Bob Burnquist, X Games Champion, About Zero Motorcycles – Video

MAR 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 3

2016 Zero DSR

2016 Zero DSR

Bob Burnquist, the most winning X Games athlete in history, and who has also driven electric motorcycles since 2015, is all-in electric future:

“It’s the future. You can start now, or be the last to get on the wagon. Things are going electric.”

California-based Zero Motorcycles recently released interesting video with Bob Burnquist sharing his experience with Zeros:

“Bob Burnquist is a world-renowned pro skateboarder and the winningest X Games athlete of all time. He’s also an avid rider fully stoked on Zero Motorcycles. Take a ride around Bob’s home—aka “Dreamland”—to experience what he believes is the future.”

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Very few people would dispute it is not the future, yet for most it means +10 years or longer away.

It’s about costs for most people, unfortunately, which I find most of these pro-ads somewhat forget about.

Point in case being zero …. Very expensive toy for the package you get when confirmed to conventional offerings.

Toy? I’ve been commuting with my toy for thousands of miles. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars in fuel, hundreds more on maintenance, and weeks of not waiting around for it to get serviced. I get to take the HOV, saving a half hour each way, to and from. My monthly commute expense is a little over $10. The bike will pay for it’s self, even vs other motorcycles. Plus, no waiting around at gas stations every three days, due to motorcycle’s tiny fuel tanks. I have a full tank every morning. They’ve quadrupled their range in the last decade also, Zero is an amazing company.

Psychologically speaking Zero Motorcycles are big boy toys. When a Zero Motorcycles owner calls their ZERO a toy it’s an expression of love! When somebody else does it, it simply means they haven’t yet taken a test ride. Our customers in Israel have sold and traded-in Versys, V-Strom, ZX, Monster S, CBR, GSX and an array of oversized scooters to go electric with ZERO. Zero Motorcycles provide such pure pleasure and simple joy, they give without taking. Zero Motorcycles are easy to love, with many of our customers, often guys riding 20,000 – 30,000km a years, referring to their ZERO as a toy.