BMW’s Project i20 Is Automaker’s Next Major Push Into Electric Cars


Meet the 2020 BMW i5 Rendering

Meet the 2020 BMW i5 Rendering (in “Tom Molougney” Red)

BMW is reportedly hard at work on what’s being called Project i20.

It’s believed that Project i20 is the codename for BMW’s next all-new electric car, which will likely be called the i5 or i6.

Even though work is underway, reports suggest that this car won’t be ready for launch until late 2021.

As Automobile states:

“BMW is preparing a future i5 or i6 electric car which will arrive in late 2021. In addition to a pure electric drivetrain, the car will also feature the most advanced autonomous capability yet from BMW. Compared to the i3 and i8 models, the Project i20 car is based on evolution of the hybrid aluminum/steel structure used in current BMWs, paired with carbon fiber parts.”

BMW will reportedly move away from full carbon fiber due to costs, which Automobile says cuts into the automaker’s margins.

Automobile adds:

“Project i20 will boast a choice of motors ranging from 136 hp to 247 hp, four-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, and an extremely tight turning circle. Design wise, the car is said to be a bigger and better looking BMW i3.”

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait 5 long years before we get to sample what BMW is developing under the Project i20 umbrella.

Source: Automobile

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What is the battery suppliers strategic move if they really want to go all the way to EV markets?

Ugh another minivan? Can’t they make a good looking EV for once?

The last good-looking BMW was arguably the Z8, designed by no other than Henrik Fisker and the infamous Chris Bangle. But the looks are not why people drive BMWs, it’s the driving dynamics.

I disagree. Many of their current cars look great – the i3 included, but especially the i8.

It was a Girly Car….lol

BMW tend to be costly and old tech. What I used to like with Toyota was that they were rather low priced and new tech, at least that was so up to their hydrogen foolishness and staling on further ev cars like what used to be expected from them after they did the Prius rav4 ev.

BMW has always been about Motor Werke in a beautiful box. That can excite many people but not geeks that look to the future instead of the past. A BMW is like an old needle Swiss watch more archeology then future tech.

The i5, like here rendered, could have changed that but instead BMW came up with the i3 as if they didn’t want to create a viable alternative to their Swiss clock work.

Haven’t seen the M2?

Give them Credit This car is far better looking than that i3 Toy….It Looks Good & I would Buy One ! The concern l have is the price., Because it’s a “BMW” oooohhhhh aaaahhhh..They’ll want Your Right arm & your 1st Born ! I am certain they will price themselves out of the general market!

Well of course. BMW doesn’t make cars for the riffraff.

BMW makes cars that are average at Best , They are no Big deal, trust me , I’ve had a few BMW’s . But they are so “OVERPRICED” that they lead You to believe that they are Premium….A fool & their monies, go separate ways…..

BMW is just to show off. If u compare it to every other not so premium car with the same size of engine u will see that it doesen’t outperform it in any way. Not even dynamically as many like to belive.
Many peaple fell the need to show off and driving BMW is a way of doing that.

If you want cheaper, BMW has an entirely different line of cars they will sell you. That’s what their Mini lines of cars is for.

That’s where something like the Mini Countryman E would be what you want.

You should of said “but im not willing to loose an arm! “Lol

This i5 rendering is a nice looking Citroen, isn’t it.

Say what you want. If they build the render I would be up to get one.


It’s like saying it will be available by stardate 47457.1. So don’t hold your breath.

BMW definitely needs an EV model to fill in between the i3 and the i8. I’m shocked it’s taking them until 2020 to get that done.

Hopefully, they will build an EV that looks quick and stylish, instead of quirky and polarizing. Also hopefully, it will have the range and performance to compete with Tesla, Audi and other future EV models.

I thought one of the benefits of the i3 carbon fiber stuff was that they were going to make it inexpensively?