BMW’s EV Sales “Exceed Expectations” In July, New 7 and 3 Series Now Sold Out For Year

AUG 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 28

BMW 225xe

BMW 225xe

BMW i3

BMW i3

In its latest sales report BMW said that plug-in electric cars sales (BMW i and iPerformance) exceeded expectations in July, and that many of its popular models are effectively sold out for 2016.

Plug-ins again reached about 4% of all BMW car sales in Western Europe.

The BMW i3 noted one of the better results last month – with 2,358 deliveries globally (up 33.7% year-over-year).  BMW also has more than 7,000 pre-orders for the 33 kWh version to now fill.

Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management with responsibility for Sales and Marketing BMW said:

“The BMW Group continues to deliver sustainable, profitable sales growth month after month. While we see growth across our range, the fact that the planned production for our electrified 7 Series, 3 Series and 2 Series Active Tourer models is already sold out this year demonstrates our strategy of rolling out electrification on all models is the right one. We will, of course, now respond to this high customer demand,”

Where available, the plug-in hybrid BMW 330e and BMW 225xe have also become a big hit:

  • Netherlands: 43% of BMW 3 Series registrations are for the plug-in hybrid BMW 330e model and 26% of 2 Series Active Tourer registrations are for the BMW 225xe
  • Scandinavia: 45% of all BMW 3 Series sales was BMW 330e and 55% of all BMW 2 Series Active Tourer sales was BMW 225xe

This of course doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find any BMW 330es or 740es for sale from here on out, as the company still has small pre-determined dealer allotments for various regions around the world to ensure that the new models do get maximum exposure.

But it does mean inventory levels will be very stretched out, so if you do manage to find these in-demand plug-ins in stock somewhere, you certainly aren’t going to find any deep discounting.

Of note:  It is somewhat ironic that BMW, who was running a “why wait for that ‘other’ EV to show up” advertising spots (below) not so long ago, now also finds itself asking consumers to wait for its wares.

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It’s a shame that the batteries are not beefier . Perhaps if they substituted the cells with 94ah version the cars may be able to travel solidly up to 30 miles.

The 94 Ah Samsung SDI cells are for BEVs.

For PHEVs Samsung SDI already has 50 Ah cells.

Why don’t they put the 94Ah cells in to a PHEV?

Cells made for BEV have higher energy density while cells made for PHEV have higher power density, different purpose.

What BMW should do is using the 94 Ah cells to make BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) versions and ditch the gas powertrain.

An all electric BMW 330e with a 50 kWh battery and 100 kW fast charging capability with CCS would made the PHEV version less compelling.

With the current battery technology PHEVs are almost obsolete. BMW didn’t get the memo yet.

With all the talk about dealers not wanting to sell plug ins, BMW seems to have done something right, or at least better than others.

Just imagine Chevrolet, or overall GM, selling a similar percentage of plug ins as BMW. But maybe the customers BMW targets are already more into plug ins, still a nice accomplishment.

BMW is motivated by Tesla.
Every hybrid/EV sold could be a Tesla sale delayed.

Thanks Tesla.
MB looks like it’s up-ing it’s game as well.

When Tesla starts building Pickup’s watch Ford go into Panic Mode.

And the Volt et al are not competing against Tesla’s cars?

It doesn’t explain why BMW is doing better than the others.

The countries listed with a high percentage of plug-in sales are countries where the tax rules are extremely beneficial for PHEVs and BEVs (and also, fossil fuels are have huge taxes). Other plug-in cars have also been very successful in these countries – first the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, then Volkswagen’s Golf GTE and the even more popular Passat GTE, and now the more recent plugins from BMW and Mercedes are starting to fly off the lots. These countries are also very important markets for Tesla. So it’s not so much something that BMW has done right. It’s more about the tax rules.

Even more so, the tax treatment is as good (or almost as good) for a PHEV with minimal EV range as for a full BEV. The faux PHEVs with tiny batteries end up costing less than BEVs, so demand is high.

(Of course if the main BEV maker were European and faux PHEVs were mostly imports, the tariffs would be reversed).

Those tax rules apply to all, still the manage to sell more plug ins than others, when ompared to their overall sales.

Just to give you an example. Of all makes, Tesla excluded, BMW sells the highest percentage of plug ins in the US. But why? Maybe because they figgured out how to make the most of the rules, implemented with the Volt at least in mind,if not directly to incentivse whatever GM came up with?

Maybe, but I also think it is, because BMW found a way to make their dealerships sell plug-ins. Something GM and Nissan still have trouble with.

Well what do you know, another ICE car maker afraid of the demand of electrics.

Do you ever see quotas on ICE cars?!? They just increase production and take our money, no?

Just like Nissan managed to NOT sell more Leafs.

It’s good news because it begins to show the mouth to ear effect, making people aware that electrics are powerful and reliable.

When you have multiple lines of cars you need to plan out how to utilize your production resources so that you don’t make a lot of cars that don’t sell and then not have enough of the ones that do sell. Apparently BMW misjudged the demand so they have to shift it around a bit. So yes, there are quotas on ICE cars too. It’s just not news anymore.

Agreed, but they don’t call the day, thay readjust the production quickly… but strangely not for EVs…

Do you ever try to, you know, actually do any fact-checking before you spout off?
As a matter of fact, BMW does have quotas for all its ICE models, car and motorcycle, in all markets… With very few exceptions, the BMW importer into a country is required to offer every model in every market, even ones completely unsuited to that market that aren’t likely to sell, and to homologate them.

It’s a corporate requirement to do with the company’s image.

Of course they fix a limit of production, but they can readjust fast.

Hopefully the continue expanding the iperformance line. X1 plug in hybrid is the USA? They would sell well, hottest market segment, great power and efficiency.

A year ago, I purchased two BMW X5 diesels at a discount you would not believe (thank you Volkswagen!!!). There are 2016 diesels on dealer lots right now, with the 2017 models going into production in October, so there are no emissions problems. What a fantastic vehicle – gets almost the same (gas) mileage as my Chevy Volt and is a joy to drive.

Son, you sure you in the right place? 😉

I just closed a lease on 2016 X5 40e. $6500 in rebates for August and over 8% off MSRP makes for $599/month lease including 9% tax with minimal out of pocket. We’re talking a $73K MSRP car – 18% off after rebates- my commute is 20 miles and I can just about make it to using no gas (0.1 GAL) and charge at work.

Buddy has a 2015 X5D – we’re gonna compare mileage.

“New 7 and 3 Series Now Sold Out For Year” – this is probably a great moment to remind of BMW’s idiotic anti Model 3 Ads.

I guess the ads worked.

The press release said that planned production is sold out and that BMW wants to respond. So maybe they are going to put in some extra shifts or shift the 3 series production mix

Automaker’s “model year” is up to their whim. Often, Aug is the end of the “model year”, but they can introduce new models whenever they want. This is marketing B.eS.

By the way, we’re sold out of this year’s fluffy unicorns…

These BMW gas cars are clearly not for customers interested in sustainable transportation. Look at the woman’s face when she shifts and drives off – to attack, not to be silent.
Speaking of silence: Listen to the engine sound that they worked into both ads. It’s a classic roar. BMW appeals to their traditional customers who love their ICE cars. Both purely emotional ads devoid of any irritating facts. 😉
Tragedy is, these plug-in hybrids currently get 75% of the subsidies in Germany that a BEV gets (1,5k vs. 2k €). That’s a shame actually because both types of technolgy (BEV and PHEV) are being funded with the same one budget. The faster people buy PHEVs the sooner the funds are gone for PHEVs and BEVs.

I’m not sure what BMW is anymore. Compared to the 2002, most today seem like a bunch of AWD Cadillacs.

They did not misjudge the demand! They are controlling the demand! What do you thing is the main customer doing if the salesmen tells him: ” Well we got the same without the hybrid stuff right away, with a discount and no wait .”

Right now BMW is not able and not interested in pushing the electric market. These huge company are afraid of disruptive technology’s , because they are disturbing your old business model. On top of that: They don’t have the number of cells / battery’s to make them all electric. One i3 pack would result in 3 -4 PHEV packs. So ask yourself : what would you do , if you were BMW? Sell one BEV or sell 4 PHEV with the old ICE including the old ICE parts AND all the fancy new hybrid parts which needs service and spare parts .

with a little luck the bm 7-series might just beat the toyota murai in terms of sales volume.

Good for you . . . now imagine how much better sales would be if you made really good PHEVs with larger batteries!