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Chevrolet Bolt

*Editor’s Note: This post comes to us via our friend over at BMWBLOG Chuck Vossler. Vossler is the proud owner of a BEV BMW i3 (check out his 1-year review here), so this particular test drive review presents a unique perspective into the Chevrolet Bolt.

Without further aop, here are the opening graphs from Vossler’s Bolt test drive review:

“The competition in the pure electric car vehicle segment is heating up. Chevrolet’s all-new Bolt EV is just coming to market and we recently had a chance to put the award winner through its paces along the northern California coast.”

“The Bolt has an impressive 238 mile EPA rated electric range and is a practical four-door hatch back with seating for up to five. The base price of the Bolt with the Federal Tax credit is just under $30,000. No one else can provide this kind of range in a pure EV until more than double the price.”

Vossler’s detailed write-up discuss handling, cargo room, amenities and more. As for the ever-important range question, his drive in non-ideal conditions showed that the Bolt would easily achieve 210 to 220 miles on a single charge.

Vossler concludes:

“In the Bolt, Chevrolet has managed to make not only a great EV, but a great car. With its range and practicality, it should help bring wider adoption of EVs. The right price combined with great range, the Bolt EV is already a winner.”

Check out the Bolt test drive review in its entirety at the source link below.


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If I’d have to pick between a BEV Bolt or BEV i3, it would be Bolt.

I predict ~2100 Bolt sales for January.

And your prediction would be wrong. Barely 1100 sold

Aw………..well damn man. I honestly thought it would do much better if that’s true.

“Aw………..well damn man. I honestly thought it would do much better if that’s true.”

Maybe if people like you who stop bashing it every chance you get, it would have probably sell better. Maybe if you actually buy one, it would have made a difference…

No, I’d they would have made more, they would have sold more.

Barely over 1100 Bolt is disappointing, but it’s only in 2 states now. By comparison, BMW is available “everywhere” and it couldn’t even manage to 400.

Where are all the GM fanbois saying “it will roll out in CARB states first.”
2 States is not all the CARB states.

One would think GM would be smart enough to flood all the CARB states ASAP.

Also, I have yet to see a commercial for the Bolt. I’ve seen plenty of bigass truck and SUV and Camaro commercials for GM.

sup wit that?!?!?!?!?

You are funny!

CARB is CA, so technically only CA rollout is CARB rollout. But if you mean all other states that follow CA’s mandate, they will come in time, probably by mid year when production can keep up with demand.

As for ads, I mostly see Bolt ads and rarely ever truck/SUV ads. I don’t even see much of Leaf or i3 anymore. With much of Internet advertising, they do targeted ads where if your interest is more with truck/SUV, you’d see more of them, and more EV if your Internet usage pattern shows interest in EV. If you’re seeing more truck/SUV, it might be due to your stronger interest in them.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” if your Internet usage pattern shows interest in EV”

Won’t work for me. all cookies get cleared out everytime I either close the browser or switch proxies……lol

The ads I speak of are TV ads and billboards.

If they don’t know what you prefer, they’d hit you with ads for cars that sell the most, which are trucks / SUV.

GM guy said that they’d use net ads for Bolt since EV folks tend to be better connected. Indeed, I rarely watch TV and use the internet far more often. In that regard, they are hitting the target exactly where they intend to hit.

If you’re going for SUV/truck, there’s no amount of advertising to convince you to get compact hatchback like Bolt at roughly similar money. I’m curious if there’s any TV advertising for Sonic, SparkGas, or even the Corvette.

Bolt release schedule again:

Is it that hard to understand that a car is not software and isn’t made by copy-paste on computer in unlimited quantity over 3 weeks?

“Barely 1100” was actually 1162, which was 90 units short of the all-time record for January sales of ANY plugin.

Regarding rollout.. this has been discussed to death. We know the plan. GM has even posted a chart. They are following the plan. What more is there to say?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I say March will hit ~2100.

Sales didn’t really start until 12/28 or so, so they sold about 1700 in 5 weeks, not bad.

Yeah, me too. But it gets more complicated if you ask me to choose between an i3 Rex and a Bolt. As it stands today, I could drive the i3 Rex from Dallas to Houston. The Bolt EV could not. The only pure EV that can do that is a Tesla since they have two supercharging stations between here and there.

Agree with David. In many ways the BMW i3 rex (especially the 2017s with a bit bigger battery) is the better “all around” EV as they can make longer trips with less hassle (or make them at all). Now you add in that BMW offers better lease deals and suddenly the “more expensive” i3 can be had for the same or less money as the “cheaper” Bolt….

The flipside is the BMW appears to have a rougher ride, and darty freeway handling (we experienced both on our 3 day test drive). In addition, the i3’s suicide doors are just not a good idea – they do provide comedy gold though. Finally, it is also RWD (which can be a minus in some states, but I prefer). Ironically, it looks like the Bolt has turned out to be the quicker car vs. either the BMW i3 rex or the i3 BEV.
Had the Chevy Volt put down performance numbers like the Bolt EV, I would likely be driving one now.

Anyone interested in making longer trip , please just go Volt. It will make the looongest trips , even more than a Tesla

If you’re starting to compare the i3Rex with the Bolt, then probably should compare to the Bolt-Rex which is the Volt?

Even though the Bolt has greater range than the i3Rex the discussion always slides into the fueling argument as a benefit of the Rex, so we should slide back to apples to apples which is the Volt.

As it stands the reviewer has it right, “No one else can provide this kind of range in a pure EV until more than double the price.”

Yep, this is where the Bolt is hindered by the current state of the CSS network and slow DC fast charging.

Tesla can make the trip using no fuel due to having a great fast charging story. No one else can say that yet.

Come on GM! I hope they will see the infrastructure light.

The i3 is basically designed for EU small cities, Its suicide doors , committed the suicide act to its design. The chargeport on the right rare makes good sense if u want to fill gasoline in the chargeport port. but is the worst deign to locate a chargeport , in a “all new EV designed from scratch”

The horrible software doe not help either. I know , as i own one. feel the pain of the implementation designs every day. Well on paper , i agree , i3 does look like a perfect car. reality is different. Yes rare wheel drive is the only big plus. add u pay a price for the different wheel size in back and front and proprietary.

Adding the cost factor, i doubt if any non BMW fanboy should choose i3 over the bolt. I am ready to trade in , if some one is interested 🙂

If anyone is looking, there’s a dealer in Elk Grove CA selling without stealership markup….

I’ll check out another place this weekend and post the stickers.

I have only heard of one dealer trying to charge a premium. Most are at MSRP or under…

Wtf no phantom footprints. F that.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol…….. I know right!!


You win! 🙂

Elk Grove?

I don’t know a single SF Bay Area dealer that has markup on the car.

Just about every one of them are either selling at MSRP or discounting $1K off right now…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

You must have went to ALL the stealerships then huh?

Show us all the sticker picture of the ones selling “discounting $1K”.

Yes, I am interested enough to go to all the SF Bay Area ones since I am actually interested in buying one instead of just talking like a troll here.

The “discount” isn’t printed on the sticker. They are all listed at sticker but willing to give $1K discount.

Of course, trolls won’t get that.

The dealer in Northridge has $1500 off MSRP on all Bolt EVs (and Volts).

If they had an AWD version, even for $6k more, I would buy it.

An AWD, CUV version that rides a little higher and is a little longer for more cargo space would be a hit. I wonder how hard it would be for GM to engineer a rear motor into the package?