″ knobby off road tires on the Bolt, give it a suspension that can adjust the ground clearance up to 20″, give it a second powerful electric motor, double the weight of the battery, make the front and rear bumpers of thick metal plates, and install a powerful winch in the front, I am sure its energy efficiency will suffer.

Can’t wait for this to be released. This might have a chance at winning the big-truck crowd….

u people 4 get da most important thing ! CRASH TESTED TOUGH> IF I GET T BONED, HEAD ON ETC at a high rate of speed bigger is better. i want 2 survive. go drive a spark ev on the LIE