BMW X5 xDrive40e Review


BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e

X5 xDrive40e is the latest plug-in hybrid from BMW, but this particular model has nothing to do with BMW i series.

On paper 308 hp of system power / 332 lb-ft of torque looks impressive, but all-electric range of 31 km (19 mile) NEDC (cut to some 13 miles in EPA estimates) is low, probably too low to achieve a big jump in fuel economy compared to the conventional version. There is just 9 kWh of batteries, after all.

Autocar, in a recent test drive report, said that the petrol engine turns on at any “commuter-style impatience” lowering the combined fuel economy. BMW states at least 43.5 mpg at mixed-use, 37-mile commute, but at twice the distance Autocar noted around 36 mpg.

“Certainly you’ll register the introduction of the engine (an event marked by the spasmodic flick of the rev counter needle) yet the actual pause in progress is negligible and the accelerator pedal consistent.

Of more significance is the point where the control unit decides the electric motor needs help. BMW claims 44mph as the point where the power sources mingle – and that’s true – but only if your throttle inputs remain well toward the gingerly end of the scale.

Register the merest hint of commuter-style impatience and the X5 will immediately have its petrol-fired components enhancing the motor’s modest 184lb ft.”

Overall, Autocar’s review isn’t positive:

“At 77g/km, not only does it fail to qualify for the government’s OLEV grant or evade the London congestion charge, but it also won’t hit the latest 5% BIK rate. Or even the less stringent 9% rate for cars up to 75g/km. “

“By failing to set the efficiency standard, or really advance the segment in any way that feels relevant from the driver’s seat, the X5 – as refined and as comfortable as it is – falls short of the high bar set by BMW’s own endeavour.

Expect future core brand prospects such as the incoming 330e to reset that advantage, but for now there’s no compelling reason for the xDrive40e to stick long in the memory.”

Source: Autocar

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All electric range is not low, its POOR!

more like pathetic

I had the pleasure of driving this car and can tell you the electric acceleration is great! Especially when you compare to Porsche Cayenne. What is NOT well defined in this article, is that the review is written for UK market and especially Europe. In the US the vehicle will do well and compete along side VOLVO and Porsche. I suggest a slight disclaimer there on the article.

5,000 pound vehicle with 111 bhp and 184 lb-ft torque in electric mode? Yeah, pick something even worse… the Porsche Cayenne E-hybrid. Both of these suck, as does the Volvo PHEV version.

All of these PHEV SUVs are going to be terrible.

I still think this is a huge disappointment coming from BMW. Seriously, 13 mile range? How hard would it have been to make the battery just a bit bigger to get to 20 miles? 7 extra miles may not seem like much. But when dealing with small batteries like that, every mile you add makes a HUGE difference. 20 miles should be the bare minimum for a PHEV.

The PiP of the SUV world. Might sell reasonably well in CA.

I don’t think it would get a green HOV sticker (if there are even any left by the time it’s available) so what’s the attraction? PiP at least got a sticker.

No STICKERS for you!

13 miles Epa…I slept a night over it but still i am laughing under the table.
BMW what the hell you thought while engeneering this…
I mean even Audi Q7 e-tron and Outlander will habe Epa Range of about 25 miles. And new Volt 53 miles!