Is BMW’s “Tesla Fighter” A Plug-In Hybrid?

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bmw 8 series front three quarter in motion 750x499 BMW’s Tesla fighter is a plug in hybrid?

Rendering Of BMW’s Tesla-Fighter

BMW’s “Tesla fighter” (Editor’s Note: yupe, we know the cliché) is based on the long wheelbase 5 Series sedan, says Automobile Magazine.

Tesla’s competitor is said to be a four-door plug-in hybrid, sold under the BMW i badge and is due out in 2018. The moniker has yet to be chosen, so it could be the i5 or i7. Same outlet says the car is being described as a low-emissions sport sedan featuring an innovative plug-in hybrid drivetrain, kinda what BMW has already previewed two weeks ago in Miramas.

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The extended wheelbase gives BMW designers creative freedom to pen a car that offers ample passenger space and increased luxury. Thanks to the longer platform, the batteries can be arranged between the axles.

We believe that BMW will be using the “35up” architecture due out in 2016 along with the new 5 Series, a measure that will help keep the costs down. The plans are to use an existing factory and build about 30,000 units a year. The suspension, steering, brakes, and basic packaging will be adopted from the 5 Series.

bmw 8 series rear three quarter in motion 750x499 BMW’s Tesla fighter is a plug in hybrid?

Rendering Of BMW’s Tesla-Fighter

The i5/i7 will boast two electric motors coupled with a gasoline or diesel engine. Depending on the driving situation, it can be electric front-wheel drive, electric rearwheel drive, or gasoline-electric all-wheel drive. The rumormill churns out that the car will have a zero-emission range of 90 miles with the combustion engine typically only cutting in above 40 mph.

BMW’s design team has not finalized the looks of the new car, but they seem to favor a mix of current 6 Series Gran Coupe and next-generation 7 Series styling elements.

A concept version is rumored to be announced in 2017 and when it goes on the market, it will have a price tag of just under $100,000.

[Source: AutomobileMag]

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great, just in time when Tesla is focusing on the Model 3? Thanks for reading what other companies are doing BMW… focus on getting a 200mile $30-40k EV like the rest of the companies.

Nice. A 18-24 kWh PHEV both in the 5-series and the 3-series would be big hits assuming they can keep the price down.

I hope to see them on the market soon.

Those who are buying new cars from the price category of long wheelbase 5-series really do not care much about the price. What they want is a compelling car, not a cheap car.

True, but the 3-series buyers are a lot more price sensitive.

And luxury car makers are learning that EV/EREV is more compelling, than ICE, for at least a large majority of American buyers. BMW listens a whole lot better than VW/Porsche/Audi, and is getting an ear full from its electronaughts. The 5-series has grown to fill the shoes of the older 7-series, fewer go to the track, far more AWD and everything else that will give way to wanting less NVH, wanting the peace within a cabin that only 15-20kwh of battery can begin to preserve.

This car as EREV would be such a hit, that it is understandable that BMW would want to be slow in shrinking its margins, versus the ICE line. “concept in 2017” is what is disappointing.

This seems to be more of a Volt fighter than a Tesla fighter.

Disappointing that they still can’t come up with a competitive BEV to the Tesla, but given Samsung won’t be ready with a competitive chemistry until 2019, it’s kind of expected.

If it has a tailpipe, it is no competition at all.

I disagree. If a car company can make a car that is equal or better to Tesla in all aspects, except that the drive train is PHEV instead of EV, I would be wiling to bet they might even sell BETTER. A lot of people still won’t buy a Tesla because of the limited range. And yes, a Tesla still has limited range, even if it is is not as limited as cheaper EVs.

Exactly and with the gas engine (or worse a diesel engine) starting above 40 mph, it is even less capable then the Volt.
If at least the where giving a 5 series size with an i3 system inside, that would already be a much better thing.
They also seem to go all trough that same mistake of starting from a petrol conversion platform again while it now as been shown over and over again that it just isn’t a good idea and that an electric must be started as an electric from the very first draw.

I’m sure BMW will have all kinds of drive modes available. If they can make the i8 such a lively car, I’m sure they have the know how to make an excellent medium size car with larger battery capacity also.

BMW has the resources and technology to prevail. The just outsold Mercedes and Audi for the German Crown.

They have the technological capability to do it that is for sure, but they don’t have the will to do it because they see it as a treat to their standard cars.
There is no fair competition allowed between standard and EV.

Someone who buys BMW would never ever consider a Chevy. 😉

Is this already being made in China, only for the Chinese market?

I wouldn’t consider it a Tesle-fighter if it isn’t a BEV and above 200 miles range. It’s a pricy PHEV, so it’s more of a Cadillac ERV-fighter. But I assume this fight will be as interesting as watching a kai hish fighting a shark (while Tesla would be an orca).

The concept to beat is a long range, supercharger supported EV platform. What is not going to beat it is putting a plug on some ICE platform.

Still, good to learn that BMW is busy putting plugs on its vehicles.

No PHEV is a Tesla fighter. Teslas are all electric, and anyone wanting to fight them has to go all electric as well.