BMW X2City Kick Scooter Features Rear-Wheel-Drive Electric Power


You will be able to buy one, but not from BMW.

After coming out with a matching mountain bike for the new X3, BMW is now introducing another two-wheeled, human-powered form of transportation with electric drive. This time around, it’s a kick scooter from the BMW Motorrad division and was developed in collaboration with ZEG, the company known for the Kettler brand from where you’ll actually buy the X2City since it won’t be available through the Motorrad dealer network. Kettler is going to be responsible for servicing and warranty processing as well.

While the final price tag has not been set in stone, BMW Motorrad says it will cost less than €2,500 (about $2,850) when it will go on sale towards the end of the year. In return, you’ll receive a kick scooter that weighs 20 kilograms (44 pounds) and is equipped with a foldable steering unit, which will prove quite handy whenever you will want to store it in the trunk of your car – a BMW, of course.

Details about the exact dimensions have not been released, but we do know for sure it’s even smaller than a foldable bicycle. The X2City’s highlight is represented by a brushless hub motor powering the rear wheel to give it a top speed of 15 mph (25 kph). BMW Motorrad points out the electric mode can be turned on only after the kick scooter reaches at least 3.7 mph (6 kph). After that, the driver will get to pick from five programmable speeds. Deactivating the electric drive can be done at any time by simply using a switch.

The 408-Wh lithium-ion battery pack feeding the motor has enough juice to last for anywhere between 25 to 35 km. Once depleted, a full recharge will take about two and a half hours using a conventional household socket. Speaking of batteries and recharging, a useful micro USB port is integrated in the instrument cluster to fill up a smartphone’s battery.

The BMW Motorrad X2City is available for anyone aged 14 or above. A driver’s license is not required, nor is a helmet, though it’s better to wear one just in case.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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Priced about like the mid-tier electric bikes. Has about as much battery capacity, but a much lower range .. presumably because the assumption is the scooter operates without pedal or kick assist (20-25 Wh/mile).


“The BMW Motorrad X2City is available for anyone aged 14 or above. A driver’s license is not required”
Not so simple. Electric kick scooters aren’t currently addressed by legislation in most countries. They’re not street-legal in many places, and the law is very ambiguous (including who’s responsible if an accident happens). In the UK & Germany, they’re only legal on private land. In France, they’re “tolerated” but not officially allowed. In California & Israel, the age limit is 16, and a helmet _is_ required. In the largest Chinese cities, they’re completely banned.

Anti electric scooter post? Now I’ve seen it all. Goes to show whatever is written about will attract detractors. Even something as great as these little “last mile” solutions. I compare my American made Go-Ped electric. Mine is lead acid but has dual suspension and a range of 9-15 miles, even on year-old batteries. Go-Ped offers lithium scooters that are lighter and go further. The big flap legally back in the nineties when these scoots were gas powered, 2 cycle machines. Municipalities all over legislated them off bike paths and sidewall, as the noise and danger dictated. Then came the electric revolution. So many nice scooters out now that fit the bill to go that last mild or 3 from bus or parking to sports event.parade,work or home. Smaller than a bike, fits better in a hatchback and legal on walking paths and sidewalks. Fun factor is through the roof and my Go Ped is much faster than this scooter also. Any EV scoot is a blast and more practicle in the back of your EV than you may know. My fave are state fairs and auto races. No fight for parking or big fees. I just park farther out… Read more »

There is a concerted effort by Russian trolls and bots to slow EV adoption. Russia’s entire economy is fossil fuels.


(including who’s responsible if an accident happens)
If a car hits a scooter the rider is toast.